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Has anyone got the english translation of Burda pattern 4020







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19 May

  • Edphoto1_large

    May 19, 2012, 09.16 AMby floreedith

    BOOTCHARMS DESIGNS will be showing their new clothing collection at Afro Hair and Beauty show UK on 3 &4th June 2012 at the Islington Design Centre from 1Pm.. Our Hats and Accessories will be used – also we will be putting some of our Hats on other designers collections and we will be putting the video of the shows on our website thereafter.

12 April

  • Edphoto1_large

    Apr 12, 2012, 07.07 AMby floreedith

    Shame that Burda is only for for basic to average seamstresses – designers are obviously not welcome! I find it astonishing that Vintage Modern Competition just actually wanted people to REPLICATE THE ORIGINAL PATTERNS and just add some basic “modern” slant. I am being very honest when I say that I did notice that Amy Barrickman also does the same in her replications of vintage modern. That was not a Design Competition – it was a SEWING Comp. I think it best that I refrain from entering Burda Competitions as they are not looking for ORIGINAL INTERPRETATIONS but a COPY of the original in MODERN FABRIC. This is just an observation of all the winners of all the competitions organised so far to be HONEST I am not bitter or sourgrapes – WOULD ANYONE ON this site have truly chosen some of the winning designs picked??? I think not!!! I like the red dress – I just don’t LOVE IT – It is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PATTERN….I myself made a dress from the exact pattern which I did not enter (yellow wool) but added Patch Pockets….it will soon be for sale on my site and I will publish it here…

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    • Beavers_large

      Apr 12, 2012, 07.26 AMby Flore Ama

      We think so too at work, we looked at all the designs and they were some great interpretations of the original patterns that never even got consideration for a WIN. Congrats to the chosen, but Floreedith is RIGHT the WINNERS JUST COPIED but DID NOT DESIGN…SO title of competition was VERY MISLEADING!!!:(

29 February

  • Me1_large

    Feb 29, 2012, 10.10 AMby fashionfreek

    I hope you have fun helping out:-D

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    • Edphoto1_large

      Feb 29, 2012, 10.47 PMby floreedith

      Hey thanks, I did and they loved me and my accessories …apparently! How are you doing?

    • Me1_large

      Mar 1, 2012, 09.40 AMby fashionfreek

      Just chillin with the England sunshine. Going to try and finish curtains off which i cut in the early hours. I hate having incompleted projects. I have a few to dust off. Did you manage to complete yours?

    • Beavers_large

      Mar 1, 2012, 11.20 AMby Flore Ama

      hi just finished all of mine, I now have to do the ladies evening wear.

25 February

  • Adding_the_oxygen_1-2-2003_10-11-34_large

    Feb 25, 2012, 03.04 AMby wickedseamstresst

    Thank you for adding me as friend. I am still kind of new out here and looking forward to networking. Do you do wax carving – casting or more fabricating?


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    • Edphoto1_large

      Feb 25, 2012, 09.19 AMby floreedith

      Hi I take it you are referring to my making jewellery?…I do things on a traditional basis and as for fabricating not involved at all would outsource something like that, but waxing and casting is something that I do.

1 February

  • Me1_large

    Feb 1, 2012, 11.39 AMby fashionfreek

    Hi Floreedith..was that message for me on pattie-r’s wall?. Thanks. Hope you are well.:-D

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    • Edphoto1_large

      Feb 1, 2012, 01.39 PMby floreedith

      Hi of course for you since, you had a brief cold…glad to see you are back on form!!! lol

    • Me1_large

      Feb 1, 2012, 04.44 PMby fashionfreek

      Thanks for asking. Feeling miles better.:-D

30 December

  • Edphoto1_large

    Dec 30, 2011, 08.53 AMby floreedith


    Bootcharms Designs set itself up some years ago, beginning with a range of jewellery in precious and semi-precious metals.

    Currently, the company has now expanded its range of accessories to include custom clothing for both Men and Women. Everything you see on their website is available to buy as is – can be a customised version of some item you like on their site, or just simply commission something uniquely for yourself.

    The turnaround dates for delivery is quite fast depending on what is it you want, and varies from 7 – 10 days on clothing to about 3 months on Commission goods such as Couture Millinery and Fine Jewellery, a 50% deposit for these services usually apply.

    Bootcharms Designs uses a safe secure online payment system – PAYPAL – which takes all credit cards etc or you can pay by BACS or Cash of course.

    If you love retail therapy, and also prefer to be different and stand out from the crowd, Bootcharms Designs Inc, is the place to shop for CUSTOM GOODS produced in limited editions and number for only 2 seasons AW (Autumn-Winter) and SS (Spring-Summer).

    It is a case of if you see it, love it – grab it!!! Because once it’s gone – it’s gone!

    The new Cap’sule Collection (meaning mini-collection) for Women’s Wear SS’13 will soon be available online to buy or order.

    The company is now slowly but surely, stocking up its sections of goods on the online store, will announce to customers in their own inimitable fashion, when new collections arrive before they are due – but we do suggest that you keep a regular eye on their site or RSS Feed to your email so that you know when something you have been anticipating is now in stock.

    Bootcharms Designs Inc (www.flore-star.com) is a completely different retail experience. We provide you CUSTOM GOODS in your size for the advertised online price for the clothing range – COMMISSIONS are, of course, different!

    Image the pleasure you would get from walking down the road – going to a party – or a club, without bumping into someone that has bought exactly the same item as YOU!

    Imagine the joy of having clothes tailored for your body – at a reasonable price…..

    Need we say more…!

    BOOTCHARMS DESIGNS INC Tel +44 (0)7951 195 443www.flore-star.com

    customerservice@flore-star.com or mail@flore-star.com

9 July

  • Edphoto1_large

    Jul 9, 2011, 09.16 AMby floreedith


24 June

  • Edphoto1_large

    Jun 24, 2011, 09.18 AMby floreedith

    The new website is being tweaked at the moment and will be launched in July! so watch this space as finally the current site will be sent to the graveyard of basic sites and the boutique of limited edition items will be online and active!!! :)

27 April

  • Edphoto1_large

    Apr 27, 2011, 08.18 AMby floreedith

    Currently upgrading my website into an online store, slow but moving forward….cant wait to be online soon!

27 November

22 October

7 August

  • Edphoto1_large

    Aug 7, 2010, 01.28 PMby floreedith

    Currently keeping silent due to the fact that I am now working on Cap’sule….a new collection of outfits, dresses & separates for some upcoming Fashion shows which will feature my Accessories range.

    I have made a slight adaptation of Burda Pattern 4314 (trousers) and created elegant Sweepers instead. I will put this photo on, once I have organised a photoshoot!

    Cap’sule is a collection of 7 pieces which are limited editions….due to the fact that I actually do not want to be a fashion designer, …I will stick to accessories and Hats, but I also do not want to collaborate my items with anyone else on the Catwalk, hence the reason for additional labour…..I will keep you posted.