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Hi All been Busy recently. Hope every1 is well:)







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9 January

2 August

  • Avatar_1_large

    Aug 2, 2013, 05.51 PMby Anne Wagenhauser

    Love your new avitar photo!

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    • Me1_large

      Aug 2, 2013, 06.23 PMby fashionfreek

      Thanks:-D..I thought it needed updating..lol.xx

25 June

  • Burda_style_pic_large

    Jun 25, 2013, 07.00 AMby MissCorsetLizz

    Happy Birthday!!!! :-D I hope the cold goes away quickly :-D xoxo

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Jun 25, 2013, 12.29 PMby fashionfreek

      Awww..thanks. I feel a lot better than yesterday:-D
      A snooze and relaxing works wonders lol.
      Thanks again. I hope you are o.k.x

24 June

  • 20170310_191639_large

    Jun 24, 2013, 01.59 PMby Mary Athey

    happy birthday, i hope your cold gets better and you get to celebrate xxx

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    • Me1_large

      Jun 24, 2013, 02.23 PMby fashionfreek

      Thanks Mary:-D…me too.feel dazed:-S

28 January

  • Avatar_1_large

    Jan 28, 2013, 10.26 PMby Anne Wagenhauser

    Good luck with the drafting!

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    • Me1_large

      Jan 29, 2013, 10.37 AMby fashionfreek

      O thanks:-D . How are you getting on?

25 November

  • Burda_style_pic_large

    Nov 25, 2012, 12.59 AMby MissCorsetLizz

    Sorry to hear of your loss. My Condolences. My thoughts go out to you. xo

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23 November

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Nov 23, 2012, 08.02 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    so sorry to hear that! i am with you in my thoughts!

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    • Me1_large

      Nov 23, 2012, 02.56 PMby fashionfreek

      Thanks Ralf. Thanks for your encouraging message.:-D

22 November

  • Avatar_1_large

    Nov 22, 2012, 11.46 PMby Anne Wagenhauser

    Hi, just read your status update. My condolences.

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Nov 23, 2012, 02.55 PMby fashionfreek

      Thanks Anne.:-D Thank you for your message.

29 February

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Feb 29, 2012, 12.33 PMby patti-r

    Hello, Hoping you and the family are doing well!!! Been reading your comments about the Private Profiles, I totally agree.

    I have my Email Contact shut off, about 4 years ago someone posted almost 400 Spam emails in a 2 week period. Every time I see Spam posted I get really hyper. Someone also changed the name on my Personal Account, it is fixed but it really ticked me off.

    Did not want to add to other post to further alarm other members.

    Be Good Hugs Patti

    1 Reply
    • Patti_12-28-2011_large

      Feb 29, 2012, 12.37 PMby patti-r

      Glad to hear your all doing fine!! We are also doing the 2nd round of sinus crap here.

      I have told a few others about the spam and others like customer support but they only delete the spam member and do not block their websites, if we can block on it on our emails why can’ they? Oh well, notice many members not on here as often. Hope you have a great day!!
      Hugs to you and family!! Patti

6 February

  • Edphoto1_large

    Feb 6, 2012, 10.54 AMby floreedith

    Hi you are hilarious, love the design…..I just wish I could be inspired by the sort of clothes I saw on the catwalk for that…..but had to put my hands up and admit lack of inspiration….not my thing for inspiration….but I sure wish you all the best with yours though….I think its great….didn’t even know that Burda Members had to vote on that….dont they have a panel of judges or something???? (strange)

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Feb 6, 2012, 11.12 AMby fashionfreek

      Lol..thanks..i try and be funny at times..i guess you got to in these dark days. I think they may vote..dont know..i know i am crazy:-D. There is some good stuff in the comp. I have a buget;-)and busking aint my cup of T. Thanks for your lovely encouraging words. Hope to see more of your projects.x

4 February

  • Edphoto1_large

    Feb 4, 2012, 11.44 AMby floreedith

    Hi, sorry its just a case of 2 nations separated by the same language….Caj just means clothing that is more on a casual slant like the rock gear…..t-shirts….certain shorts….leggings….etc…So not for me, nothing for me to get my teeth into with the comp at all especially after watching their fashion shows over 3 times to see if I could be inspired.

    So there you go FF that is the British meaning of Caj HAVE A NICE WKEND AND ALL THE BEST WITH COMP!!

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Feb 4, 2012, 02.04 PMby fashionfreek

      Hi. Thanks for updating me on caj. Urm compentition..scratching my head. Sometimes things like comps can be off putting..esp when people vote..everyones designs and inspirations are different. I enter for fun and fancied a challenge. It would be nice if people didnt just vote and run and give no input as a fellow burda member. Ah well. X

26 January

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Jan 26, 2012, 06.36 PMby patti-r

    Hoping your feeling better quickly!!

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Jan 26, 2012, 11.26 PMby fashionfreek

      Awww thank you Patti. I caught the cold from my daughter’s…booo hooo.:| Thankyou for your speedy recovery wishes.xx

18 January

13 January

26 December

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 02.50 PMby magdamagda

    Hey:)! Thanks for asking, I’m very much fine:) Just a bit lazy when it comes to making clothes, not so lazy when it comes to accessories! I hope I’ll be more around next year and I hope you’re having a great time this holiday season with your family!:) Hugs(。◕‿◕。)

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Dec 27, 2011, 01.02 AMby fashionfreek

      Hugs back to you.(((Hugs)))

23 December

  • Me1_large

    Dec 23, 2011, 10.22 PMby fashionfreek

    You are funny lol. Your hair looks nice. Lovely and sweet.x

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Dec 23, 2011, 10.00 PMby patti-r

    Your so sweet, found a pic, cut off half of my head LOL They got rid of the spam!!!!! YAY!!

    I am not great on cropping pics, have short hair need a little trim there.

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Dec 23, 2011, 03.45 AMby patti-r

    Hi will try and post a picture after the New Year, been busy with the holidays, LOL I am a little old lady with great sense of humor!!! Hugs Patti.

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Dec 23, 2011, 03.51 AMby fashionfreek

      I guess Patti we will all reach there oneday:-) besides u are a very skilled mature lady who can teach us a thing or two.x Happy hols to you and your family.x

19 December

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Dec 19, 2011, 06.43 PMby patti-r

    Wow love your new Picture, your a beautiful young lady!!!

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Dec 19, 2011, 09.54 PMby fashionfreek

      Awwww…thank you.xxxxx

5 October

  • Avatar_large

    Oct 5, 2011, 06.16 PMby irmchen

    Hi fashionfreak! OMG – your little girls are so very , very cute!!! :-) My daughter yesterday became 17 years! Time goes by… .

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Oct 5, 2011, 07.15 PMby fashionfreek

      Thank you.x 17 wow I remember when I was 17 many moons ago. Time sure goes by quickly. I try and pinch time to sew. Mayah is full time now at school..so that helps a lot.x Nice to hear from you.x

27 July

  • 6185d900107911e180c9123138016265_7_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 08.25 PMby brandymccoy

    The dresses you made for your adorable girls are just too cute!

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Jul 27, 2011, 09.30 PMby fashionfreek

      Hey thanks! Hope you are well:-). I will visit your studio to see if you have made anything for your munchkin kids. Thanks again.x

9 July

  • Simply_me_large

    Jul 9, 2011, 04.06 PMby bastor

    Your twisted tops are really on the edge. Love the colors and the use of the knits, Exquisite.

    1 Reply
    • Me1_large

      Jul 12, 2011, 07.32 AMby fashionfreek

      O Thank you. I am just loving your style too! :O)

24 February

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Feb 24, 2011, 12.42 PMby sewella

    Thank you! I am glad you like it!

5 January

  • Me1_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 12.19 PMby fashionfreek

    Hi No probs! Likewise..Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. :-)

4 January

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 11.41 PMby carottesauvage

    hello fashionfreek, Happy new year to you and your family! thanks for your kind words!

20 November

  • Me1_large

    Nov 20, 2010, 07.00 PMby fashionfreek

    To Sew or not to Sew…that is the ?