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Elpida Kyriakou







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17 September

  • _34_large

    Sep 17, 2018, 05.52 PMby liliv-1

    Γεια σου Ελπίδα! Να χαίρεσαι το όνομα σου! Σου εύχομαι ότι επιθυμείς και πάνω απ’ όλα δημιουργικότητα!

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    • Profil1_large

      Sep 17, 2018, 08.26 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Ευχαριστώ πολύ Βασιλική! Θα τα πούμε σύντομα γιατί απόψε έχω τρελαθεί στα τηλέφωνα….Φιλάκια!

3 February

  • Img_5432_large

    Feb 3, 2018, 09.48 PMby martinK

    thank you for favoring my project! :-)

27 June

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Jun 27, 2017, 10.31 AMby ellie-sew

    Hi Elpida, just sent you a direct message concerning fabric shopping in Berlin. Hope, it works with the message system here. If not, let me know. Love, Ellie

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    • Profil1_large

      Jun 28, 2017, 11.12 AMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Hi Ellie! No, I didn’t receive your message…You may use elpyriakou@gmail.com if this isn’t big trouble. At the moment I live in hell at work and I don’t feel I’m leaving in Friday…The weather forecast says it will be raining in Berlin but in Athens the temperature will be 45 degrees….I think I prefer the rain.

7 June

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Jun 7, 2017, 07.52 PMby ellie-sew

    Aaaargh! Dear Elpida, I hope you’re doing well. I have problems replying to your reply on your studio sub page. Anyways, here’s my answer concerning the wheather at the end of June in Berlin. At the moment it is quite changeable. But June/July in general can be very hot with around 30 degrees. Of course, this is not as hot as in Greece,:-) but from my perspective it is very warm – above all in the city. The only kind of jacket I usually wear in summer is a cardigan. Even a light bomber jacket will do, which is by the way on my sewing list. And I’m very happy that the July issue includes a nice pattern. Let me know, if you need further hints planning your trip. As I wrote before, I will be happy to list some good options for fabric shopping. Feel free to contact me on direct message here (I am not sure, if it works.) Otherwise I am also on Instagram (ellie.sew.happy). Love, Ellie

8 February

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Feb 8, 2017, 08.12 PMby ellie-sew

    This sounds so exciting! And of course, I have some proposals of fabric shops to share with you. :-) Just let me know when your schedule becomes more precise. Love, Ellie. :-)

1 February

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Feb 1, 2017, 08.05 PMby ellie-sew

    I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Berlin. Let me know, if you need some advice on cafés, nice places to be etc. Berlin is very juicy in summer. :-) Love, Ellie

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    • Profil1_large

      Feb 2, 2017, 07.07 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Hi Ellie! I’m really excited with this trip. I’ll travel with my best friend Fani. I met her when our sons strated school, 12 years ago. This June the boys will give exams for Uinversity and their mothers will celbrate their adulltness with a trip to Berlin! At the moment we’ve only booked the tickets and we are trying to make a plan because we’ll be travelling on our own (without a trevel agency) and there are SOOOOO many things we have to do. Every advice is welcome and deeply appreciated and I’ll contact you later when I’ll have a clearer view of our trip. I would also love to have a quick fabric store tour ! Love Elpida :-)

17 September

  • Bestme_20160530141245_large

    Sep 17, 2016, 02.52 PMby Maria Loupa

    Ελπίδα , χρόνια σου πολλά, πολύχρονη ότι επιθυμείς.

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    • Profil1_large

      Sep 18, 2016, 10.06 AMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Σ’ ευχαριστώ πολύ Μαρία.

6 September

  • Hanalei_coconut_tree_large

    Sep 6, 2016, 08.26 PMby EdieWalicki

    Aloha from the island of Kauai! I love your creative approach in all your projects. You have a natural ability for picking the right fabrics for a pattern.

18 July

  • 20150626_191713_large

    Jul 18, 2016, 03.12 PMby lomarilou

    Ελπίδα γεια σου! Ήθελα τη γνώμη σου για ένα φόρεμα που λέω να κάνω και το έχεις ράψει κ εσύ…Το εχεις ονομάσει simply floral και είναι από το τεύχος 6/2015. Εσύ θυμάσαι αν το έκοψες στο μέγεθος που κόβεις συνήθως ή αν το έκανες μικρότερο; Μου φαίνεται πολύ μεγάλο κ λέω να κόψω 1 νούμερο μικρότερο τουλάχιστον…Εσύ τι λες;

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    • Profil1_large

      Jul 18, 2016, 09.20 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Να σου πω την αλήθεια δε θυμάμαι αν το έκανα μικρότερο Νομίζω πως το έκοψα κανονικά στο νούμερό μου αλλά είναι πράγματι τεράστιο. Σίγουρα μπορείς να το κάνεις και ένα, ίσως και δύο μεγέθη μικρότερο και πάλι τεράστιο θα είναι… Είναι πάντως εύκολο και ωραίο.Καλή επιτυχία!

    • 20150626_191713_large

      Jul 19, 2016, 08.11 AMby lomarilou

      Σ’ευχαριστώ πολύ!

20 May

  • _34_large

    May 20, 2016, 09.56 AMby liliv-1

    Γεια σου κοριτσι. Σου εχω στειλει email και sms.

1 April

  • _34_large

    Apr 1, 2016, 05.15 PMby liliv-1

    Γεια σου Ελπιδα. Μεσα ειμαι για καφε αυριο. Παιρνω και την Αιντα αλλα δεν τη βρισκω. Αν θελεις συναντιομαστε κατα τις 12.15 στο μοναστηρακι. Εκτος αν θελεις να παμε να σου δειξω ενα τελειο υφασματαδικο στην Κυψελη. Ειχαμε παει και με την Αιντα και της αρεσε πολυ. Φιλακια.

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    • Profil1_large

      Apr 1, 2016, 05.25 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      η Αϊντα μου είπε ότι θα είναι αύριο στις 12 στο Μοναστηράκι, οπότε ας βρεθούμε εκεί για να μη μπλέξουμε. Τα λέμε αύριο.

11 November

  • Img_5432_large

    Nov 11, 2015, 10.26 PMby martinK

    thank you for favoring my shirts. :-)

13 October

  • Photo_on_2014-01-23_at_19_26_2_large

    Oct 13, 2015, 10.05 PMby floralgirl

    On sunday I visited an art market where my friend and her mum shared a stall. My friends mum had written and illustrated an children’s book about the cats of Rhodes. She had a prolonged visited there with Greek friends years ago and it is very dear to her. I purchased a copy for my daughter who is studying to be a teacher I thought of all your lovely pics shot in Rhodes too.

26 April

  • Missing

    Apr 26, 2015, 03.01 PMby Alexy666

    Interesting bio… Good luck

25 March

  • Photo_on_2014-01-23_at_19_26_2_large

    Mar 25, 2015, 08.04 AMby floralgirl

    I was thrilled to hear that you identified with me. (Maybe my girls will learn to sew one day to save themselves some money. ) Your sewing is amazing considering you just started 2 years ago Maybe having a “maths” brain, sewing would be natural for you as the structure of sewing is very logical. I consider myself a maths nerd-I was very happy to receive a scientific calculator from my father for my 16th birthday! Last year I had my first ever overseas trip and I visited your lovely city. It reminded me of my city- friendly and relaxed. My city has a Mediterranean climate and we have many Greeks here. I love to visit my favourite greek bakery for baklava.