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my new Account! TheAtelierHauteCouture :)







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16 March

  • Img_5620_large

    Mar 16, 2012, 05.38 PMby Gurtlamorous

    cant wait to see the wedding dress :)

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  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Mar 16, 2012, 08.58 AMby joost52

    We want weddingdress!

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    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Mar 16, 2012, 02.08 PMby egecouture

      tonight the pics will be here because i have to go to help her wearing it ect and befour the wedding day i coudnt post it :)

      it will come tonight

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Mar 16, 2012, 08.54 PMby egecouture

      İts Doneee!!!!!!!!!!1

25 November

  • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

    Nov 25, 2011, 01.27 PMby schnui

    Thank-you for making me your sewing friend. I see you are getting some criticism from other members. Take no notice and just keep doing what you love doing. You are very talented and creative and there will always be people who are jealous of your talent. Believe in yourself and know that you are doing this for you and nobody else. Good luck.

24 November

  • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

    Nov 24, 2011, 09.34 AMby asperge11

    Hey so i see you are from switzerland, you speak français ???? My mother is also from switzerland. By the way i love your dress !

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    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 24, 2011, 04.36 PMby egecouture

      thank you sooo much that yıu liked my dress:)

      unfortunatelly i cant speak french just really basic stuff:D

      why did you ask???

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 24, 2011, 06.15 PMby asperge11

      haha thats ok, it was just cause i thought i could talk to you in french (i’m from france) :)
      what do you speak in luzern ?

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 24, 2011, 08.09 PMby egecouture

      we speack german :)

      but you could teach me french because my french is terribble hahahah

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 11.11 AMby asperge11

      hehe mein Deutsch ist auch schrecklich… aber ich muss es die Familie meiner Mutter sprechen

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 12.10 PMby egecouture

      ok dann bringe ich dir Deutsch bei und du mir Französisch hahahahahah :D

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 04.49 PMby asperge11

      haha ok ;) macht du nähen und mode professional ?

      … i think that was wrong hahaha what i wanted to ask was is fashion and sewing your profession?

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 05.21 PMby egecouture

      well it was quit good:)

      no i dont do it professionelly
      i sew my first garment when i was 13

      since then i am tryin to teach myself to do other thing now i am doing evening gowns and weddingdresses for people

      i wanna go to the St. Martin schoole in London
      next year i am now preparing myself for the portfolio ect. ect.

      but i still dont understand how the schoole works the webside is sooooo strange:S:S:S:

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 06.30 PMby asperge11

      ah ok nice :) i sewed my first proper garment when i was 12/13 too, but when i was little, like 5 or 6, i use to try and make all sorts of things by tying cloth together with string hahahha
      good luck with your school :)

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 06.50 PMby egecouture

      thank you sooo much :)

      i hope i can make it:)

      wow we did nearly the same things at the same age :) how coool

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 08.31 PMby asperge11


    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 08.49 PMby egecouture

      are you doing it professionelly???

      i mean sewing ect???

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 09.14 PMby asperge11

      hahaha no, i’m still in school. i sew manely for myself, and i have started to make a few things for my friends and family ( mens shirts, kids skirts ect.)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 09.17 PMby asperge11

      lol i have ruined you wall…there will be 100 comments by me :D

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 25, 2011, 10.45 PMby egecouture

      woow really nice:)

      i wanna start doing menswear also but never get the chance…

      i would like to ddo my wholle wardrobe by myself:D

      doesnt matter i like to talk and discuss with you:)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 08.34 AMby asperge11

      ok personnel question, but i keep asking myself this; before, i thought i knew from your little picture, but now i’m not sure, are you a man or a woman ? ;)
      in french you would be able to tell from conjugated verbs but they don’t have this in english haha

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 09.29 AMby egecouture

      im a men:)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 09.36 AMby asperge11

      i thought so :P

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 12.45 PMby egecouture

      ;) good hihihih:)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 01.15 PMby asperge11

      anyway you should make yourself some things. it feels so good to be dressed in things that you make yourself :)
      and when people ask you where you bought something your wearing, and you say ‘i made it’ thats so cool !

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 05.33 PMby egecouture

      you have right i really need to do it :)

      i can never find something wich i really like

      i have do to it
      actually Streetwear is also cool :)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 07.37 PMby asperge11

      yes and if you do, put them on here so i can see :)

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Nov 26, 2011, 11.31 PMby egecouture

      i will def doo that!!!

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Dec 1, 2011, 05.52 PMby asperge11

      so what you do apart from sewing ?

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Dec 3, 2011, 01.39 PMby egecouture

      at the moemtn nothing i do ony seweng now
      ive got a lot of costumers for the new years celebration :)

      what are you doing???

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Dec 4, 2011, 08.18 AMby asperge11

      oh thats good, like you’re nearly professional ;)
      well i have quite a packed life haha.
      like i said i’m in lycée (highschool).
      i’m a gymnaste training 10 hours a week, and also a (very young) gymnastics judge. i recently became “juge expert” which means i can be the head judge on an apparatus, which is a bit scary cause i can be in charge of adults hahaha :D

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Dec 12, 2011, 10.03 AMby egecouture

      sry that i repay so late
      but it is sooo cooolll that you are doing something like that
      it must be really funny to judge adults hahahahah i would looove to do that hahahahahahha
      i can imagine it hahahahahah

      i dont know if i am a expert:) but thank you for telling me that:)
      i hope to become one day an expert :)

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Jan 26, 2012, 09.18 PMby asperge11

      Wow I love your new dresses! How’re things going? Did you apply to the school in London?

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Jan 26, 2012, 10.31 PMby egecouture

      yes i started to work harder to push my limits
      i am still creasting my Portfolio it will be finished around end of march and the beginning of April (İ Hope So)

      how are you doing???

    • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

      Jan 28, 2012, 11.36 AMby asperge11

      I’m good but unfortunately not having much time for sewing at the moment :(

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Feb 22, 2012, 02.02 PMby egecouture


      i wanna spend my whoole days and weeks and moounths and Years in sewing and nothing elseee

    • _phone-hepsi_031_large

      Feb 15, 2013, 12.32 AMby egecouture

      TheAtelierHauteCouture :)