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18 January

  • Cdc2c10856fcc226136fad210b91a2f497cc5ba5_large

    Jan 18, 2009, 07.26 AMby enero

    Hi, I love your stuff! BTW in response to your question, I did not need a special sewing foot for the pleather skirt. It was really easy to sew, but my guess is that some materials are thicker than others, and some may need to be approached with caution. :)

12 January

  • 3246-53168_large

    Jan 12, 2009, 08.55 PMby rizum

    Hey. I was wondering do you make all your clothes? if not were do you shop because your clothes look positively ADORABLE! luv your style!!!

  • 2294d65435eb2ced60f8fa27e986e4678bab883d_large

    Jan 12, 2009, 03.27 AMby rubesterjo

    your creations are soo inspiring. I am a beginner at sewing and would love to sew like you do. Is it easier to use yourself as the pattern or to use an already existing paper pattern? how do you use yourself as a pattern ? is it harder ?

10 January

  • 3246-53168_large

    Jan 10, 2009, 03.43 PMby rizum

    Hey, you are AMAZING!! all of your garments are so beautiful and cute! and your only 17-ish! I’m almost 14 and would LUV to be as good as you someday!!!!! I’m going to check out your etsy right now!!! thanx for the inspiration!!! :)!

27 December

  • 6fa775042233a181b6b24b049aaa9c9abd97778f_large

    Dec 27, 2008, 11.01 AMby mercurialxx

    ur hell impressiv ctee :) luvin ur cup cake dress, cant believ u can spin out so many gr8 dresses & ur only so young! mgosh!, younger thn me! good work. wen i hav money i’ll check out ur etsy store im sure . peace.

24 December

  • 6504890e39faae28b1d595f2dccff5af8b0eaa07_large

    Dec 24, 2008, 01.32 AMby butterflykiss

    i love the white shirts you made and your formal dress was beautiful how did you think up the pattern for it ?

22 December

  • Dsc02319_-_copy_large

    Dec 22, 2008, 07.33 AMby smithai

    I’m still very much a sewing beginner and have just found this site to look around for some more inspiration and tips etc…

    I have to say, WOW..You have great style and I would totally wear your stuff, cant wait for your label to come out! Keep up the good work!

    Good luck! :)

30 November

  • F8f95777e47d3dec9d05d1ca9b725396bdc6d525_large

    Nov 30, 2008, 01.08 PMby nikkimaxine

    You are amazing! And only 16, that’s really inspiring. I’m 15 and have only just started sewing. If I build up a portfolio half as amazing as yours, I would be so happy. =P.

    Keep it up, I’ll be checking back often! xxx

20 November

  • C8ef109c2e81a1595e8ee97fab1d638cff77bbe8_large

    Nov 20, 2008, 09.19 PMby strawbee

    Hey there, I’m also a Sydneysider~! I also recently made my formal dress but it was a knee-length cocktail dress. Yours is so elegant :)

10 November

  • E96a2e4a18df9c4ce33ee8704e5a633f8733d8e5_large

    Nov 10, 2008, 05.30 AMby chanel-xxx-sweetheart

    you seriously freak me out!! i mean like all the stuff you’ve made looks like it could easily be found at somewhere like myers , you are so incredibly talented and im eagerly awaiting the launch of your own label, ill be like your number one customer lol. just wow

21 June

  • 012fc01f084903cd020c9403cfdf34f1c2cf6c6e_large

    Jun 21, 2008, 09.05 PMby yaintime21

    could i have your closet? thanks.

25 March

  • E96a2e4a18df9c4ce33ee8704e5a633f8733d8e5_large

    Mar 25, 2008, 05.20 AMby chanel-xxx-sweetheart

    i am a wanna-be fashion designer , and you are truly inspiring! seriously the clothes you have made are just amazing , your clothes look like there from a store where as when i look at mine i dont think their good enough to wear lol. well i just wanted to say i love your clothes and i am a future ctee addict

12 February

  • F56c4623866f83143d4cc4d8ddcff3fa5ca17a1e_large

    Feb 12, 2008, 12.31 PMby mkmom

    Wow…I’m very impressed. I really like the “frilly fun” dress. I can’t wait to go into a store and buy my daughter your clothes! Keep your dream alive and don’t give up!!!

  • 63ac8b3c117eade2a920ac7f09076f4ffc5eb0d4_large

    Feb 12, 2008, 12.50 AMby caitlin30

    wow you definitely have talent. its cool seeing someone my own age doing this kind of thing. I recently got a dressform and am starting out making a few small things. I can’t wait to be designing as much as you, and hopefully as great!

9 February

  • Eba31fd13ba8df2a4b1efa0700fc4d7e8318c661_large

    Feb 9, 2008, 10.38 AMby olar

    Hi Ctee, I read the post about you in the blog & checked your creations. Only two years of sewing and look what you make! And it is great you make yourself all your stuff. Keep it up.

8 February

  • 1b8976f90cc788561d29bc725c29fbd223c575b8_large

    Feb 8, 2008, 05.42 AMby sewingkit

    I’m new to sewing but I’ve been looking around on this site for a bit and I must say that your style and talent is amazing! I love everything you make! You make me want to hurry up and start learning how to sew clothes so I can get good and start to invent my own stuff!

25 January

  • Bb9556eaf0470d93d8e050c9c2db9bd7a6a627eb_large

    Jan 25, 2008, 07.18 PMby dairyheir66

    I am amazed with your talent at such a young age. Keep it up.

4 October

  • Avatar_large

    Oct 4, 2007, 01.46 PMby benedikta

    you seem like one big bundle of energy, it’s really inspiring

27 September

  • 6733c302659ca65b0c01d3e8a2497dc9b72eab72_large

    Sep 27, 2007, 02.00 PMby fashionict

    Ctee… I really think you have talent and a knack for sewing. Love all of your creations.

    Keep it up ;-)