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Doing a whole house remodel...a no sew project.







8 December, 2011

25 November, 2011

  • 04:31 PM

    cmcraig41 commented on the project Ballet Costume

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. :) I love to take discards or thrifted finds and give them new life! I hate waste of every sort. I think it only requires a little imagination and work t…

23 November, 2011

  • 02:04 AM

    cmcraig41 added the project Thrift store coat

    What started out as a $4, too large, boxy shapeless wool coat from the thrift store. (That I’m sure belonged to someones granny given the nylon kerchief I found in the pocket!) :) Is now my go to c…

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22 November, 2011

  • 08:17 PM

    cmcraig41 added the project Ballet Costume

    Halloween costume I made from thrift store finds. A black vevet jump suit and childs dress.
    I used an iron to “draw” feathers onto the velvet then appliqued velvet feathers onto it as well.
    I a…

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  • 07:50 PM

    cmcraig41 commented on the article Comment to Win ONE MORE "My Double Deluxe" Dress Form from Dritz!

    I do small metal work projects, in addition to sewing and such, and have this lovely little tool called a third hand. It would be fabulous if someone could adapt the idea for sewing. That would be…

31 January, 2011

  • 09:04 PM

    cmcraig41 commented on the project trashion/refashion dress

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I made the dress as my entry into The Center for Sustainable Living’s fund-raiser fashion show. I don’t know yet if I will be chosen to have it in the s…

28 January, 2011

  • 01:32 PM

    cmcraig41 added the project trashion/refashion dress

    A dress I made from a cotton jacquard bedspread, satin pillow case, shoe buckles (I think) and a bracelet. The dress skirt (5 pieces) was cut on the bias (I was cutting around stains and snags) som…

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8 December, 2010

3 December, 2010

31 October, 2010

  • 10:14 PM

    cmcraig41 commented on the project Madam Steam

    Thank you, everyone, for your lovely compliments! I was pleased with the way it turned out given my time restraints (just don’t look too closely..eek!) I have a tendency to bite off more than I can…

30 October, 2010

  • 10:33 PM

    cmcraig41 added the project Madam Steam

    Steam punk costume I threw together (after being bugged repeatedly about what I was going to be!!) No pattern. I just got some fabric (on sale!) and went to town. Two days for the gown and half a …

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18 April, 2010

  • 03:06 AM

    cmcraig41 commented on the forum topic 1945 wedding dress stain removal

    I knew a woman once who worked as a textile conservator for a museum. She said she always used hydrogen peroxide. Start at a spot not easily seen and gently, gently dab a cotton swab dampened with…

17 April, 2010

  • 05:18 AM

    cmcraig41 added the project steamish costume

    Halloween costume I made (including the gear jewelry). SteamPunk esque. Love all things Steam. Bad cell phone pictures (sorry!) Jacket, Skirt, (apron thingy…don’t know what it’s called) black co…

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12 June, 2009

29 December, 2008

  • 12:45 AM

    cmcraig41 posted a message on lauriana's wall

    Just wanted to say how much I love your designs. I love the mix of classic, retro and edgy. I find myself drawn to exactly the same silhouettes most of the time and love to mix them together on oc…

24 December, 2008

13 December, 2008

5 December, 2008

15 November, 2008

  • 12:23 PM

    cmcraig41 commented on the project cathleens first costume

    Thanks everyone !! (blush) ;)
    No Jadestar I didn’t have a pattern. I just looked at some photos and prints of Elizabethan costume/dress and went from there. I don’t have much patience with pattern…

14 November, 2008