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4 January

  • Img_1522_large

    Jan 4, 2012, 11.13 PMby katie2belts

    Hello, I am having some trouble downloading your pdf instructions for the Candy Sundress, would you please be able to have a look into it? Thanks!

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5 October

  • New_glasses_large

    Oct 5, 2011, 03.38 PMby lepetithoot

    Hi, there! I know you used to have a different username on here and I was wondering how you went about changing it. I’m looking to change mine. :)

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    • 3_large

      Oct 10, 2011, 06.52 AMby nettevivante

      Hi! Oh, that was quiet easy. David can change it manually! Just send him an e-mail at Answers@BurdaStyle.com using the address you are registered with, and let him know what username you would like.

    • New_glasses_large

      Oct 10, 2011, 03.24 PMby lepetithoot

      You’re so sweet to let me know! Thank you so much!

9 May

  • Ac4a70405d8b457fbb40090c28f2b6342de79bda_large

    May 9, 2011, 09.58 PMby alazycalm

    Thanks so much for your kind compliment – it means a lot since I LOVE so many of your projects! I’m so glad I saw your work through this. The thread-patterned tote is amazing, and I adore those high-waisted shorts! (Also adore that they’re inspired by a Jeunet film. I love several of his films!)

20 January

  • Img_0024_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 12.19 AMby Natalia *

    congrats on the feature. well deserved.

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    • 3_large

      Jan 20, 2011, 07.49 AMby nettevivante

      thank you natalia…i was really surprised to see my project on the main site…:)

24 November

  • Dsc_0684_2_large

    Nov 24, 2010, 01.27 AMby prairieponygirl

    Hi Catchannette! I added you to my friends! YAY! ;D

6 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 6, 2010, 04.52 PMby carottesauvage

    Hello Catchannette, thanks for your lovely comment! I had seen similar sleeves in the past and had been trying to replicate. I worked with pleats of the same kind (a cowl neck section) for the Burdastyle book project and experimented with sleeves for this project. I so much love my Stockman. It is an ebay lucky bid. I heard they are worth £400+ when purchased brand new. Take care!X

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    • 3_large

      Oct 7, 2010, 01.59 PMby nettevivante

      Thanks for writing on my wall! I know! I am trying to save money so I can get one by myself! It is kind of expensive, but I think it will be a lifetime investment! :)
      I am really looking forward for the Burdastyle book and your project!
      Take care of you and your Stockman! ;)

23 July

  • Cimg1704_show_large

    Jul 23, 2010, 05.29 AMby taeco


    学生のときにドイツ語の授業を受けたことがあるよ。 全然覚えていないけど、もう一度勉強したいと思っているの。 ドイツ語って難しいね・・・

6 July

  • Cimg1704_show_large

    Jul 6, 2010, 01.09 AMby taeco

    Thank you for your comment on my creation, and adding me as your friend! I really LOVE all your creations!!

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    • 3_large

      Jul 6, 2010, 08.19 PMby nettevivante

      Thank you for adding me as a friend, too! .
      It is much easier this way to be updated, if the other uploads new projects!
      Thanks also for your very nice comment! May I ask where in Tokyo you live? 
      実は、2007年日本に留学した。その時、私は埼玉県の草加市に住んでった。日本が大好き。ある日絶対また行きたい! .

    • Cimg1704_show_large

      Jul 7, 2010, 02.40 AMby taeco

      Oh, I’m sorry I don’t live in Tokyo… Actually I’m living in Tochigi, north of Saitama. I discribed ’ around Tokyo’ because I thought most of people don’t know where Tochigi is… :-( And I had lived in Saitama(Kuki-city) before.

    • 3_large

      Jul 10, 2010, 01.23 PMby nettevivante

      私は大好き! 残念ながら、行ったことはないんだけど・・・

    • Cimg1704_show_large

      Jul 12, 2010, 04.20 AMby taeco

      Ich ging zu Romantische Strasse und Schloss Neuschwanstein etc.

      I’m glad you know Tochigi! Yes, strawberry town :)

    • 3_large

      Jul 18, 2010, 07.32 AMby nettevivante

      そう・・・ドイツの南に行ったんだ!実は、私行ったことはないんだ! ヒヒ

16 May

  • Flower3_large

    May 16, 2010, 06.42 AMby dtale

    Thank you for your comment. I love your creations, especially the ‘go natural!’ Tracey

24 April

  • Img_6985_large

    Apr 24, 2010, 03.39 AMby Ophelia K



4 April

  • Missing

    Apr 4, 2010, 09.37 PMby strickmeise

    Das Tanzstundenkleid habe ich nicht selbst genäht, aber ich liebte es! Außer dem Schnitt hatte es wohl wenig mit Deinem Kleid zu tun, aber der war das, was mir daran am besten gefallen hat. Das Kleid war aus azurblauem Georgette und hatte irgendeine unaufdringliche Miniperlenstickerei – und es war seeehr kurz. Mit 17 konnte ich das noch tragen. Liebe Grüße Ilse Strickmeise

13 March

  • Mother_large

    Mar 13, 2010, 10.26 PMby sewobsessed

    What patterns did you buy? What fabric do you envision them in?

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    • 3_large

      Mar 15, 2010, 07.18 AMby nettevivante

      I have got the Ceylon pattern already, but no fabric, yet. And I really want to do something more easy as a next project, that is why I am a little scared to start Ceylon. :)

      So I ordered 3 other Colette patterns. Rooibos, Sencha and Beignet. I am really looking forward to start with Rooibos. I bought a moss green cotton fabric and would like to add some natural cotton piping.
      Then, I am thinking about making an outfit with Sencha and Beignet. Hopefully, I will find some matching fabrics. But I am not sure about the colors, yet. Have you ever tried the colette patterns?

12 March

  • Madmen_me_large

    Mar 12, 2010, 12.03 PMby zozowahine

    Oooh! Which ones did you order?! I have another plan for the Beignet skirt, fabric drying for the Macaron but no fabric yet for the Ceylon.

    2 Replies
    • 3_large

      Mar 12, 2010, 01.36 PMby nettevivante

      I have almost the same problem! ;) I have got the Ceylon pattern already, but no fabric, yet. And I really want to do something more easy as a next project, that is why I am a little scared to start Ceylon (although the instructions are fabulous).

      So I ordered 3 other Colette patterns. Rooibos, Sencha and Beignet. I am really looking forward to start with Rooibos. Then I am thinking about making an outfit with Sencha and Beignet. Hopefully, I will find some matching fabrics.

      I am really curious about your next Colette projects! And I really admire your Me-Made-March mission! :)

    • Madmen_me_large

      Mar 12, 2010, 08.29 PMby zozowahine

      Sounds so exciting! I´m really into the Sencha too, plus I saw an amazing turquoise version of the Lady Grey coat as well that is making me look again at that! My friend bought me some incredible buttons each of which has the symbol of a club (as in clubs on a pack of palying cards) on it, and there is enough for a Beignet skirt so I thought I´d make a colder weather version in a black wool blend. Thanks for your comment about my Me-Made-March challenge, can´t wait for the weather wo warm up to give me more outfit options. Cannot WAIT to see what you make of the Colette Patterns, I love it every time you upload something new! Happy sewing

3 March

  • Beach_baby_ii_large

    Mar 3, 2010, 09.54 PMby seasidelaundry

    You have created some very cute things! The shorts & bloomers appear to be right off the boutique rack! Not at all “easy do” projects. I like your banner, too!

2 March

25 February

  • Purple-hat6_large

    Feb 25, 2010, 09.03 AMby misslivia

    I finally got a chance to look through your top ten picks as a featured member and just wanted to say that I’m honored that you picked one of my garments! I love your designs and overall aesthetic, I so enjoy looking at each thing you create! Please keep making beautiful creations (I know you will!)


    1 Reply
    • 3_large

      Feb 26, 2010, 05.24 PMby nettevivante

      Thank you Misslivia! I really love your dresses. They are so feminine and you have really great taste in choosing fabrics! I simply had to add one of your garments to my top ten! :)

24 February

  • Moe_picture_moe_large

    Feb 24, 2010, 01.49 AMby moestockinger

    Hi! I recently found this site, and have absolutly fallen in love with everything you sew! I was wondering if you could sent me some instructions on how to make the "Go Parisienne ♥ " skirt. I’m a beginner, and am too afraid to just start hacking away at my fabric… If you could give me a little guidence, it would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks so much! You are fantastic!


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    • 3_large

      Feb 26, 2010, 05.21 PMby nettevivante

      Hi Moe,
      Thank you for your nice comment on my wall!
      I am glad you like my skirt! Unfortunately, I am little busy at the moment, but I would really love to come back to your request! Just give me a week or two. I will contact you and try to explain how you could try this project!

22 February

  • Dscf2478_large

    Feb 22, 2010, 07.03 PMby abbyzeeble

    Hope you don’t mind me adding you as a friend, I love everything you sew!

    1 Reply
    • 3_large

      Feb 22, 2010, 07.09 PMby nettevivante

      Of course not! I am always very happy, if other members like my projects! :) Thank you!
      P.S.: You have a really cute baby! The smile is so adorable!

12 February

  • Snc15550_large

    Feb 12, 2010, 11.34 AMby fairytale-thirteen

    Congrats on being the featured member – you are very talented. Happy sewing B0)

11 February

  • Img_0024_large

    Feb 11, 2010, 03.07 AMby Natalia *

    Congratulations of making Member of the week. You deserve it. You’ve got some great pieces.

    1 Reply
    • 3_large

      Feb 11, 2010, 02.54 PMby nettevivante

      Thank you Natalia! :)

  • Image_large

    Feb 11, 2010, 12.20 AMby loyl8

    thanks for having my dress as one of your favorites!!!! congrats on member of the week. good job!!! ;.>

    1 Reply
    • 3_large

      Feb 11, 2010, 02.53 PMby nettevivante

      I really like that dress. It is so beautiful, especially the skirt, which looks like if it was tough sewing! :)
      Thanks for writing on my wall.

11 January

  • 100_4401_large

    Jan 11, 2010, 12.08 PMby miaa1088

    Hallo aus Köln! Wir haben dieselbe Wohnungseinrichtung und ich komme eigentlich aus Oberhausen. Ruhrpott rules ;) Grüße, Vera