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fabric and coding...hum...room for experimentation







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25 November

  • Bssquare_large

    Nov 25, 2010, 02.31 AMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    hello carotte! oh i hope there is a party for the book launch… we have to find time for eating sweet things as well… the job is good but ends on january 9, i’m actually looking forward to finding the next thing. after a short and sewing filled break, natch. we’re staying in NY unless we’re called elsewhere.. how are YOU?

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    • Avatar3_large

      Nov 25, 2010, 10.57 PMby carottesauvage

      Nice to hear from you! so you would go back to Tinsel town then? YesssYess we should go and eat something nice if this event happens. Food is so nice in NY in comparison with London.This year was pretty stressful. I had my viva voce for my thesis in April. Had a show in july….Glad I still have my librarian job in the current economical crisis… ``keep well and I hope to see you sssoooon!XXXX

23 November

  • Project_image_1_large

    Nov 23, 2010, 03.13 PMby Jamie Lau

    Greetings from your friend across the pond. I love your studio!

20 November

  • Dsc01330_large

    Nov 20, 2010, 11.47 AMby nishavinod2009

    ur studio is very inspiring! going thru it like a visual treat! keep up d good work..

18 November

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Nov 18, 2010, 04.10 PMby magdamagda

    just stopping by to say, again, how much I admire your vision and courage;) haha I’m friendly too, adding you to my friend list, looking forward to more awesome pattern reinventions!

13 November

  • Mojeslike_009_large

    Nov 13, 2010, 01.12 PMby jeleena

    :) Thank you!

12 November

  • 81fb6fa35e11e1e0e8f5fdf5ceb4948e3bda1de6_large

    Nov 12, 2010, 09.12 PMby joycexi

    Hi there,

    I’m currently handling BurdaStyle’s Tumblr, But you should check out some of the works that I’ve reposted from other Tumblr blogs on the BurdaStyle Tumblr.

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    • Avatar3_large

      Nov 12, 2010, 09.27 PMby carottesauvage

      Ah ok! thanks for the tip! At the moment, I am really considering promoting my work. Difficult when keeping out of Facebook, twitter and the rest! Myspace would be adequate but it lacks ‘something’. I will check your medley! Best!

11 November

  • 300px-b5274-2_large

    Nov 11, 2010, 02.06 AMby nookie

    Short hair and the cold don’t always mix but it’s then a good excuse for berets, beanies and other head coverings. Thankfully, I am going into summer so I am looking forward to the coolness short hair provides.

2 November

  • P1011148_mini-prof_large

    Nov 2, 2010, 07.24 AMby kana

    thank you for your nice comment on my denim mini! you made my day :-)

26 October

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Oct 26, 2010, 01.44 PMby bola

    Cool yeah i’ve ordered vol 1 at quite a good price on amazon about £12.50 so hoping to get it tomorrow. I’ve just fallen in love with your bow tie top! and I would love to make a version of it perhaps in my beloved jersey just to see the effect, anyway hope i’ll find the time to sew it. How did you find working out the instructions? Take Care!xx

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 26, 2010, 02.19 PMby carottesauvage

      Great! Well I don’t know the lingo as you may imagine. It is visually ‘well explained’. You would to dive into experimentation, am afraid, but it is fun!XXX

25 October

  • 100_1456_large

    Oct 25, 2010, 09.56 PMby cristinalanz

    Have you seeing the day course at the Barbican related to the 30 years of Japanese Fashion exhibition? http://www.barbican.org.uk/artgallery/event-detail.asp?ID=11304 sounds interesting too….

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 25, 2010, 10.38 PMby carottesauvage

      Thanks for the link! looks so interesting, a shame it is already booked out and November hasn’t started yet..

    • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

      Oct 26, 2010, 09.45 PMby bola

      Oh thanks for remind me of this! Booked out!!! ????No!!! I wanted to go and have a look!:(

24 October

  • Img_20140120_225939_1__large

    Oct 24, 2010, 08.34 PMby bijouxbetty

    Heya! The Tailoring course was just a 2 day session on the weekend. they do a full term course but I cant make it as its weekday when I am at work, otherwise I would be on it like a shot. I’m also doing their patterncutting course at the moment, and going to keep going next year as its nice to have ‘dedicated’ sewing & drafting time during the week :) Shoe making would be excellent as I have such wide feet I would love to make a perfect pair.

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 25, 2010, 11.03 AMby carottesauvage

      Hey! Yes I went to Morley college to get their prospectus… great choice of courses. I forgot to check if they had a basic carpentry course. I don’t work on Tuesday morning so I am thinking of joining the tailoring slot next term, it is taught by the woman who gave the class you attended. Well maybe see you at Morley sometime, as I noticed some tempting forthcoming week-end courses.Take care

23 October

  • P1011148_mini-prof_large

    Oct 23, 2010, 05.51 AMby kana

    thank you for your comment on my drape drape & lace dress! And YOU ARE the drape-y, pleats-y sewer; I recognized most of your work (some I seemed to have missed) from your studio which I totally fell in love with!!! Keep us inspiring!

22 October

  • Cat_logo_large

    Oct 22, 2010, 10.04 PMby lunatepetal

    Helene, my sis is studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. I think she is just taking one class(Art and politics?) right now… oh, how much I wish to visit UK! instead I decided to go visit my fam & friends in Japan this year,,, before my little one is turning big TWO in December. (it’s true, time flies…)

    p.s. I live in PDX Oregon! we LOVE it here :)

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Oct 22, 2010, 08.36 PMby bola

    Hey, I just wanted to ask about that pattern magic book! Do you have both volumes? Which is the better volume to buy? I just love that bow tie necklinebx

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Oct 22, 2010, 08.13 PMby bola

    Coniah is well thanks, she turned one yesterday actually! Time does fly! How are you doing? Are you knitting anything at the mo? Looking forward to seeing your next creations!bxx

21 October

  • Dsc06629_large

    Oct 21, 2010, 08.02 PMby kelerabeus

    Hello there! For some reason it wasn’t until now that I became aware of your message on my wall, it seems that my notifications has been running wild lately. And thanks for the add – I was just about to add you to my friends as well, so that I can keep up with your work now when you’re back in action! About avatar image, it’s a picture of my friend and me wearing over sized shoes of my roomie. Somehow, people think that my size 5 feet aren’t proportional with my 1.77m height? Well, I find them just fine :) unfortunately, although I love to jump and twirl on the dance floor can’t say that there’s much of a real rhythm in those small feet :) Cheers! Vesna

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 23, 2010, 10.32 PMby carottesauvage

      Ah but small feet are cute and highly regarded in China! Well… now I’ll follow your steps. Best to youxHélène

20 October

  • Vatten_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 09.16 AMby ichigogirl

    You’re welcome :-). Ah, interesting, I always love your creations, and I prefer Drape Drape 2. I have to take a look at vol 1 with CarotteSauvage-glasses I think, I’m probably missing something there! With Pattern Magic I agree though, vol. 1 is fabulous. Btw, watching your sailor-pants once again reminded me of the pair in my closet; my dad’s old military-service-sailor pants that fit me perfectly but are too short… hopefully one day I’ll copy them (ie copy yours at the same time, they look a lot alike). Take care! xx

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 20, 2010, 03.53 PMby carottesauvage

      um I shall also say :Interesting!… I think you took all the best out of drape drape 2 actually…I will have a closer look then! We should have a common blog where you interpret the Volume 1 and I do the Volume 2. I must admit I don’t like the McHammer look of the pattern n1 on Drape drape 1 but I imagined it as an extension of the Marilyn pattern. I find it exciting to adapt things or adapt them to my taste. Navy trousers are my old time favourites. Just finished a red pair.
      I opened an original one I had a few years ago. They were too large for me in the first place so I graded them to my size…. they are fun to make (not too keen on buttons holes though). Well Yeah Drape Drape 1 rocks! Looking forward to seeing your variations! Keep well and warm, it is getting chilly today. XX

19 October

  • Cat_logo_large

    Oct 19, 2010, 09.56 PMby lunatepetal

    Hey, Helene, sorry taking me a little bit to get back to you! yes, my little girl is doing so well, and she is not so ‘little’ anymore… :I she is growing up too fast! oh, oh, my sis is actually living in London right now. she is on Working Holiday, and sounded like she is taking an Art class. hm. I LOVE TO visit there some time!

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    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 20, 2010, 11.21 PMby carottesauvage

      Yeah! If you are visiting let me know! Where is your sister studying? London is the definite art course city! Don’t know for how long…
      The whole economy is going down the drain like everywhere else in Europe.
      I was looking into shoe-making course the other day after the brilliant post by MikMik at the beginning of this week. Yes your daughter is still ‘little’, 2 years old (?), but yes as you said they grow up so fast!.xx

15 October

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Oct 15, 2010, 04.52 PMby sewella

    Dear Helene, Thank you on the lovely comment you left on my new dress! I truly appreciate it!

9 October

  • Img_0822_large

    Oct 9, 2010, 11.39 AMby seazoo

    Hi! Long time no see. How are you doing? :) I’m glad to see your new creation!!! I love that so much!!! and May I ask a favor of you? Please tell me when you start a your brand! :D I will surely go for purchase! hehe kiss shizu

11 September

  • Orchid_large

    Sep 11, 2010, 10.00 AMby Sanne K. Astrid

    Oh :D Now, I’m getting curious. Did you move to London? Or do you just like Belgium and Holland better?

    my english isn’t that good. ;)

    2 Replies
    • Avatar3_large

      Sep 11, 2010, 10.40 AMby carottesauvage

      Hey! I have been living in London for over 13 years now but I am from France. I go every now on then to Rotterdam, got loads of friends there! In my opinion, London is an over-rated city!

    • Orchid_large

      Sep 11, 2010, 10.49 AMby Sanne K. Astrid

      Oh I see :)

      Never been in London.
      I hope I will some day. :)

31 August

  • 2lucia_large

    Aug 31, 2010, 07.49 AMby la-annita

    I’m your fan number one!!! thanks for the coment on my project!!

15 June

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Jun 15, 2010, 02.38 PMby sewella

    Dear Helene! Thank you on the lovely comment! I love that colour so much!

31 May

  • Littlelady_large

    May 31, 2010, 08.41 AMby almalou

    Hi there, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I think your work is beautiful. I had to say it! :-) Cheers,


29 April

  • Missing

    Apr 29, 2010, 03.14 PMby Lisette O

    Merci beaucoup, j’aime beaucoup vos creations aussi!

24 March

  • 1101thumb2_large

    Mar 24, 2010, 03.44 AMby yoshimi

    Hello dear Helene, thank you for the comment! How are you doing? I hope you are doing super good and enjoying the beautiful springtime in your place. I loved it a lot. The longer days in England!

11 March

  • Dsc06629_large

    Mar 11, 2010, 12.29 AMby kelerabeus

    yep, looks like we are two Capricorns :) Thank you, it’s an honor to be complimented by such a great seamstress! Your work is also amazing, everything is so neatly done- I admire your patience! Hope to see some of your creations soon. cheers

16 February

  • 2697153451_b6124d7f7c_m_large

    Feb 16, 2010, 08.50 PMby maybeemily

    Oh my! You are a printmaker too? ME TOO!

10 February

  • Img_0822_large

    Feb 10, 2010, 02.30 PMby seazoo

    HOLA☆HOLA Thank you for a message! I am so so happy when I saw your comment! and I feel like doing more!! yeayea! :-)


3 February

  • Madmen_me_large

    Feb 3, 2010, 10.50 AMby zozowahine

    Ms Sauvage! How the devil are you? How is 2010 treating you so far? Any new creations to share with the class? Z xxx