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15 March, 2010

25 February, 2010

21 January, 2010

  • 06:20 PM

    bec33 added the project blue b day dress

    This slinky layered dress started with a simple strapless dress and turned out to be one of my favorites with the bust enhancing, suspender-like closure in the front, and the strap-like belt the wi…

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28 October, 2009

  • 11:15 PM

    bec33 commented on the project Slikny Vegas Dress

    nope, it was just Dryflex High Performance Knit Fabric (90% Polyester/10% Lycra, 60’’ Wide) from fabric.com. It is super stretchy but on the heavier side and intended for athletic clothes which I p…

  • 11:02 PM

    bec33 commented on the article Featured Member: Susanne20_11

    I really enjoyed reading your profile because like you, I am a science major, but need to get back to school. I’m just afraid I won’t be able to travel if I do. I really don’t want to be tied down …

19 October, 2009

  • 11:28 PM

    bec33 added the project Green ties tubetop

    A single wrapped piece of velor with a seam in the back. Elastic at the top and below the bust. Green canvas to trim the top and the waistline, then all tied together in the back.

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  • 11:17 PM

    bec33 added the project Fall colors in a bag

    A simple bag made out of cotton rectangles doubled up to line the inside. The corners were sewn inward, to give a rounded shape to the bottom.Then fabric strips wrapped around the wooden handles to…

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  • 11:02 PM

    bec33 added the project Simple gold tote

    A simple design of two rectangles sewn on 3 sides, repeat for a liner and add some handles. You could even make it a reversible purse depending on how you attach the handles.

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  • 10:49 PM

    bec33 added the project aztec large computer tote

    this was a bag I made for my computer and all the junk I may carry with it. It started with some sort of stiffener material covered with and orange cotton fabric then sewn to the inside of the bag …

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  • 10:32 PM

    bec33 added the project old jeans + sewing machine= a new skirt

    I made my old ripped in the crotch jeans into a skirt!
    I had seen friends do it before in high school. Basically, we just ripped the inseams out, cut off the legs and sewed them as triangles alon…

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  • 10:13 PM

    bec33 added the project Flannel T Dress

    The third of my flannel fetish finally got some short sleeves. A pattern probably would have made it easier but they work. I also spent the the time to find and sew on some matching buttons. Now al…

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  • 09:54 PM

    bec33 added the project Sleeveless flannel short dress

    A little short for my long legs, but add some leggings and tall boots and your stylin. I again stole the shape from a flannel shirt I had. I was still afraid of sleeves and make it quickly with vel…

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  • 09:42 PM

    bec33 added the project sleeveless flannel

    I copied the style of a flannel shirt I had minus the sleeves. I’m kinda lazy and haven’t figured out how to make sleeves yet so I didn’t and rather than taking the time to sew on buttons velcro wa…

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  • 09:31 PM

    bec33 added the project Slikny Vegas Dress

    Slim fitting and extra stretchy tube dress. Three strips sewn together then a seam up the back which allowed for a larger bust and butt. The tube belt or any other belt can finish it off

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  • 09:14 PM

    bec33 added the project Simply Short Black and White

    Short but sweet and easily made with seams on the sides, a hem on the bottom and the top edge folded over.

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  • 08:41 PM

    bec33 added the project plaid below the knees

    This was a skirt I made for that a plus a-line skirt contest, but it was kinda boring and i didn’t have anything to spruce it up with. I can accessorize later and it will be nice and warm with some…

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  • 07:02 PM

    bec33 added the project green leaf strapless

    This is still the beginning of my sewing experiences and I have never really used any patterns. I started this dress this summer when it was still warm but never finished the corset-like belt that …

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15 October, 2009

  • 03:03 AM

    bec33 added the project Pretty in pink A-Plus, A-Line

    I made a plaid version that just wasn’t fun enough, so I found some pink fabric added some black ribbon trim and a bow and ta da! (my face is only pink from the cocktails after wards)

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31 July, 2009