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5 May

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    May 5, 2009, 08.30 AMby fraufrohlich

    another update, things are getting sooooooooooo good here for me: modepalast was a huge succes: sold a lot, got really good feedback and tons of compliments-from the organizer and the customer. apparently FRÖHLICH is such a good succes that the organizer got informed and they told a friend of mine that they were really happy they hosted FRÖHLICH and the media absolutely loved FRÖHLICH. so a big number of newspapers had ads for modepalast with one picture and that was mine………can you imagine. 90 designer over 300 photos and 1 was chosen and it was mine…………… but the good news dont end yet, so i won the “modepalast meets blickfang award” which means i dont have to pay for the next fair trade and this one is really big!!! had our 1st meeting for the fashion show yesterday-thats gonna be just fantastic- last year they had 30 000 visitors in 3 days…………..woow than i have another exhibition lasting 5 weeks in an art gallery were you can also buy the stuff-vernissage included. and finally 1 shop in vienna selling my stuff. a 2nd one is coming in autumn and who knows what happening next. i swear: i have no clue whats going on right now but its bloody amazingly great for me ;o) hope u r well and doing good business kisses

22 April

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    Apr 22, 2009, 05.16 AMby fraufrohlich

    hi again, quick update: i got invited to do a fashion show with loads of austrian media/press (tv, radio, newspaper…..) and i am on the autumn design exhibition/trade fair in vienna called “blickfang”—this is a really big thing and i am soooo happy. i am still sewing the stuff myself but i also do enjoy it…………….so back to work-tomorrow is my other exhibiton/trade fair “modepalast” in vienna lasting 4 days. kisses gabi

15 April

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    Apr 15, 2009, 03.30 AMby fraufrohlich

    Hi again. I guess we r both the same busy bees right now. I am almost finished and soooo good in time. You just have to see my newly translated homepage atwww.froehlichewelt.at go to the english version and than to NEWS there you can see an ultra super music video of a friend of mine (hes the artist) and he asked me to be one of the 2 designer who clothed everyone in the video. i think its so unusual to have a video clip on a fashion site- i love it. dont forget to turn on the voulume!!!!!!! how r u doin? do you have a webpage or somewhere i can admire your work? lots of sunny kisses from Austria-we have almost summer temperature here for 2 weeks now. its so beautiful!!!

8 March

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    Mar 8, 2009, 10.01 AMby fraufrohlich

    Hi, i was really happy to hear from u again. so how am i doing, pretty good. thanks to your kick in the ass about spreading my name i tried etsy,fashionspace and dawanda. so etsy just istn it 4 me, fashionspace is also nothing really going on. BUT on Dawanda.com i am now selling quite good and spreading my label. right now i am sewing on my collection for our youngdesigners expo in vienna in april. its the first time i am sewing 2 sizes and several pieces percolour and size. so i did not really have time 4 burdastyle. on www.froehlichewelt.at you can see my spring/summer collection. i am also already sewing prototypes for autumn/winter and working on patterns for springsummer 10!!! it feels all good to me. how r u doin? would love 2 hear from u!! kisses Gabi

23 January

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    Jan 23, 2009, 09.50 AMby fraufrohlich

    ah and congrats to your new president. we all do have a future again!!!!!!!! i am so happy and its not even my country!!

  • 48c20a2da35c025f527e9f5e8fc7217b240c6f72_large

    Jan 23, 2009, 09.36 AMby fraufrohlich

    hi, thanks for your compliment! i get my inspiration from fabrics, daily life, films magazines ect ect. but i have to admit i love vintage. at the moment i am into 20ts, but i sooo love the 30s and 40s. of course some as i call them “historic” elemnts are also a fovorite of mine. the combination of these elements with the modern fabric, or jersey i think is great. its is comfy to wear at every time of the day but still different and stylish enough. how are you working? i mean with your fashion line? what are your next steps you take with “coming out”. i am at the moment in the middle of my coming out and i can tell you it is so difficult over here in austria. austria is the most bürocratic country i think which exists……..it makes everything so difficult. i startded selling to friends and their friends and that is still going really good. so i decided to take the next step. which is a sort of young designers confention-i know that this is not the right word for it, but the other word for it i just dont know right now……its in april and i am sewing my ass off right now to have sizes and more than one of each model, i have so far never done that and it is a lot of work!!!! all the best!! let me know how u r doin!! kisses