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1 December

  • Pic_large

    Dec 1, 2011, 08.41 PMby Mani Mani


    My name is Manisha and i’m new here. Please I’d like to know how do i measure a person to make a pattern for them for a bra.. I’m basically asking for a fishing rod instead of a fish. I don’t have any schools in my country that offer this program. I am a plus size woman and so are the women around me. I have ran out crying from a lingerie shop because it makes me feel so bad about myself. and I do not find much help here as well. I really wish you’d help me so i can help women in my community. i get backache because i do not have a good well fitted bra. how do i measure for the cup and band and straps to be able to convert them into a pattern which i can then sew into a fitted bra. plz help me out.

19 July

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Jul 19, 2010, 06.03 PMby magdamagda

    hi Alden, i replied in the “couple of things” discussion thread but i thought u’d see it earlier if i post here too, so here it is:

    yes, the home page of burdastyle is the same when i am logged in… it shows 173 profile views-3 projects-0 techniques.. if i go to my page yes, i can see my techniques there… thank you for taking care of it, hopefully i’ll have good news soon:)

10 July

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Jul 10, 2010, 07.10 PMby magdamagda

    i really really hate wet socks too! backpacking and getting caught in the rain and discovering my boots may be just … pretty…and having a few more hours till reaching a chalet… not very pleasant…

23 June

  • 30dc666f97397fb31c295913f5a1f0ab992d7e22_large_large

    Jun 23, 2010, 07.59 PMby nuiwida23

    I just can’t believe I haven’t added you before! I have a bit of a distracted mind haha…I’d love to see what you’ve been creating lately.

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    • Picture_2_large

      Jun 28, 2010, 08.56 PMby alden

      Ha! well i couldn’t believe i hadn’t friended you yet! When i actually do create something i will make sure you know :)

2 April

  • Apron2_large

    Apr 2, 2010, 06.31 PMby jukimoosegirl

    Thanks so much for posting the info about the apron contest, I am so happy to have won! Do I need to do anything special to claim my prize ie paperwork or anything? I just wanted to make sure. Thanks again and let me know if there is anything I need to do. All the Best- JukiMooseGirl

    2 Replies
    • Picture_2_large

      Apr 2, 2010, 06.41 PMby alden

      No problem, you seem to write me as i am answering your questions :) you should be receiving an email from me shortly! best

    • Apron2_large

      Apr 2, 2010, 07.05 PMby jukimoosegirl

      Oh good! Sorry, somehow this all feels too good to be true! I am probably driving your crazy- but I am more then a little excited and can barely contain it! I thank you for your very speedy replies- will look for the email in my inbox soon! Thanks for your patience!

  • Photoge01_large

    Apr 2, 2010, 05.06 PMby gedwoods

    Hello Alden,

    Wow, theoretic astrophysics, there’s nothing like aiming for the big things :) Actually, my PhD was in observational cosmology – I always tell people that when you’ve started your professional life studying the structure of the universe, everything else feels like “fair game” afterwards … You have the arrogance to think you can do anything (like become a fashion designer… LOL)… My research career has been focused on what today is called “geomatics” or, sometimes, “geographic information science”, but my current research is focused on how we interact with our surrounding space with our bodies, hence closely tied to clothing, but also explorations into disability and into human-computer interfaces that take advantage of our bodies… a mixed bag!

1 April

  • Apron2_large

    Apr 1, 2010, 06.28 PMby jukimoosegirl

    Hi, any word on the outcome of the apron remake? Wasn’t voting supposed to end last night at midnight? I would love to know what is going on with that if you could let me know that would be great!

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    • Picture_2_large

      Apr 1, 2010, 06.35 PMby alden

      writing the post right now!

  • 1_large

    Apr 1, 2010, 02.34 AMby ashchaser

    Oh thank you! I definitely will, but for now I am going to distract myself with more work…

26 March

  • Back_large

    Mar 26, 2010, 01.06 AMby Ariel Jordan

    I did! Thank you SO SO MUCH! :)

25 March

  • Back_large

    Mar 25, 2010, 03.11 AMby Ariel Jordan

    Hi, You apear to be someone of some import, or with some knowledge, or something and you may beable to help some of us with a problem. We are trying to load our projects for the Two Tone Apron Remake Challenge and after filling out all the fields and clicking either the “finish” or “continue to instructions” buttons a notification pops up saying, " you must select at least one project." We don’t know what this means; we don’t know what to do. The project is due tonight. Please help! Thanks so much! -Ariel

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Mar 25, 2010, 01.59 PMby alden

      hey Ariel,
      Did you email it into submissions @ burdastyle? if so it will be considered for the top 50. Best

3 March

  • 8cd1614e48bc4501afea6f52b63c8c49a74eb814_large

    Mar 3, 2010, 08.19 AMby juebejue

    aww! yeah, i currently dont have too much vacations to take off on the weekdays! be back soon pleeeease! :) hope you enjoy san francisco!

12 February

  • Photoge01_large

    Feb 12, 2010, 10.42 PMby gedwoods

    Hello Alden, Just a reminder about my idea to develop a contest of digital fabric prints. I thought it would be a good way to challenge the creativity of the BurdaStyle community. I know Spoonflower does something like this already, but the focus for a BurdaStyle contest would be different, I think, and the contest winner could have the fabric printing paid for (which is actually non trivial at 18$/yd at Spoonflower). Hope everything is well with you!

9 February

  • Schwa_large

    Feb 9, 2010, 01.13 AMby seussian

    Just wondering, is your status from a Dr. Seuss book? I’m currently in ensemble in Seussical (a musical based on the dr. Seuss books) and was just thinking about it. God bless By the way I love all of your creations :)

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Feb 9, 2010, 03.24 PMby alden

      Thanks! and yes it is! Seussical is a fun show, i hope you are having a good time with it!

14 December

  • Bethsprofilepic_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 11.51 PMby damianadesigns

    Thanks Alden! The machine is even more sweet than I thought it was going to be, there are like 40 something feet you can attach to it! I am psyched to make some magic happen with it asap ;).

7 December

  • N1584056700_4428_large

    Dec 7, 2009, 09.56 PMby Laura Jackson

    Hello Alden;

    I purchased your dirndl pattern and downloaded the instructions and the pattern. Thank you! The problem I’m having now is that I cannot open the pattern pdf file. I have no problem with the instructions, but Adobe is popping up a message when I attempt to open the pattern file that tells me it can’t open it and that it may be damaged.

    I’ve written for help through the website, but no one has gotten back to me with a firm response. I’ve sent all of the information they asked for, but I’m stuck.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you may have.

    Laura Jackson

  • Buttontreelane_avatar_large

    Dec 7, 2009, 06.00 AMby quiltingmick

    Hi Alden,

    You asked me to remind you about the Amanda Plus top http://www.burdastyle.com/discussions/patterns/topics/amanda-plus-missing-pattern-piece if I hadn’t heard from you in two weeks.


29 November

  • N508481797_21307_4878_large

    Nov 29, 2009, 01.53 PMby katharinekp

    Hey Alden, Thanks for your advice about the photo resizing. I’ve managed to figure it out now, cheers

24 November

  • 12068bdcf8f8559de50b4f6ade48c167b5d6c5cd_large

    Nov 24, 2009, 12.35 AMby ncn6

    Hey Alden, I’m from Canada originally but living in Ithaca now (in the finger lakes area) for grad school. Have a good thanksgiving in upstate!

21 November

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Nov 21, 2009, 09.53 AMby sewella

    Hi Alden! Thank you a ton for the lovely compliment you left on my refashioned dress. It really means a lot to me and made me really happy seeing it being featured on the front page today! !

12 November

  • Dfbdf6466a3725cb96f9d6c072525810e0f0508d_large

    Nov 12, 2009, 08.57 PMby smvphotography

    hi alden! thank you so much for your lovely comment! we still have to meet up some time! hope icky midtown is treating you well. i think i would go broke being so close to all the fabric stores…

  • Avatar3_large

    Nov 12, 2009, 04.02 PMby carottesauvage

    Enjoy your new office/desk! I liked the office in Brooklyn but it makes more sense for you guys to be next to the fashion district….for unlimited swatching bonanzas :)! When I come back to NY, I’ll definetly pop by! Keep well (and warm)!

1 October

  • Profile_pic_large

    Oct 1, 2009, 05.17 PMby coveredbydesign

    I am trying to figure out what to do next for the scarf dress contest. Will the voting start again next week or are there just going to be judges? Thanks, Christine

25 September

  • 7adc062bd26bebbf7f9d719552e26bdeaafe0325_large

    Sep 25, 2009, 08.10 PMby mea72583

    I saw that you posted the scarf dress challenge and was wondering if you could help me find out why my scarf dress wasn’t included in the slide show. I posted the project on the 22nd with scarf dress in the title. Did I do something wrong? Is there any way to fix it?

19 August

13 August

  • 397095167_072723fafd_o_large

    Aug 13, 2009, 12.57 PMby teodoragodar


    Yes,your answer helped me. Thank you!

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Aug 13, 2009, 05.53 PMby alden

      great! I’m so glad

19 May

  • A9f43c3366d2529f94b74e5ff92c6e17f59da1b8_large

    May 19, 2009, 02.56 PMby edna812

    Hi Alden,

    I have the same question regarding email. I am looking forward to getting a club going in the Nine Mile/ Spokane, WA area. However I have not seen anything posted. Do you need any additional information from me?

    Thanks! I can’t wait to get something going.


23 April

  • Img_0097_large

    Apr 23, 2009, 09.39 AMby jem1022

    Hey Alden,

    Just wondering if you were having trouble with the getting the emails because you haven’t responded to me for the featured member section. Definitley let me know if you need something else to be featured on that section.


10 March

  • Avatar3_large

    Mar 10, 2009, 09.24 AMby carottesauvage

    You may well do! The jacket has the perfect fit. You really have a cool job if your colleagues pamper you with great outfit and fashion photoshoot!

2 March

  • 029_large

    Mar 2, 2009, 07.18 PMby Erin E

    Hi Alden! It was fun meeting you at the sewing expo this weekend. Thanks for the buttons! Hope Washington treated you well :)