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My new fabric has arrived woohoo







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13 March

  • Leather_bow_large

    Mar 13, 2011, 11.28 AMby Sewing And Style

    FROM DISCUSSION BOARD Hi guys, I know that some of you joined my Sewing and Style Den, but I also started a Burda Style Club in Ireland on Facebook, please join me here http://www.facebook.com/pages/BSC-ROI-Burda-Style-Sewing-Club-in-Ireland/158768130847580 It is for all of us, let post all our projects here also we can exchange ideas on where to get fabrics, haberdashery etc. I want everyone to contribute please.


10 March

17 June

  • Img_3699_large

    Jun 17, 2010, 09.05 AMby michelle ><><><

    thanks for the comment, how’s the weather in Ireland?Kauai, sunny and hot. I love this site i can connect with sewers( that’s not a word):{ around the world, love to visit one day.Also would love to see your sunhats?

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    • Img_1181_large

      Jun 17, 2010, 03.22 PMby aibby

      Well weather here is warm for us, even though its only 20 c. I will put some pics up of hats soon. i sell my stuff at stalls. do you do stalls too? Where is USA do you live? its looks really nice there on the beach.

11 April

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Apr 11, 2010, 12.14 PMby sewella

    Thank you on the lovely comment!

26 January

  • Aubrey2_large

    Jan 26, 2010, 04.18 PMby aubreydawn

    thanks :) i read how to do this in my seventeen magazine way back in high-school… :) she really likes them and they were so easy to do :)

17 November

  • Catherine_a-01_large

    Nov 17, 2009, 11.47 AMby alekat

    thank you! yes i did make the lamp. i was a wicker one which i had to strip and then covered the frame with ikea fabric

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    • Img_1181_large

      Nov 17, 2009, 07.22 PMby aibby

      Lamp looks really cool I have a lamp that needs covering, might try it. Was it difficult?

6 November

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Nov 6, 2009, 12.45 AMby sew4my3

    I just noticed you are in Dublin. I was in Dublin two years ago for a few days and then did the southern drive and back. What a beautiful land you live in and wonderful people we have kept in touch with. We plan to go back soon and visit with friends we made on our first trip and they are coming here in a couple of weeks to visit us first. I can’t wait! Hope to see more creations from you soon! Happy sewing!

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Nov 6, 2009, 12.38 AMby sew4my3

    Hey Aibby! Thank you so much for the kind words on my Pieced Twirl Skirt. It is always so nice to get others opinions. Again, THANK YOU!

13 August

  • 0ce8d2b327c6c56060b906eb25692bd89d765a13_large

    Aug 13, 2009, 10.44 PMby hajnika

    Hi,Aibby! Thank you very much for your nice comment….Wow! I love those patchwork dresses you made.I like too the things by patchwork techniques.

27 July

  • Me_large

    Jul 27, 2009, 01.43 PMby djoule

    Hi Aibby !! Just wanted to say thank you for the nice comment on my danielle dress :)

17 July

  • 67b9b8e7d552a9b1f2acc602586d6e01ec51f9b7_large

    Jul 17, 2009, 12.24 PMby formathilda

    thank you so much for checking out my boyfriend shorts, it’s such a cool thing when someone takes the time to view and actually say something (good or bad) about ones work! I guess nail varnish isn’t just for girls anymore, huh? hehe.

16 July

  • 62a1086e6e1e9e484a60fa65c68b883abf34e8d3_large

    Jul 16, 2009, 04.10 AMby lillasyrran

    Thank you for the nice comment about my skirt! I will try to do a how to, just be patient! Until then I breifly explain the basic: The skirt has 12 breadths (6 of each color) and you just divide your waist width (with some cm added) into 12 and you have the upper width of each breadth. Do the same with the lower side according to how width you want it, to make the A-line. The lining I made only in 4 breadths. Zipper in left side. Good luck!

11 July

  • Beach_baby_ii_large

    Jul 11, 2009, 09.00 PMby seasidelaundry

    Aibby, your comment was very kind. Although we had stretchy fabrics in Hawaii & late 60’s, I only had my Singer 221, a straight stitch machine. I never quite figured out how to pull the fabric while stitching to make it work on knits. Yes, we did swim in them, tho’ I waded because I do not know HOW to swim! I LOVE your Traveller Bag. It seems it would be difficult to make, so way above novice, and you managed so well. Color combo great-classy! Must tell you that today, 07/11/09 my 6th grandchild was born & her name is Ava! What are the chances of my seeing your post & then those wonderful chairs with "Ava’ on one of them! Very, very special connection… Beatrice

5 July

  • Emilykate_large

    Jul 5, 2009, 07.35 AMby emilykate

    HI there Aibby. thanks for visiting my wall, and my blog. you definitely should put up some pics of your campervan cushions, I’d love to see them :o)

4 June

  • 67aa45b18577f2a2c12e5ffcb97980d7c08ad925_large

    Jun 4, 2009, 01.58 AMby sakko

    Hello, thank you for the nice comment for my Jacket! Let’s keep sewing here and I welcome you to come to “intermediate club” soon!

7 May

  • 4983e7bf5ccdc8cbd2761787a5a2d5c5b1b21c7b_large

    May 7, 2009, 02.31 AMby purzel

    Hey, thanks for the comment on the dress :) I was surprised how easy the pattern is. It’s my first “real” clothing project. so, even if you are beginner you should try the pattern! it will come out good!! and: YES, ikea rocks!!

3 May

  • 6afa1bf2bf3c3ea65cca4c9114ca9eb679a6dd38_large

    May 3, 2009, 05.01 AMby maiestia

    thanks for your comment on my coffee date dress. I had trouble with the facing too – it turned out not to be exactly the right size, and if you look at the dress itself it’s a bit of a shoddy job really. I also ended up hand stitching the shoulders as i didn’t really get the how too, which too FOREVER! I think if i made another one i’d either do bias around the edge like you said, or give it a full lining with the same pattern pieces as the bodice (as then i wouldn’t get the line where the facing finishes)

20 April

  • Jagg_large

    Apr 20, 2009, 04.19 PMby lizah

    oh Thank you so much for your nice comment! makes me very happy:)

11 April

  • 66964_565124316844850_689175367_n_large

    Apr 11, 2009, 10.09 AMby alice-grant

    I love the frabic its so warm, I may make some pj’s or something out of them. Love your bag! Thanks for the nice comment! :)

22 March

  • Me_large

    Mar 22, 2009, 08.13 AMby djoule

    Hi Aibby ! Thanks a lot for the nice comment on my coffe date dress ! Zippers aren’t so difficult, you should give it a try !

24 January

  • Aa10d0716b14b36f01d874f39e6b2d7fbc63b0f4_large

    Jan 24, 2009, 07.04 AMby joyaumcreative

    Thank you very much for your comment on my “drawstring bag”. You really should try one yourself – it is easy and fun!

    Many Greetings from Spain, JOYaum