Polyester Dress 4|Burda Easy 4/2021


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  • Polyester Dress 4|Burda Easy 4/2021
  • Difficulty : *
  • Sizes : 34 , 36 , 38 , 40 , 42 , 44
  • Recommended Fabrics : Lightweight, softly draping dress fabrics
A: You’ll see colourful tie dye fabrics everywhere this summer. How uplifting! A short tie dye dress like this not only looks phenomenal, but also ensures instant holiday vibes. B: The current trend variant of the slip dress is somewhat shorter and made from snakeskin-look fabric. The look becomes super casual when you wear a white t-shirt underneath! C: For the past few summers, slip dresses have been some of our favourite dresses. No wonder, they are simple, versatile and comfortable, yet feminine. This knee-length model is (quickly) sewn from elegant silk.
Length from waist - A: 45 cm (17 3/4 in), B: 55 cm (21 3/4 in), C: 65 cm (25 3/8...
Recommanded Fabrics
Lightweight, softly draping dress fabrics
Vilene G 785
Original Fabric
A: Polyester crepe, B: Woven viscose, C: Silk crepe
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