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BurdaStyle Digital Magazine Winter 2014 Issue #2014W



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BurdaStyle magazine’s very first US edition is full of inspiring trends, DIY projects, and sewing tips and how-to’s. Plus, beautiful fashion spreads show off the magazine’s 40 included BurdaStyle patterns fit for any occasion. This issue includes:

  • A sewing machine and serger combo giveaway
  • New and hot sewing products
  • A 101 for working with BurdaStyle patterns
  • An introduction to sergers
  • Runway looks you can DIY
  • 10 tips for sewing the perfect buttonhole
  • The season’s top fashion trends: Bright colors, graphic lines, black & white, glittery holiday wear, and earthy textures

Dive into the premier US edition of the world’s leading sewing magazine, featuring unique BurdaStyle designs, 40 fashion sewing patterns, and DIY projects inspired by the runway.

We’ve got a couple of ways for you to access the magazine:

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle US online using your credit card click here..

  • To download the digital version of the current Winter 2014 issue of BurdaStyle US magazine, click here..

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle’s US edition via mail or phone:

    Call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Or send a check in US Funds payable to BurdaStyle to:

    PO Box 433289
    Palm Coast, FL 32143

    Include your full name, postal address and email address.

    Get 4 issues for only $29.99, 50% off the cover price!
    Canada: Add $9 postage. Other countries: add $20 postage.

  • For international issues of BurdaStyle magazine, click here.

  • Do you have questions or changes to be made to your subscription? Contact Subscriber Services:

    Call toll free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Email burdastyle@emailcustomerservice.com

    You may also sign into your subscription account online to:
    •make a payment
    •renew your subscription
    •change your address
    •update your email address

    Just log in at: https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/07644/apps/LOGINSSO

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    36 Comments Sign in to add a post

    • Missing

      Apr 30, 2014, 04.51 AMby kazuneko78d

      Hi, I’m planning to buy this mag but i wanted to know if it actually contains the actual digital pattern pieces as well. Can anybody re-assure me?

    • Missing

      Mar 20, 2014, 10.36 AMby violetgypsie

      I’m in Canada. Why can’t I subscribe through InterWeave for a year with a bonus issue using my credit card?

    • Missing

      Mar 10, 2014, 02.04 AMby TraceTrace

      This issue was disappointing. The cover was misleading, and it’s pretty hard to believe that wasn’t deliberate.

    • Missing

      Feb 4, 2014, 09.29 AMby somervj

      When is the next issue released?

    • Missing

      Jan 23, 2014, 10.30 PMby Jacqueline Clarissa Wachell

      I thought I was buying the subscription, but only received the digital magazine. Love it. But how do I get the subscription in Canada?

    • Missing

      Jan 22, 2014, 09.19 PMby Debbo

      I purchased a years subscription months ago, still no magazine! Can you help? I’m really eager to see the Winter edition.

    • Missing

      Dec 11, 2013, 03.29 AMby Erin Larsen

      What App on my Ipad works to read this magazine? Everything I’ve tried it with crashes (GoodReader, Dropbox, Kindle, Adode Reader, Google Drive, iBooks). I’m running out of ideas and I don’t want to sit on my computer reading this its not the same.

      1 Reply
      • Letterbicon_large

        Jan 8, 2014, 05.28 AMby burdastyle

        You may need to update your Adobe Reader App. To do this, go to the App Store and download the Adobe Reader App.

        After you have done so, return to the Download Lite App and go to Files at the bottom of the App. Then, click on the blue arrow next to the document you have downloaded. Make sure to open in Adobe Reader.

    • Photo_1_large

      Nov 24, 2013, 02.27 AMby synthetase

      I recently received my print copy of the magazine. Although there are a lot of patterns that have been on the international version of the mag, it is printed on higher quality paper, especially the pattern inserts. The lines are much more clear in the US version, and the paper seems to be of much better quality. All the ads annoy me, but I guess thats to be expected in any US mag. I do like the idea of getting digital pattern downloads with my mag, because tracing them is incredibly time consuming, and I’m not going buy them at 6 bucks a pop. It’d be great if we could download all of them. I hope to see more original content in the future, but even if we continue to see a lot of patterns pulled from the international version, which I also subscribe to, it’s worth it to subscribe just for the digital downloads and better instructions.

      As a side note: I sent them a check via my bank. I wasn’t about to haul out a check and stamp to subscribe to a mag in 2013. You guys seriously need to make it possible to order over the internet .

      1 Reply
    • Photo_1_large

      Nov 24, 2013, 02.11 AMby synthetase

      To anyone trying to open PDFs on Macs or iPads, Macs have a built in PDF viewer called Preview. iBooks, which you should download if you haven’t already, will open PDFs on an iPad. You can sync PDFs to your iPad via iTunes or. iBooks if you are running 10.9 Mavericks. It is not a licensing issue with Adobe, and the only reason it wouldn’t open is if Burda or FW enabled Adobe DRM, which requires Adobe Digital Editions. I don’t believe they have done so because I don’t see any disclaimers indicating that you need it.

    • Missing

      Nov 19, 2013, 01.59 PMby Dual45

      Having problems tracing out the 145 skirt, the sheets D1 and D2 don’t have all the pieces. Help!

    • Missing

      Nov 15, 2013, 07.12 PMby caru

      Please, can you include more information about the digital copy? I read the magazine is coming with 40 patterns but I checked the Patterns to Download and are less than 40. I’m still not decide if I buy the magazine or the digital copy. There is some link where I can see which patterns are included in the magazine. Thanks

    • Missing

      Nov 13, 2013, 12.00 AMby davbro

      i buy my burda patterns from the store in holland but they dont have english sewing instructions how can i download them

    • Missing

      Nov 8, 2013, 03.23 AMby Niki Aiman

      Wondering the best way to reuse the pattern insert for the MANY patterns that are printed on it. What is the best way to do this where I am not cutting across lines I might need for OTHER patters, as there are quite a few?

      1 Reply
      • Avatar_large

        Nov 8, 2013, 10.27 PMby tothepointe

        Most people trace the patterns off onto tissue paper or tracing paper

    • B4d995addbb2221f3f7c2221d05c858f6dd2ff37_large

      Nov 8, 2013, 01.28 AMby cindyjbee

      Burda, please help those of us that have purchased the magazine, but are unable to download it. Thank you

    • Missing

      Nov 7, 2013, 11.51 PMby Myste77

      How do you download the free copy of the US BURDA Magazine? I have not been able to get anything except a page error message saying that the page does not exist and I do have PDF (Adobe) on my computer.

      1 Reply
      • Avatar_large

        Nov 8, 2013, 10.27 PMby tothepointe

        I don’t think it’s free.

    • Top1_large

      Nov 7, 2013, 01.26 PMby cweetgal

      Is it possible to subscribe it on yearly basis for the digital magazine ? Maybe at a reduced price ?

    • Top1_large

      Nov 7, 2013, 01.09 PMby cweetgal

      Love the idea of digital download . Please continue this :) Waiting for the preview of this issue.

    • Image_large

      Nov 6, 2013, 12.22 AMby Jana Duplantis

      I put the Burdastyle Digital Magazine in my cart and paid for it but cannot figure out how to download to read it. I’m usually pretty good with computer stuff but this one has me stumped! I’m using an iPad – is that the problem?

      6 Replies
      • B4d995addbb2221f3f7c2221d05c858f6dd2ff37_large

        Nov 7, 2013, 12.40 PMby cindyjbee

        Hi Jana, I’m having the same problem. I was wondering if you’ve found the answer? Cindyjbee

      • Missing

        Nov 7, 2013, 01.13 PMby Rhonda Smith

        You will have to install Adobe Acrobat it is a free program. This magazine is a PDF file which Adobe can open. Hope this helps.

      • Image_large

        Nov 7, 2013, 03.26 PMby Jana Duplantis

        Well I guess that’s the answer – iPad cannot use Adobe. Usually when I get a pdf file on my iPad it asked me what I want to use to open it and I use an app called Documents but this magazine doesn’t do anything but keep trying to load. Last night decided to open on my Mac and was successful. Mac does use adobe but I guess Apple & Adobe people never reached an agreement.

      • B4d995addbb2221f3f7c2221d05c858f6dd2ff37_large

        Nov 7, 2013, 05.50 PMby cindyjbee

        I have Adobe, I’ve tried on my Macbook air and Mac desktop. I’ve tried Firefox and Safari. I can Access the patten page(I don’t have codes) I can’t download the magazine. I did purchase it. I must be missing something.

      • Missing

        Nov 19, 2013, 05.45 PMby Dual45

        For IPad, get the App GoodReader, it opens and stores PDF files

      • Photo_1_large

        Nov 24, 2013, 02.15 AMby synthetase

        To anyone trying to open PDFs on Macs or iPads, Macs have a built in PDF viewer called Preview. iBooks, which you should download if you haven’t already, will open PDFs on an iPad. You can sync PDFs to your iPad via iTunes or. iBooks if you are running 10.9 Mavericks. It is not a licensing issue with Adobe, and the only reason it wouldn’t open is if Burda or FW enabled Adobe DRM, which requires Adobe Digital Editions. I don’t believe they have done so because I don’t see any disclaimers indicating that you need it.

    • B4d995addbb2221f3f7c2221d05c858f6dd2ff37_large

      Nov 5, 2013, 05.55 PMby cindyjbee

      I purchased it but I can’t download the magazine or patterns. Please help!

      1 Reply
      • Photo_1_large

        Nov 24, 2013, 02.19 AMby synthetase

        Did you ever find your Pattern Library? I haven’t purchased the digital edition of the mag, but given they are using the same system they use for the patterns, that’s likely where you’ll find the download. It’s a rather horrible UI choice on their part, but to access your library, you have to click on the link in the upper right that says wall, then choose the Pattern Library tab on the right below your profile photo and name.

    • Missing

      Nov 5, 2013, 05.54 AMby ggs2103

      Will it be possible to subscribe to the digital version at a discount? I’m located in Denmark, and I bought my first issue of Burda a couple of months ago, but as an American, and especially as a beginner to sewing, Burda in Danish is overwhelming. I would prefer a physical subscription, especially one in English, but that’s going to have to wait since sending a check in US funds is rather inconvenient.

      Also, since a lot of specific American fabrics and notions are unavailable in Europe, would there be a method of available of looking up what the original fabric and notion suggestions are? I assume the patterns will be labeled with some sort of official reference number so that I’d be able to look patterns up at the Burda website so I’d be able to get that information that way.

    • Avatar_large

      Nov 4, 2013, 06.29 AMby tothepointe

      Are there any plus size patterns?

      3 Replies
    • Mccalls2313_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 05.07 PMby patternjunkie

      Is there a link to subscribe to the magazine instead of downloading it? Thanks!

    • Missing

      Nov 2, 2013, 02.48 PMby Elizabeth Coleman

      Hi, great magazine! Having so much fun with it. This code you speak of for downloading patterns, where can it be found? I can’t seem to find it in the magazine. Thanks! Beth

    • Missing

      Nov 2, 2013, 07.02 AMby HIlary22

      Where in Melbourne Australia can I purchase a copy?

    • Missing

      Nov 1, 2013, 09.04 PMby anastasi5

      $15?! Are you kidding? I can get the International version for half that! What’s the point of an American version for twice the price and 25% of the frequency? How can I see the German previews again?

    • Missing

      Nov 1, 2013, 04.22 PMby dmattson

      I’m glad this magazine is coming to the US so more sewers can become familiar with it, altho’ I will probably continue to buy the “International” version at my local fabric store.

      I saw a Burdastyle agenda/calendar on the German website and I wish there was a way to buy one, I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Maybe someday there will be a US version.

    • Missing

      Nov 1, 2013, 02.55 PMby fr8rain

      download doesn’t work

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Nov 1, 2013, 03.25 PMby Denise Wild

        To download the digital version, click “Add to cart” and then check-out. Unfortunately the “Instructions PDF: Click to download” link, which you may be referring to, is something we can’t remove from the site. That particular link doesn’t have the digital magazine. You have to add it to your cart.

        Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking to do!

    • Missing

      Oct 29, 2013, 12.39 PMby sunbinder

      Hi I can not download the patterns from the magazine. I found the patterns used there Promo code BSWIN2014. an error came up. So please tell me how to use the magazine. I do have older Burda and the patterns from this magazine is found in the older version. However it would be nice just to download on road map instead of tracing from the magazine. anyways HELP! dale

      3 Replies
      • 20121006_144547_large

        Oct 29, 2013, 02.09 PMby Lisa Albaladejo

        I am in the same boat and posted something several days ago plus sent an email to them for help but have received no replies yet. The link that is given in the magazine is burdastyle.com/patterndownloads/winter2014 but that link doesn’t work. Love the magazine but feel jipped that I can’t seem to locate the patterns that are supposed to be available. :( Lisa

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Nov 1, 2013, 03.39 PMby Denise Wild

        Hi Dale! The code you’re entering is incorrect. I’ll send it to you by private message.

        @Lisa, the link needs to be: http://www.burdastyle.com/PatternDownloads/Winter2014 (with a capital “P”, “D”, and “W”)

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Nov 1, 2013, 03.40 PMby Denise Wild

        Hi Dale! The code you’re entering is incorrect. I’ll send it to you by private message.

        @Lisa, the link needs to be: http://www.burdastyle.com/PatternDownloads/Winter2014 (with a capital “P”, “D”, and “W”)

    • Missing

      Oct 28, 2013, 03.01 PMby razhielee

      This is great… but, how do I know exactly which patterns are included? I don’t subscribe to Burda, but (lucky me) I can flip through them at the bookstore, so I choose which issues I buy based on the selection of patterns. I can only glean a few things from this preview. Usually the bloggers will help me out, but I’m having trouble finding previews of this one… I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Nov 1, 2013, 03.28 PMby Denise Wild

        I’ll be posting a complete preview of the magazine next Friday, so you’ll be able to see the patterns there. :)

    • Avatar_large

      Oct 27, 2013, 07.24 PMby tothepointe

      A step in a positive direction.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Nov 1, 2013, 03.44 PMby Denise Wild

        So glad you’re pleased! Please keep letting us know what you like and what you want! :)

      • This is a question
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