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BurdaStyle Magazine 2014 Spring Digital Issue #2014S



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BurdaStyle’s spring issue is just as spectacular as the premier. Dedicated to fabric, the US edition spring issue highlights tools, tricks, techniques, and tips all relating to fabric for the home sewer. As always, BurdaStyle features unique Burda designs, 20 full-size fashion pattern inserts, plus runway inspiration, detailed sewing how-tos, and trend pages.

We’ve got a couple of ways for you to access the magazine:

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle US online using your credit card click here..

  • To download the digital version of the current Winter 2014 issue of BurdaStyle US magazine, click here..

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle’s US edition via mail or phone:

    Call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Or send a check in US Funds payable to BurdaStyle to:

    PO Box 433289
    Palm Coast, FL 32143

    Include your full name, postal address and email address.

    Get 4 issues for only $29.99, 50% off the cover price!
    Canada: Add $9 postage. Other countries: add $20 postage.

  • For international issues of BurdaStyle magazine, click here.

  • Do you have questions or changes to be made to your subscription? Contact Subscriber Services:

    Call toll free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Email burdastyle@emailcustomerservice.com

    You may also sign into your subscription account online to:
    •make a payment
    •renew your subscription
    •change your address
    •update your email address

    Just log in at: https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/07644/apps/LOGINSSO

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    This pattern includes seam allowance

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    33 Comments Sign in to add a post

    • Missing

      Feb 18, 2015, 09.59 PMby mkhansen

      I wish I had read the notes here before takes out a subscription. I find out that I have to pay for the designs shown in the magazine but not printed on the pull out sheets. I wouldn’t have spent the money on the magazine. I would have just gone to the site and downloaded the one pattern. I feel cheated.

    • Test_-_copy_large

      Jun 3, 2014, 07.27 PMby sala22

      I am very upset about discovering that not all the digital patterns are free (even though they were in the first issue). If it was some sort of promotion on the first issue, Burdastyle should have made that clear. I will not be renewing my subscription again.

    • 1e0512bfef060a5305ef0ed6561e45463beccab6_large

      Apr 15, 2014, 12.49 PMby mirandamcd

      Why does this mag have the same cover as a previous one? Very confusing and lazy imho!

    • Im002358_large

      Apr 6, 2014, 09.10 PMby gibbylet

      Oh wow… I’ve subscribed to Burda before and was so excited about this US version. I can’t believe we get shafted on the patterns like this.

      I certainly wont be resubscribing if this is the model going to be followed. I also feel misled, it should’ve been clearly stated only half of the patterns were included in our subscriptions.

    • Missing

      Mar 26, 2014, 11.22 PMby Decohen2

      I have to say I’m pretty upset about this digital download situation as well. I signed up for a full subscription after the winter issue came out. I was really excited to have access to all of the patterns in the issue. Now all of a sudden in the Spring issue – only some of the patterns are available for free. Unfortunately for me I already signed up for a subscription after I believe I was a bit misled. Please change this burda US!! Don’t alienate your customers from the get go.

    • 1-day_31_mmm_2017_009_4_large

      Mar 25, 2014, 03.04 AMby lisascarolina

      I also bought the Spring 2014 issue lured into thinking by the cover, editor’s notes and even patterns instructions sheet that all the patterns were free, just a difference by having an insert sheet, vs. downloadable patterns. I even wrote a post on my blog describing as such. How extremely disappointing to find out more than half of the patterns featured in the magazine are not free at all. I feel, as your consumer, I have been deliberately mislead. As excited as I was to purchase the Spring 2014 magazine, I am profoundly disappointed to realize this deception.

    • Sci_large

      Mar 24, 2014, 04.34 AMby sjmartin

      Here is how the BURDASTYLE Spring issue was advertised: See for yourself here: http://bit.ly/1dFrWxV (BurdaStyle.com)

      Here is the text of the email I received from Newsletter@burdastyle.com on Feb 21, 2014 promoting the Spring issue. Too bad I can’t include all the large, bold fonts here Burda uses for effect, but note these two particular statements: "40+ Full Size Patterns to Welcome a New Season! " and “..you’ll find the latest products..plus runway inspirations and 43 original BurdaStyle designs!” (Quoted from Denise Wild, Editorial Director, BurdaStyle US. Wouldn’t you say that sounds rather official?

      Now tell me how that can be interpreted any other way than ‘all patterns included’. Here is the text of the email:

      For People Who Sew

      40+ Full Size Patterns to Welcome a New Season!

      BUY NOW BurdaStyle Spring 2014

      “Spring’s the season for warm thoughts, new beginnings, and a focus on what matters. Here at BurdaStyle, it’s sewing that brings us joy and makes us giddy, and in this issue, fabric gets top priority! If you’re a sewer, chances are you have a strong love affair with fabric. The colors, the prints, the feel, the drape. We’re dedicating this entire issue to fabric, the foundation of sewing and fashion. In your hands, you’ll find the latest products with a fabric focus, a guide to choosing, buying, and caring for fabric, a sewing machine cheat-sheet for working with various fabrics, plus runway inspirations and 43 original BurdaStyle designs!” – Denise Wild, Editorial Director, BurdaStyle US

      BurdaStyle Spring 2014 $14.99 ………………….. or view it online here: http://bit.ly/1dFrWxV

      Now, Do what’s right, BurdaStyle US, and fix it for your readers.

    • Fabled_treasures_icon_large

      Mar 21, 2014, 01.32 PMby cascadia

      Well, I for one won’t be buying this version of the magazine again. Not until it includes FREE downloads like the regular version does. Totally ridiculous to make us pay for half the patterns shown in the magazine. Its like an expensive catalog with some freebies. Total bait and switch tactic since the first issue had free download codes. I hope BurdaStyle realizes it’s going to lose a ton of customers if they continue pulling this crap. I’m glad i didn’t subscribe or i would be out even more money for patterns that have already been released in precious magazines.

    • 10-small_large

      Mar 20, 2014, 03.01 PMby kathhhhhy

      I have been a Burda fan for some years, and still am. I live in the US and have always wanted to have easy access to the English translated versions (i.e. in big box stores like Joanns, etc). Then you guys released a US version! But it has been such a disappointment overall. It feel like you’ve really missed the mark here. I feel like the folks who this version caters to are not going to become invested in the Burda brand… it’s a taste test (a somewhat sour one, as many folks seem to feel) and they are quickly disappointed by so many things (old patterns we already have, paying many$$$ extra just to get the patterns actually int the magazine), then they will just move on. The US has a massive sewing market, it’s too bad Burda isn’t taking the opportunity to really clench it. Really… REALLY what I feel Burda needed to do was just put the already existing monthly English translated version on our stores shelves INSTEAD of doing this new US version that’s not working out. Yes, it would be nice to have a better translated version, actually translated by native US speakers and vocabulary that reflects our culture more closely, but I’d MUCH MUCH rather have a (sometimes silly :) British translation with the current, new patterns that Europe has access to. Burda has now created a poor reputation for the US market… not the best marketing move.

      But please know I am still a fan, am a subscriber to the monthly English translated version, but will never buy the US version in the state that it’s in. But I am curious to see where this version goes in time. I only wish the very best of luck to you guys, I am routing for you!!! :)

      1 Reply
      • Anne_large

        Mar 25, 2014, 06.15 PMby beenta

        The international Burda magazine will not translate to the US version that many of the readers here and places like PatternReview want.To keep the original designs and then expand on the instructions as well as ill conceived local content will need a 200 page magazine that will be too expensive to sell.

        Burda magazines has a lot to offer , but the incessant whining about the styles, fashion spread, translation , and sewing instructions led to the ill judged ’American" version
        Look up Verena knitting magazine and see what happened when they tried to produce “US” version

    • Missing

      Mar 18, 2014, 07.23 PMby jltait

      Has anyone else noticed that this is the same collection they released in the April 2013 UK edition? I was so confused when I saw this advertised on Interweave last month that I went back to my eBay history and saw that I’d bought it last fall. It’s like this one: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Burda-Style-pattern-magazine-4-2013-/281176024422?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item417765a566&_uhb=1

      I don’t know, maybe there are different patterns – it’s impossible to tell from this web site.

    • Missing

      Mar 18, 2014, 02.44 AMby Jessica Kern Jaworski

      I completely agree with so many posts here – I am very DISAPPOINTED in Burda’s bait-and-switch tactics that they used to get subscribers. After seeing the winter issue I decided to subscribe based mainly on the downloadable patterns. Nowhere in the magazine was it clear (or stated at all?) that these downloads were free only for the first issue. Sleazy tactic. Totally misleading. Wasted time trying to figure out how to get the downloadable patterns that I thought were free because of the last issue. Lost another customer over the way this was done. I will only consider coming back if Burda fixes this wide-spread disappointment by either giving subscribers free downloadable patterns from this issue or making future issues inline with the Winter 2014 issue (downloads included with subscription price). Feels like a big scam – not cool.

      1 Reply
      • Fabled_treasures_icon_large

        Mar 21, 2014, 01.24 PMby cascadia

        I, too, was shocked to find out we have to pay for the extra patterns. That’s not the case with the regular Burda magazine, so why price gouge us here? I don’t understand the motivation or plan they have for this release. I paid $15 for it, too… $2 more when I bought it through the interweave store online, which pisses me off. A magazine should be a set price. Came here to find out what was up with having to pay for the other patterns shown and here is the download for less money. What is that about?

    • Sci_large

      Mar 13, 2014, 03.21 AMby sjmartin

      I’m checking in with the same dissatisfaction and disgust as the others here. I am also furious about having wasted several hours of my time trying to find out what the problem was with the downloads not coming up free. and then BurdaStyle not being forthright, and not addressing the change at all not replying to forum posts where others were puzzling with the same! Bad, bad, bad!!! Thanks for misleading us and wasting our time. This isn’t the only forum where the fur is flying about this. It has just taken a few weeks for readers to figure out what has happened with the SPRING issue. Any comments from the moderator?

    • Missing

      Mar 11, 2014, 01.48 PMby Atalanta7

      Exceptionally disappointed at the ‘bait and switch’ approach here; you have an excellent opportunity to develop a loyal following in the US, which will only be damaged by doing this. Seems pointless not having to cover the (probably very minimal) cost per digital pattern download, if you have no subscription revenues.

    • Missing

      Mar 8, 2014, 03.35 AMby Shannon Taylor-Taliman

      the one pattern i wanted is not included in this magazine as a free download, DISAPPOINTED!! The first magazine was great with all the patterns included or as a free download. Sad! Debating whether i should cancel my subscription?

    • Photo_dec_18_12_14_23_pm_large

      Mar 6, 2014, 11.43 PMby MrsCharisma

      Add me to the list of people who will be promptly Unsubscribing from this magazine. It would cost over $125 to get the content featured IN ADDITION to subscription costs.

      I can go and buy the three issues that these patterns are all rehashed from. So unbelievably disappointed. Had a new customer and poof now you’ve lost me.

    • B9d2cca99cbd44d16d3e10715346ddb1c53c5e69_large

      Mar 6, 2014, 04.17 PMby kallers

      Very disappointing that I now have to pay to get the patterns from a magazine that I already bought a subscription for (and in my subscription were advertised). I’ll be canceling. Burdastyle, yet again, pulls it’s usual bait-and-switch BS.

    • Missing

      Mar 5, 2014, 10.12 PMby zahraburda

      This is unbelievable! To pay for the patterns separately! WHY did I pay for the subscription then?? To get advertisements delivered to my door?? because that’s what the magazine is. NO THANKS!!

      I almost bought my mother the subscription too. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    • Missing

      Mar 5, 2014, 11.28 AMby Dmsmith

      Love your magazine. I waited anxiously for it to hit the stands. More than 3 trips to joann. Imagine my disappointment when the 23 additional styles to download are really a front cover misrepresentation. Clearly this is a bait and switch tactic as I don’t believe there was anything in the first issue to indicate that was a premier offer only. Needless to say I will not purchase magazine in future. Which is a shame. It could have been a long term quarterly love affair to remember!

    • 2004_toni_large

      Mar 5, 2014, 12.51 AMby ndimi

      I purchased the digital edition with huge excitement. At nearly twice the price of the price of the print magazine, I expected new designs. It is merely a new format for old patterns from the print magazine. As a print subscriber for the past few years, I already have all of these.

      Nowhere in the description does it tell you that these are old patterns. It doesn’t tell you that they’re new ones either, I guess, so the fault is mine for assuming.

      What a letdown! I feel like I’ve been had, and I’ve been a loyal follower for years.

      Badly done, BurdaStyle. Two thumbs down!

    • Missing

      Mar 4, 2014, 02.06 AMby Nikkee Huerta

      My credit card was charged in January, I received no confirmation or anything. Will I receive this issue or should I pick up a copy? I’ve emailed the above listed address several times and have received no responses.

      2 Replies
      • March_5_2014_large

        Mar 5, 2014, 06.21 PMby Tatiana Laremore

        I have received my copy of Winter 2014 issue in mail in the second week of January after my credit card was charged in beg. December (also no communication from Burda as to delivery schedule or anything). Haven’t gotten the Spring issue yet either. All magazines I subscribe to deliver a current month issues at least 2 weeks in advance. Sometimes I get an August issue in June. Not Burda. Weird.
        ETA: I got my magazine on March 6, 10 days after it ‘hit the news stands’, there is very little that I haven’t seen on the BurdaStyle website. I will not subscribe to this magazine next year.

      • Missing

        Mar 7, 2014, 08.18 PMby Nikkee Huerta

        Received march 6. Very disappointed! I want a bunch of the patterns not included…. It’s ridiculous that they aren’t included.

        Add me to the list of people who won’t be resubscribing… Very bad move on your part Burda!

    • 2009portrait003_large

      Feb 27, 2014, 02.43 AMby dcollins45

      WARNING! DOES NOT include the downloadable patterns! Several of us have checked with BurdaStyle now and the downloadable patterns are not included with the digital version of the magazine even though the cover clearly says “+23 more styles to download”. The magazine only has updated instructions to the downloable patterns and you still have to pay to buy each pattern with no discount. I have no idea whether the hard copy includes the downloadable patterns. If you find out, please let us know.

      1 Reply
      • Missing

        Mar 7, 2014, 10.14 PMby calendar

        The hard copy does not include downloadable patterns – it has an paper insert with 20 patterns. The magazine has photos and instructions for downloadable patterns that we pay separately for by going online. Frankly, I can’t understand the reasoning for having pictures and instructions for patterns that are not included…

    • 018_large

      Feb 26, 2014, 04.23 PMby janehiatt

      Serioulsy, WTF? I am so disappointed. Why include the patterns in the magazine? Just to taunt us? I would like a refund. Not cool Burda.

    • Missing

      Feb 25, 2014, 06.17 PMby mrsmcginty

      I am really disappointed that the downloadable patterns are not part of the issue. Why did you put them on the cover and include directions if they are not part of the content? It makes no sense, and it makes it look like there was a last minute decision to sell the additional content instead of provide it with the magazine. I personally don’t like sewing off patterns that include seam allowance, so the patterns in the insert are not my first choice. I would not have bought this if I had known how much it differed from the last issue….very lame. Any way I can get my money back?

      2 Replies
      • Missing

        Feb 28, 2014, 12.50 PMby mrsmcginty

        THANK YOU Burda. Still disappointed but I appreciate the refund! I will continue to purchase downloadable patterns.

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 28, 2014, 07.48 PMby Denise Wild

        I’m glad to hear everything was sorted out and I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed. Thank you for your continued support!

    • Missing

      Feb 24, 2014, 03.29 PMby veronika14

      I am also having the same issue – subscribed on December 24th and credit card was charged but have not received anything as of yet – no magazine, no communication on when it will start, etc.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 27, 2014, 04.49 PMby Denise Wild

        Hi there! BurdaStyle US magazine is quarterly, and our spring issue has just hit the stands. Based on when you subscribed, I believe this spring issue will be the first at your door. You can check on the status of your magazine by contacting our subscription services at: listdept@fwmedia.com, 866.949.1646.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Burst_angel_infinity-2_large

      Feb 24, 2014, 08.06 AMby talley

      I have contacted customer support and they say that the patterns you appear to need codes for are not free and there will be no codes. The patterns you will receive in this magazine are as follows:

      Balloon Top/Draped Tank http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/draped-tank-042013 Biker Jackethttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/biker-jacket-032013 Caprishttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/capris-042013 Cowl Tophttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/cowl-top-032013 Flower Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/flower-dress-062013 Flowery Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/flowery-dress-032013 Folk Skirthttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/folk-skirt-032013 Lace Shortshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/lace-shorts-042013 Pearl Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/pearl-dress-042013 Pleated Skirthttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/pleated-skirt-plus-size-062013 Pocket Trousershttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/pocket-trousers-062013 Princess Panel Tophttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/princess-panel-top-062013 Raglan Tunichttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/raglan-tunic-042013 Satin Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/satin-dress-042013 Slit Sleeve Blousehttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/slit-sleeve-blouse-plus-size-062013 Sweetheart Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/sweetheart-dress-042013 Trapezoid Skirthttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/trapezoid-skirt-062013 V-Neck Dresshttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/v-neck-dress-plus-size-062013 Yoked Tunichttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/yoked-tunic-plus-size-062013

      Self Draft Pattern: Flared Skirthttp://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/flared-skirt-042013

      Hope this helps.

      2 Replies
      • Missing

        Mar 4, 2014, 04.24 PMby arjedre

        Thanks, talley – Super helpful!!!

      • Missing

        Mar 6, 2014, 10.07 PMby Evelyn Hughes

        fantastic – thanks so much for posting these URLs. We all want to know what we would be buying, dont we?

    • Dscf1220_large

      Feb 21, 2014, 11.28 PMby unahowe

      I see someone has the same issue as I do about: I order the Burda Style Magazine in December and my check was cashed also. i am so anxious to get it in the mail. Thank you for your help. UNA

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 27, 2014, 04.47 PMby Denise Wild

        Hi Una!

        We’re thrilled to hear you’re excited about receiving the magazine. To track the status of your subscription, you can reach out to our subscription services department at: listdept@fwmedia.com, 866.949.1646.

        Have a lovely day!

    • Missing

      Feb 21, 2014, 03.29 AMby Lily Anne Harkom

      Agree with the others, is there going to be a code for the downloadable patterns from the magazine, as the links only take me to where I have to pay for them and I was under the impression that they were included in the issue. I got the patterns sheets fine, just want to also get the downloadable content as well.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 27, 2014, 04.45 PMby Denise Wild

        Hi Lalita,

        We included free downloads as part of our premier launch issue (our Winter 2014 issue of the magazine). The magazine now continues to have full-size inserts for 20 of the patterns within the magazine, and the remaining patterns are available as paid downloads here on BurdaStyle.com. For each garment in the magazine, we’ve also fleshed-out and detailed the instructions even more (including those that can be downloaded on the website).

        Let me know if you have any further questions!

    • 018_large

      Feb 19, 2014, 07.08 PMby janehiatt

      I haven’t been able to find a code or anything for the downloadable patterns either. What’s the deal? The patterns in the Winter issue were so easy to get! Am I missing something?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 27, 2014, 04.40 PMby Denise Wild

        You’ll find the link for each of the downloadable patterns directly under the individual pattern number within the Project Instruction pages. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • 2009portrait003_large

      Feb 18, 2014, 11.57 PMby dcollins45

      I figured out how to get the pattern inserts. There’s a link called “Print Pattern at Home” in your Pattern Library. The “Get Instructions” link only get’s you the magazine content.

      I still can’t get the downloadable patterns. The links in the magazine take me to the pages where you pay for the pattern. Is there a discount code to use at check-out that I just missed in reading through the issue? The Winter issue had one page where you could get all the downloadable patterns in one place.

    • Missing

      Feb 18, 2014, 11.32 PMby suec

      I purchased the last magazine and it downloaded fine with all pages and the pattern inserts. I have just purchased this copy and cannot see where the whole magazine is downloaded. just the pattern insert is available???? Whats going on?

      3 Replies
      • 2009portrait003_large

        Feb 18, 2014, 11.52 PMby dcollins45

        I figured this one out. You get the magazine by clicking “Get Instructions”. You get the pattern inserts by clicking “Print Pattern at Home”. I think when I bought it two days ago, the “Print Pattern” option wasn’t there, but it works now.

      • Missing

        Feb 19, 2014, 09.20 PMby suec

        I emailed Burda, and they fixed it…Thanks Burda

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Feb 21, 2014, 08.41 AMby Denise Wild

        Sorry about that! @suec and @dcollins45 are correct. We didn’t realize both files were not uploaded properly, but it has been fixed now. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

      • This is a question
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