General questions

What is Burda Style?

BurdaStyle is a place for people who sew or would like to learn. Our aim is to bring the traditional craft of sewing to a new generation of fashion designers, sewing hobbyists, DIYers and anyone looking to sew something. 

Please note:

- The use of this website is subject to our general terms and conditions

- The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section is for assistance only

How do I sign up for the Burda Style newsletter?

You can sign up for the Burda Style newsletter juste here!

How can I subscribe to Burda Style magazine?

Looking to get Burda Style magazine delivered right to your door every month? It will possible soon ! Stay tuned :)

How can I buy monthly Burda Style magazine?

Single-copy sale is not possible on our website, you can find Burda Style at Barns and Nobel, JoAnns Fabrics or at Joann stores.

How can I delete my account?

Please, contact us if you want to delete your account! Be sure before you make the request, that you have downloaded all your PDF models.

How can I search a specifical pattern?

- via our categories and filters

- via our search bar

For example, if you want to search for this pattern: Jersey T-shirt 128 | 01/19
- You can go to the Tops & T-shirts category, filter by year and month
- You can enter in the search bar 1280119 (pattern number + month + year without space)

how long it takes to get a response from customer service?

Some requests may take time to be treated and require a longer investigation, and others are easier to treat... But don't worry, you will already have a response!

Account and personal information

How do I register as a member?

Registration is free, quick and easy! Just click on the customer account pictogram and follow the instructions. You should get an email with a confirmation shortly after registering. If you do not, please check your Junk or Spam folder.

How can I change my contact details?

To change your personal details, it's very simple: go to your customer account and update your information.

How to create a whishlist?

Create your customer account and then easily add products to your Wishlist. To add products to your list, click on the little heart on the product pages. Click on the heart in the site menu to go to your whishlist.

How do I access my invoice?

Would you like to obtain a copy of your invoice? Nothing could be easier: login to your customer account, choose the order concerned and click on "Download my invoice".

PDF pattern

I have not received my pattern yet. What should I do?

You bought a PDF pattern, you will not receive it by mail. Login on your customer account - "My downloadable products” and download your pattern and your instructions!

I did not want to have a PDF pattern!

We can give you a refund under certain conditions:

- You have just placed your first order and you did not understand how a PDF pattern works

- You bought the same model twice

- You have not downloaded your model

Be sure to check these conditions before requesting a refund by using this contact form. Please note that we will verify each request. Don’t forget to specify your order number in your message.

I think that there is a defect on my pattern. What do I do?

Please contact us if you think that the model has a defect. Don’t forget to specify the model number and attach photos or screenshots.

How do I know if my PDF pattern is the right size?

You must check whether your printer settings have not changed the scale of the document while printing. To do this, start by printing only the sheet containing the test square and check that it measures10x10cm. Then, you can print all of the pages and assemble them. You can check our guide just here!

Do I need to add a seam allowance?

Seam allowances are not included in Burda Style patterns, but the instructions may indicate that seam allowances have been included. Be sure to read the model instructions.

How are Burda Style patterns sized?

Burda sizes are generally larger than "standard” sizes. Therefore, check your measurements and refer to the Burda size guide!

Can I sell Burda patterns which I have sewn myself?

Following our rules and what is mentioned in our magazine, our patterns can be copied only for private use and cannot be sold. On the other hand, if one of our readers buys a magazine or a pattern and has it made by a professional seamstress for his or her own use, then there is no problem.

How can I sell your patterns in my haberdashery?

For all commercial requests, please contact us directly via our contact formular.

Other request

Which are the payment method?

You can order via PayPal or credit card for the moment.