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Alright, now we’ve shared what kind of music we listen to while we sew and what we’ve been sewing. We have even shared what’s in our sewing rooms/space, etc… So now I was wondering do you eat or drink while you sew? If so, what?

Now don’t be shy, I want to hear it all!


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    Jul 27, 2011, 01.48 AMby sew4my3

    I almost always have a Diet Cola around and will cautiously bring it into my sewing room. However, I choose not to eat in it because I can use it as a diet tool to keep me from eating too much. LOL

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    Jul 27, 2011, 02.16 AMby caiti-cat

    Well, a good glass of wine is great if you are tense especially when quilting free motion style. It helps you relax. Notice I said “a”. Too many means your stitches will look like an ant race. A whopping huge mess. Always drink in moderation and besides- you don’t want to get tipsy and ruin your $2000 machine.

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 02.50 AMby 20beverly08

    A good plastic cup of ice water is a fresh squeezed lemon slice is good for me. I put it in a large coffee can with a knitted dishcloth in the bottom—to keep myself or the cat from tipping it over. I’ve tried diet colas and the aspartame gives me a really bad headache, so I prefer the Coca Cola Classic. However, the calories don’t agree with my weight/waist line, so I’m leaning towards the lemon ice water more and it really helps.

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 02.54 AMby 20beverly08

    I also like listening to my lyra slider by RCA. It was 1/4 the price of an ipod and is IBM compatible. It’s not as advanced as the ipods for all that fancy stuff, but it meets my needs for listening to a podcast or favorite relaxing music. It’s too small in memory capacity for downloading free audio ebooks. So, I use an old 80s tape recorder for audio cassettes or a portable CD player and earphones (if hubby and the cat are sleeping) and rent free audio books on tapes or CDs from the library. Saves a lot of money and keeps me from going to the fridge or wasting time in front of the TV—unless it’s a good sewing show or cooking show on PBS.

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    Jun 2, 2012, 05.21 AMby ToastyKnitsandSews

    Tea for me! I And (most) teas wash out all right so I don’t have to worry to much about spillage on fabric. I kind of want to get an electric kettle to live in my sewing space so I don’t have to go downstairs so often for refills.

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Jun 2, 2012, 08.42 AMby katexxxxxx

    Tea, followed by coffee… But NEVER at the machine or in the sewing room… No, not never, not after the almost disaster, when my beloved Husqvarna Lily 550 ended up sitting in half a pint of tea that was rapidly encroaching on the wedding gown! You have never seen two ladies of uncertain age teleport through a wall and back with a bundle of towels, have you? Well, I am here to say it really happened!

    I have used tea to make a permanent dye on silk, so no, not even tea!

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    Aug 29, 2012, 12.02 PMby attornywhy

    well i like to eat lots of fruits while i sew. and listen to dolly parton more than anything.

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    Sep 19, 2012, 09.05 PMby Lewis99

    I try to eat as healthy as I can when I am sewing as I tend to eat quite a lot without realizing. I like to snack on cut up vegetables like carrots and fruits like apples. They give me the energy that I need to focus and provide me with slow realizing energy that won’t see me crashing later on!

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