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I was at the sister-site this afternoon, when that blasted overlay screen showed up. I don’t know how I missed this the times I have read the information; the “burdafashion.com” site will be no longer. This concerns me. They have great, reasonably priced patterns, they are available to nearly every corner of the planet. I have never had a major payment, or download problem. Posts show up as soon as you hit “enter”. I really hope that their work ethic is the prevailing one. At any rate, if you want to download from the German or English pages, I’d do so now. Register before you try to download. It’s required. Cordially, Nehmah
Link below.
English page
German Pages
Cross fingers


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  • 990745-073_large

    Jun 7, 2010, 11.40 PMby nehmah

    That (August brouhaha) was one of the worst-managed change-overs. I could not login on either the old or new English-language site. I had no problem using the German-language site. That is the one I still use, with the additional advantage of an increase in my understanding of German words related to sewing/tailoring. Nehmah

  • Phpmb0nay_c1pm_large

    Jun 8, 2010, 01.33 AMby lucelu

    Truly a very poor and clumsy non- transition (as the content is not available at neither the new website nor the old) which has become par for the course from this company. Remember the December/Jan 2009 madness when this site changed from open source to commercial and had big promises regarding the website? I am due to renew in September my BurdaStyle and Burda Plus subscriptions which are not at all cheap. I am seriously on the fence in continuing. There are other pattern magazines. Honestly, why does this team constantly screw up their product? In this economy, blocking your consumers from your product is not a wise move.

  • Photoge01_large

    Jun 11, 2010, 03.35 PMby gedwoods

    On the plus side for BurdaStyle members, remember when the merge with BurdaFashion was first “pre-announced” – it was mentioned about the time of the changeover from the old site as something “in the works” – our main fears as BurdaStyle members were that our community’s voices would be “drowned out” in the merge with another major community which was viewed as more “mainstream” than BurdaStyle… Instead, at this point in time, it is the BurdaFashion community which feels it is being “drowned out”! What irony! Ideally, it would be nicest if nobody felt their identity and means of access were being lost! I agree with the suggestions that more of the site merge should have been completed before closing down the BurdaFashion site, but I think the team that managed the transition was doomed to make an unpopular decision in any case… a little later would have been better, but it would never be perfect! I think that mainstream business in general underestimates the turmoil caused by such changes online – they would think of it as a change of physical venue, no big deal…. Someone needs to write the book about how engaged online communities become, so that mainstream businesses that manage an online site with a community built around on become more prudent. Ultimately, Burda is a victim of its success – via both its former sites. The parent company has managed to create not one, but two distinct online communities, a thing many companies dream about creating, but then acts with a lack of understanding (and to a certain degree respect!) of the nature of these communities. It’s like they want online communities, but they want communities that are “well-behaved”, which is totally unrealistic, as the very nature of online communities is that they are less amenable to outside control.

    I also have to say that, although I recognize the point that not all BurdaFashion members want to “belong” to an online community – many just want to purchase goods, in fact, a group of buyers online IS a type of community, just a community of a different kind than the one that wants to “hang out together” … the fact even that they can post comments here indicates that they are part of a community! The net changes the nature of community, and the BurdaStyle/BurdaFashion situation highlights this fact.

    Sorry, a little speculation from the “academic” in me!

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    • Picture_2_large

      Jun 14, 2010, 04.01 PMby alden

      We love academic you! As we have said in other places all over the site, this transition wasn’t managed the way would would have ideally liked and i think everyone feels that. Right now we are in the process of moving over content and figure it all out. As always, thanks for being an outspoken member on the site!

  • Missing

    Jun 21, 2010, 05.35 PMby wigglywoo

    I’m not sure if this has been asked before. If it has I can’t find it, but, where are the free download patterns which were on Burda Fashion now? Have they been brought across? I was hoping to make some of the tunics as fancy dress for a girls weekend away next weekend and they’ve disappeared. There’s nothing similar on here and I really didn’t want to have to spend the time drafting for a simple tunic that was available for free.

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  • Missing

    Jun 22, 2010, 07.24 AMby wigglywoo

    That’s brilliant. Thanks very much! Now I can make the dresses I need without having to spend time drafting! Phew!

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