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Hi my name is Tracy, I’m a single mother with a 7 years old son. I met my Mr. Right and we’re planning to get married in October this year. But now I have some
issue about my wedding dress. My fiance wants me wear a long trailing wedding dress, but I don’t like this dress very much because I thought it’s not very suitable for a woman who already had a marriage before. But I don’t want to disappoint him too. Does anybody here have any experience can share with me? I would be very grateful.


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    Jun 25, 2014, 06.48 AMby arisaid

    Perhaps you could have it in a bright colour. I have a friend who had a bright red wedding dress and it looked fabulous!

  • Purplefan_large

    Jun 26, 2014, 11.51 AMby purplefan

    No life experience in such matter except to say when you cannot tell someone how you really feel about matters, you have lost your voice in the relationship. It seems you and Mr. Right have different ideas about wedding apparel. You may have to consider any cultural or religious contexts that may apply to your wedding day apparel but you should be able to say, “honey, the dress with a train is not me. I have a long dress in mind that is ….(off-white, cream, or other).” What you realize is that you have your own voice and you won’t be happy going along with something that does not suit you. Consider that this dress is to reflect a happy milestone in your life-you want to be happy, comfortable and enjoy the occasion while wearing it. Say as much to him.

    Hope Mr. Right is as open to discussing his outfit with you.;)

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    Jun 28, 2014, 09.11 PMby Aleja Solis

    Communication is the base of a healthy relationship, there is not need to have a competition to see whom has the biggest voice. However, there is always the right time and the right way to say things.

    The most important thing right now is, What style of dress you would like to wear for your wedding day in October? Out there are lots of fantastic long/short dresses and does not need to be super puffy, keep it simple and stylish!!!! perhaps consider some good Silk and trendy lace (crochet and so on).

    Good luck with everything! :-)

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Jul 1, 2014, 10.48 AMby katexxxxxx

    Wear what you like. If he’s dictating rather than diffidently expressing an idea he likes, run away. Fast. Mine told me he’d LIKE a white wedding in a church, but ultimately it was up to me. I hadn’t a clue, and it seemed like a fun idea at the time, so we did. 32 years later we are still going. He left the style totally up to me.

  • At_work_bw2_large

    Jul 1, 2014, 11.49 AMby Catina Ferraine

    I’ve been in the bridal business doing wedding gowns for over 25 years. This is a NEW beginning for both of you. What you did previously has absolutely nothing to do with this special day between you. I think treating this wedding like it’s somehow less special because it’s your second, would be kind of a downer. Be a blushing bride, make it even more grand and more special than the first- you have lot’s to celebrate! I’m not put off that he “told” you what he would like to see you wearing… the fact that he cares is also special. Besides, I have seen brides “make” their groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids wear some pretty hideous things! lol All you have to do here is wear a “a long trailing wedding dress”- you lucky girl!!

    -Catina Ferraine

  • Webarwinand_large

    Jul 1, 2014, 03.48 PMby ccmax

    My mom remarried and had 2 grown children and wore the most beautiful white gown and was a beautiful blushing bride at age 63! The rules have gone out the window so do what makes you and your soon to be husband happy! If someone doesn’t like it, tuff.

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