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The directions for putting the yoke and bodice together for a novice are not good. This is a costume. “With RIGHT sides together, pin yoke to bodice, matching centers, placing small dots at shoulder seams and spreading inner corners of bodice to fit yoke. (Bodice back extends 5/8” beyond finished edges of yoke.) Stitch, stitching along stitching lines at corners. Press seams toward bodice."

So, am I supposed to just stitch along the stitching line markings or all of it? Then, it looks like the wrong side will face out. Unless, I am supposed to stitch the bottom of the yoke and flip it up and pin RIGHT sides together, but then it seems I should have pressed the fabric to be able to pin RIGHT sides together. I have called Simplicity and missed their return call and still waiting after two hours. May just need to go to the fabric store and plead for help.


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    Oct 26, 2010, 10.40 AMby Caron Navickas

    Have you had any success yet? If not, which pattern view e.g. a, b, c etc are you making?

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    Jun 13, 2011, 05.10 AMby Tara Rice

    I am stuck at the same point with this pattern! I am making C, and it seems like the yoke won’t fit the bodice – there is too much bodice material.

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    Jun 13, 2011, 08.12 AMby katexxxxxx

    Inset yoke… Hmm… OK, this is what I would do:

    1. PIN the pattern for the yoke to the pattern for the bodice and check that no excess ease has been added and that they fit together. Correct any anomalies and then cut the garment.

    2. Using a SMALL stitch, stay-stitch the L shaped corners on the bodice pieces, just to the seam allowance side of the stitching line.

    3. Assemble the bodice to the point where the yoke is inserted. CLIP the L shaped corners of the bodice TO but NOT through the stay stitching.

    4. PIN the yoke to the bodice, right sides together, along the seam line, being very careful to match the corners of the bodice to the corners of the yoke. The clips in the seam allowances at the corners of the bodice will allow you to turn the corners neatly.

    5. STITCH the bodice to the yoke, pivoting at the corners: stop with the needle DOWN at the corner, lift the presser foot, pivot the work, ensuring any fold at the corner is moved behind the needle, put the presser foot down, and continue…

    6. Clean finish the seam allowances and press towards the yoke. You may need to trim the corners off the yoke sections at this stage.

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    Aug 3, 2013, 02.36 AMby tracey1970

    I am making this costume right now and am struggling with the exact same problem. I am making the size 7 (smallest size). I can totally see how they want me to pin the yoke to the bodice, and I can understand how they want me to sew it. One problem I see is that the diagram given in the pattern instructions shows a corner clip in two corners of the yoke that you are not told to make anywhere in the actual pattern instructions, so where/when they are to be made is a mystery (if they are to be made at all). Nothing in the written instructions suggests that these clips in the yoke are to be made.

    My two biggest problems are that the yoke doesn’t fit into the required areas of the bodice, even when you stretch the clipped corners of the bodice to try and make the yoke fit – as the pattern instructions say you should do. Also, I had to baste in the yoke, pull out some basting, re-pin, re-baste, pull out some stitching, sew in the yoke, pull out some stitching, etc, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult to sew in the yoke and pivot on the corners as instructed without catching folds in the yoke or the bodice into your stitching, thus messing up the whole seam. I had to re-do it perhaps 8 or 9 times, picking out stitching and re-sewing in small bits, to make my way around the entire yoke without catching anything in the seam that shouldn’t be there. It was a big hassle!

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