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Recently when doing buttonholes on my 1979 Jones deluxe machine the buttonhole is lovely going in reverse BUT misses stitches coming forward ! Now I have replaced the needle, tried different thread, cleaning etc – oh and by the way it also misses stitches in forward zig-zag BUT not backwards !!! I am thinking that maybe the inbuilt " cams " are wearing out. Anybody any ideas ??


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    Oct 31, 2010, 11.54 PMby mlssfshn

    Did you try changing the fabric or check the needle? I was sewing button holes with a student on a stabilized knit that would take a zig-zag in reverse but not forward. We checked the needle, changed fabrics and it worked fine, but as soon as we went back to the knit no go. Another time the pressure foot was so worn out on a machine that it quit forming a zig-zag as soon as I replaced the worn out foot it was back to normal.

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      Nov 4, 2010, 08.29 PMby Mary McMasters

      Wow, good suggestion. I never would have thought of changing the pressure foot.

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    Nov 1, 2010, 01.09 AMby katexxxxxx

    When was the machine last serviced? A service and tune-up may be all that is needed.

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    • 10th_aug_on_holiday_large

      Nov 1, 2010, 08.08 PMby katensew

      I must admit that I tend to do all maintenance myself however the " timing " may be a bit out.

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Nov 1, 2010, 08.42 PMby katexxxxxx

    Probably not timing, but something in the reverse or cam link that is failing to disengage properly…

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    • 10th_aug_on_holiday_large

      Nov 3, 2010, 07.07 PMby katensew

      Yes looks like it will have to go in to be looked at — I have loads of buttonholes to do on a wrap-around skirt and waistcoat !! What a nuisance going wrong now !! I can however make buttonholes “manually” i.e. not using the automatic buttonhole selection — and choose to do both sides in reverse !!

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    Nov 4, 2010, 08.27 PMby Mary McMasters

    I keep an old Singer 99 with the attachable buttonholer (the one with the templates) set up to make buttonholes. That is the only thing I do with that machine. It makes great button holes every time probably because it doesn’t get out of whack doing anything else.

  • 10th_aug_on_holiday_large

    Nov 12, 2010, 07.00 PMby katensew

    As suspected the machine has reached the end of the road — I got the dates wrong and it was purchased and given to me in 1969 — so it had a good life !! Thanks to all who replied. By the way the cams were fine but the nylon/plastic stitch selector had a chip in it. Have bought a new machine.

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