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Is there any reason not to use a lapped zipper in a centre back skirt closure rather than a side closure?

The results of using a side zipper placket in my 1930s dress pattern were so much better than any of the exposed zippers I’ve ever done that I’m tempted to import one into the centre-back opening of my new 1950s skirt pattern, Vogue 5607 (the waistband is already designed to overlap at the back).


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    Feb 18, 2012, 07.08 PMby katexxxxxx

    No, but I find the concealed type look better and are neater. They just look like a part of the seam… However, if the pattern is designed to have a lapped zip at the back, in vintage style, there’s no reason not to do it that way. It’ll look authentic.

    Nice pattern, by the way.

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    Feb 19, 2012, 01.14 AMby harrietbazley

    All the pattern instructions actually say is “Insert zipper according to instructions on the packet”..!

    Going by the illustrations, the pattern is designed to have a non-lapped zip. However, my record with zip sewing is not good; I tacked the skirt up last night with a zipper placket, and given the choice between one visible placket seam or two visible and rather messy zip seams I definitely feel the placket is the way to go – it looks pretty good. This zip is fairly ‘vintage’ (metal teeth; not quite the right shade of brown to match the fabric) itself so I don’t really want it showing!

    I didn’t actually choose this pattern: it was a present from my brother (25p from a charity shop somewhere Up North), but it looks quite practical. I plan to wear mine below the knee though…. Even with the side pleats temporarily tacked shut the flare of the skirt is pretty wide so there should be plenty of scope for movement; I never could abide pencil skirts :-)

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    Feb 19, 2012, 05.55 PMby katexxxxxx


    Baste the zip opening closed by hand. Press it open like a continuation of the seam…

    Place the zip on the inside, placing the center of the teeth up the middle of the ‘seam’, being careful to make sure the zip pull is towards the outside of the garment! Leave enough zip tape at the top of the opening to attach the waistband. Pin or baste in place.

    Sew the zip in, going from top to bottom on each side. DO NOT sew in a U round the end of the zip! Sew down to below the zip stop at the bottom and sew a bartack at the bottom of the zip for strength.

    Remove the basting.

    You now have a traditionally sewn centered zip. :)

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