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I have just been going through my box of fabrics, bought sometimes on impulse and sometimes with a project in mind. It was like finding new friends because so much of it I had forgotten I owned! That got me wondering how other people store their stash and whether there is any advice on how or where to keep it so that you don’t forget what you’ve got!
All input welcome!!


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  • Sewing_machine_large

    Jun 4, 2013, 02.16 PMby bjr99

    In the costuming bussines we have a massive amount of fabric in the inventory. What we do is keep a notebook that has a swatch of the fabric, the length and width of the piece and then the location that it is stored. Plastic bins with numbers work nicely for storage. We like to keep them sorted by color. Another option could be to sort by fabric content.

  • 20596winter_20fairy_large

    Jun 4, 2013, 05.33 PMby sewingfan1

    I did start to get a system for my stash- clear plastic boxes in the loft with fabric sorted and boxes labelled by type (eg stretch fabrics, cottons, linings) and then a couple under my bed with fabrics that I planned to use for specific projects in the near future. It kind of went to pot though as I kept superseding the ‘near future’ projects with new fabrics I just couldn’t resist buying which sat on the spare bed as ‘even nearer future project’ fabrics and now I’m back to square one with boxes of all kinds of stuff in various different places about the house. It could have worked if I made myself more disciplined though.

  • P10707190_1_large

    Jun 6, 2013, 12.27 PMby chased-away

    A nice way to store fabric is in a bookcase with glass doors. That way you can see your fabrics and display them. This is what I do, but since I also store other things there, I don’t have enough room for all of my fabrics, so I also have a notebook with swatches of the fabrics (like bkr99 sugests). The rest of my fabrics are kept in a box from ikea and the notebook helps me keep track of where each fabric is.

  • Sewionista_logo_neu_large

    Jun 8, 2013, 12.21 PMby julietta

    I scan my fabrics and then organize the picture with all the important information such as width, length, material with the help of Evernote. It does take some time but now I don’t have to drag the fabric out and measure it again if I want to know whether it works for a certain pattern.

    Otherwise I organize it by colour. You can find more tips for sewing room organization here:http://thedomesticdiva.wordpress.com/2007/06/30/sewing-room-organization-challenge-part-i-fabric/

    I still plan on wrapping all my fabric on cardboards, so much neater and easier to keep organized. Some day…

  • F2fbc76df812433b7d2d74a662893fa11f633fea_large

    Jun 11, 2013, 10.56 PMby lakaribane

    My fabric stash is in Sterilite boxes of varying sizes because I live in a very dirty neighborhood in an extremely dirty city. That said, like other above, the boxes are clear plastic and by type. I did add something new to the system: I cut little 1.5in squares of each of my fabrices and store them by box number in slide storage pages (what is the proper term?). Each page holds 20 squares that I put in a 3-ring binder. Makes excellent night reading in bed.

    I did something similar for my patterns. I copied (or scanned, for the older ones) the line drawings for my patterns and printed with the wallet size option. If you resize for image so it is a square (same amount of pixels on each side) they are perfectly centered. Anyway, printed out sheets, filed in sheet protectors in binders by company name.

    All this has made me rediscover things that were hidden in the stashes (and also freaked me out about my buying habits, LOL!)

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    • 20596winter_20fairy_large

      Jun 29, 2013, 06.50 PMby sewingfan1

      Ooohh, i love your ring binder ideas. They’d be really useful for experimenting with mixing and matching colours and styles of fabric for projects too.

  • 302252_10150290713969585_4812884_n_large

    Jun 27, 2013, 03.50 AMby ginniehazel

    I pile it all in an alcove in my house maybe 1m by 1m. It reaches at least a foot over my head and I just learned to enjoy finding something I’d forgotten about. :)

  • 10th_aug_on_holiday_large

    Jun 27, 2013, 04.57 PMby katensew

    Gosh you all seem so organised. I have three stashes. One in the attic in an ottoman – there wool fabrics from way y y y y back + cotton remnants for patchwork, polyester linings ++ assorted other bits. Then in a see-through storage box on top of the wardrobe are " may use very soon fabrics " mainly for summer dresses. Then in a plastic storage box by the sewing machine are “work in progress” — and " will work on these on a rainy day " – to save me looking in both the former places. Not very well organised judging by everyone else but it works for me !

  • Sewing_machine_large

    Jun 28, 2013, 12.10 PMby bjr99

    I hope the wool in the attic hasn’t developed moth holes!

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    • 10th_aug_on_holiday_large

      Jun 28, 2013, 04.15 PMby katensew

      No – it’s been tripled wrapped in plastic for 40+ YEARS !!

  • Canon_eos_july_2009_068_edited-1_large

    Jul 1, 2013, 05.31 AMby jadedrabbit

    I keep my fabrics in my bedroom closet. At the moment there’s more fabric than clothing. I also have shelves in my sewing nook with fabric folded neatly. Then there are the bins under my bed with fabric as well. Guess, I should say that I live in an apartment. So space is limited. Most of which is full of fabric. It would be wonderful if I could organize it all. My dining room table serves as projects in progress station. Recently, I started a quilt from all of my cottons, new and scraps, and found out I have a lot of fabrics. lol. One day I’ll get organized. Too busy sewing at the moment. (n_n)

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