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I looked in the “pattern store” and there are no more user submitted patterns?!? That was the best part of the website.


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  • Dsc00321_large

    Jun 7, 2012, 08.53 AMby sokkenmonster

    I wondered about that as well! Are they just gone? I also miss some of the selection features from the old pattern section, for example the possibility to check only free patterns, only patterns by the burdastyle website (I check the magazine patterns in the magazine); is there any chance they come back?

  • Foto_large

    Jun 7, 2012, 11.50 AMby cinderella2

    i hope it comes back… i liked it that way!!!

  • P5074179_large

    Jun 7, 2012, 01.36 PMby nadinesa

    Yes, what happened to the community idea? I have the burda magazine, why should I visit a website that offers nothing new? Let us be contributors and put it back on!

  • Missing

    Jun 7, 2012, 03.20 PMby victoriakb

    When I looked yesterday I hoped it was a glitch to do with the re-working of the site. If it is a glitch can you please sort it out? If it isn’t, can we have link to the alreadt posted user patterns please?

  • Letterbicon_large

    Jun 8, 2012, 01.25 AMby burdastyle

    Hi there,

    The user generated patterns are not gone and it will still be possible to publish more. They just won’t be located in the “pattern store”. They will be listed under projects and there will be a button to filter “projects with a pattern”. The reason this is not already there is actually a glitch and we hope it will be in place tomorrow.

    The patterns that were produced by BurdaStyle here in NYC were only a limited amount and there has been no more of those since 2010. They are still on the website however, inside the pattern store. No information has been removed. Unfortunately, we don’t have any current plans to produce any patterns here in NYC as we do not have the resources for it.

    The community has not changed and we will continue to work on this amazing and important aspect of our site.

    The idea with the pattern store is for customers to find patterns easier. We have also worked on displaying them in a better way with larger images and clearer information etc. This is something many users have requested. Our patterns sales are also important for us to not only survive but to grow as a website.

    At the moment we are limited to selling burda style magazine patterns and the idea is to offer these to users who don’t want to or can’t subscribe to the magazine and who would rather buy a separate pattern.

    We hope to have the member created patterns back up tomorrow and will let you know the progress!


    The BurdaStyle Team

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    • 5512784_gal_large

      Jun 10, 2012, 07.48 PMby maribug

      How does one find the “free patterns” option? Or has that been removed?

    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Jun 13, 2012, 08.23 PMby wzrdreams

      Burda patterns in the pattern “store” are not linked to their “project” page which is were the pattern instructions are located. Also, the member projects based on a burda pattern are only linked to the pattern “project” page, not the pattern page.

      This was once redundant but is now confusing and inconvenient.

    • 68e375b12add746db86ff64186ed232b50021fd9_large

      Jun 15, 2012, 01.12 AMby alexus1325

      I believe that change should have been featured in a blog post so that the community at large would be made aware of it. Having to dig through the forum to find the answer did nothing to improve my mood after discovering the user generated patterns were “gone.”

  • Missing

    Jun 8, 2012, 07.58 AMby peppermintpetti


    I am very relieved to read that nothing is gone! I come from Germany but rarely use the German Burda site because it is messy: for example the projects aren’t connected to the patterns, that is what I love the most here! That being said, I really love the strong community at this website.

    Best, Kati

  • Missing

    Jun 9, 2012, 01.12 AMby lovefromsf

    Great news, thanks for the info. It’s a fun site I always love to see what’s new. It was disappointing when it looked like the whole community part was deleted, and I know the NYC team has been gone for a long time, in the back of my mind I was just hoping it might come back, at one point I thought they were going to rework some patterns, but am glad that all the projects/community etc. will return. As always, love the magazine & always look forward to my newest copy in the mail. Thanks guys.

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    • Letterbicon_large

      Jun 9, 2012, 03.15 PMby burdastyle


      The projects and the community never went away. It’s all listed under “projects” as well as the community is present in all parts of the website. The only thing that is new is the “pattern store”. The team is still in NYC and we are still working with the website and the community in the same way as before.


      The BurdaStyle Team

  • Missing

    Jun 10, 2012, 11.13 AMby zora

    The pattern store lacks a “free pattern” category. It’s very difficult to find the still free burdastyle patterns without it.

  • Dsc00321_large

    Jun 11, 2012, 10.52 AMby sokkenmonster

    Thanks for the explanation! The only thing is now, that the member patterns are all in the same section as member projects you can make that don’t have a pattern (I found this out when trying to find the free burdastylepatterns via projects). That would be an option I’d like to be added. then again, the improvements suggested for both sections (pattern store and projects) make the difference between them less and less..

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    • Letterbicon_large

      Jun 13, 2012, 08.19 PMby burdastyle

      Hi Sokkenmonster,

      This was actually a glitch. If you look now you will see a button that says “Projects with a pattern”. If you click this, only projects with a pattern are displayed. If you only want to view member projects with a pattern, you can also filter this on the left.



  • Cimg4603_2_large

    Jun 14, 2012, 06.22 PMby soaringviola

    Maybe I am blind, but could it be that I am no longer able to see all finished projects of one pattern? I just looked at the Danielle pattern for a little inspiration for a summer dress and only saw the three latest finished projects and not all. This would be really disappointing! Because this is one of the things I love most about this wrbsite – to see what all the users with their creativity can do with a single pattern! But maybe I was just confused by the new look of the pattern section, or by the way my smartphone shows this site… :)

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    • Letterbicon_large

      Jun 14, 2012, 07.54 PMby burdastyle

      Hi Soaringviola,

      You are not blind, we are currently having some problems displaying all the projects based on a pattern but we assure you that this feature will be back asap. Hopefully before this week is over. I will update you as soon as the issue is fixed. This is one of our features as well and we would never remove it, the technology is just not working with us temporarily. =)



    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Jun 15, 2012, 11.34 AMby soaringviola

      Wooo… Ok – relieved! Thanx :-)

  • Letterbicon_large

    Jun 16, 2012, 03.56 PMby burdastyle

    Hi all,

    With the recent changes to the pattern store, some features didn’t perform as expected and this includes the projects being based on a pattern. Our technical team is currently working on fixing this. You will be able to base a project off of a pattern directly and not the project page of the pattern. It used to be that a pattern had both a project page and a pattern page, something many of us felt was confusing and information got missed. Now we have consolidated all the information to one page, the pattern page. Here you can download the instructions and view them before you purchase the pattern, you can see all the projects based on the pattern and you can view all the photos for the pattern.

    We will keep you updated with the development but hope to have the “based on” feature functioning properly this coming week.


    Your BurdaStyle Team

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Jun 17, 2012, 11.15 PMby thecuriouskiwi

    Would be good to have the options to filter by pattern author (i.e. BurdaStyle or BurdaStyle Magazine) back, will make this more useful and easier to use if you are looking for a particular pattern.

    Also I don’t think you should have taken user patterns out of this category, how can we easily look at new user pattern uploads? We can’t. When I clicked on ‘Projects that include a pattern’ it was all the latest BurdaStyle pattern magazine patterns first which still makes user patterns hard to find.

    Honestly I don’t understand why you changed something that wasn’t broken. It now seems much less community driven and more Pattern Sale driven :(

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    • Letterbicon_large

      Jun 18, 2012, 06.39 PMby burdastyle

      Hi Kaitui-kiwi.

      When you click to view “all projects with a pattern”, all projects with a pattern are displayed first, you can then filter this further using the categories on the left. If you filter by “members” instead of “all”, you will see only the latest projects with a pattern posted by members.

      The reason we changed the pattern store was because many users, along with us, felt that it was hard to find a pattern that fit them. With the new store, you can filter by size and style and this is very helpful if for instance you use a plus size pattern, you can now find these much easier and faster.

      Pattern sales are of course important for us to exist and to grow as a website, as the site is free for members, this is our main source of income, but our community is equally important and we continue to work with and feature the amazing content our members post.



  • Missing

    Jun 18, 2012, 06.39 AMby avid-sewist

    A few years ago when this website first started, I was excited to think that true open source patterns would be available. The open source movement originally started as a way to fight a very big monopoly. It wasn’t simply a question of copyright. The programs were provided free of charge and depended on a user base and community participation for updating and advancement.

    I first saw changes to this site a year or so ago – I don’t remember exactly when but even then, I saw the writing on the wall. It’s nice that you’ve given permission to use your patterns for commercial development but this website started out as a community based project. Now you’re changing that and in effect taking advantage of the commitment your community has given you.

    It wouldn’t take very much for them to take their patterns, their expertise – everything that made this website great and go somewhere else. It doesn’t take very much to set up a website for community participation. Unfortunately I don’t know enough to offer my services.

    Was this too expensive for you? You saw another route to sell your patterns? What exactly is the deal? Our kind of candy store? I don’t think so…..

  • Missing

    Jun 18, 2012, 07.48 PMby lenna

    At the risk of being the 3rd post to be “overlooked” on this subject, are you planning on reinstating a way of searching for only the “Free Patterns”?

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    • Letterbicon_large

      Jun 19, 2012, 02.58 PMby burdastyle

      Hi, We are looking in to and working on a way to display the free patterns in the pattern store. In the meantime, they are still in the store and we have also introduced a new feature where we offer a new pattern for free on Fridays only. You’ll find this offer on the homepage each Friday.



  • Missing

    Jun 19, 2012, 08.06 PMby lenna

    Thank you for replying and I look forward to seeing the feature back soon.

    Regards, Lenna

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2016, 12.02 PMby Raalasia00


    • This is a question
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