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But why are member projects “sponsored” by advertisiers? I have not received any compensation by Oliver + S for any of my projects, and yet it is implied that I have received compensation. I use my own money and time to sew for myself, unless otherwise specified. In the case of my Westminster contest project where my project was literally sponsored by Westminster I think this is especially misleading.

I understand the need for advertising dollars to help run the site, but I would be happier if this type of ad was worded more honestly. Something like “project pages sponsored by…” rather than “PROJECTS sponsored by…”. Or perhaps it could just read “Burdastyle Sponsor…”

Does this bother anyone else?


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  • Avatar3_large

    Feb 11, 2011, 04.37 PMby carottesauvage

    Sigh… I totally agree. I have given up being pissed off with product and sponsors mentions This reply is sponsored by Oliver+S again by the way….

  • Dsci0410_large

    Feb 11, 2011, 06.38 PMby momsgotanewhobby

    I totally agree. We understand the need to monetize the site somehow but be clear in how you post sponsors on the pages and what, specifically they are contributing funds to sponsor. I wonder about the legality of the wording, you referenced “Projects sponsored by” and clearly that is incorrect, none of us is sponsored by any corporation when we post our projects. Why not create a section that repeats on each page “Today Burdastyle is sponsored by…” because it does change from time to time. I think until Burda corrects the wording members posting their projects should include their own disclaimer. Simply state that your project is not sponsored by any corporate entity and you have not received funding or materials from any company. That should take care of the issue and if enough of us use a disclaimer when posting maybe corporate will “get it” and change the policy?

  • Bc27dac521aa5bc4dd75735a82b43b16af9af8b5_large

    Feb 12, 2011, 02.35 AMby sunbeam

    I agree. I was just talking to my husband about the changes on burda style’s web page and wondering why nothing has been done about things that are clearly disliked.. I much preferred the old set up.. DH is a web analyst- information architect by profession and he tells me that these ‘irritants’ keep up the traffic and pages of sponsor ads being shown… so basically we can’t win on that so long as it gets the attention good or bad- unless we find something better and quit using the site.

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    • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

      Feb 13, 2011, 05.50 PMby victors

      since the big shake up I don’t visit as much as I used to. Too many ads, too many name checks and to be honest not much to make me want to visit anymore but so what? they have their money from elsewhere and ultimately we don’t really count.

  • Avatar3_large

    Feb 14, 2011, 06.50 PMby carottesauvage

    Burdastyle should start being a benefactor or patron to its members (not only fashion designers) when the team thinks projects, business plans might be relevant to the company’s reputation in the form of a blog feature, a small grant, a useful connection etc… I may be taking part in an art project in 2012 and a little financial support would help. The Burdastyle logo could be included on the invite .Public art institutions in the UK are facing budget cuts. Corporate patronage will increase. In the future, I will use Burdastyle as a platform to promote my own stuff, should I start posting patterns on my own website or a blog (there won’t be any adverts there). I could turn this feeling of being highjacked by companies placing their names next to my sewing projects to my advantage. Burdastyle is the perfect platform to advertise YOURSELF. Maybe members should start sponsoring each other?;) I think the new Burdastyle formula confuses the word ‘member’ with the word ‘consumer’ more and more. Maybe that is difference between the old site and the new one?

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Feb 15, 2011, 10.25 PMby sew4my3

    This information has been passed along to the team earlier and for some reason my post letting you know has disappeared. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your thoughts have not gone unnoticed.

    Happy sewing!

  • David_headshot_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 09.54 PMby mynameisdavid

    Hey Guys,

    We absolutely hear and understand what you all have said. You spend your time and money on the beautiful projects you post on the site, and there shouldn’t be anything to distract from that. Based on your suggestions, we are currently working on implementing changes to the text within our Section Sponsorship ads to make it clear that it is not the individual projects being sponsored, but rather the general section.

    It was never our intention to imply that the projects you have posted were sponsored, financially or otherwise. Nevertheless, we sincerely thank you for bringing this necessary revision to our attention.

    - David

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 10.33 PMby katexxxxxx

    I use adblocker and don’t see any of the ads or sponsor messages. :)

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