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I’m back to sewing after a few months of “maternity leave”. It seems that the PDF instructions that were available for free through the website for each model have disappeared?? Or were they moved to a different place, can anybody tell me? I found it very useful to study them and then to decide whether to buy a pattern or not or to complete the instrucitons that are given in the magazines.


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  • Mom_2_large

    Mar 18, 2014, 07.09 PMby arleneanne

    I agree completely. Even though I buy the magazine, I used to print out the instructions from the website because they were easier to read than the instructions in the magazine and all steps were in one place. (In the magazine you often have to refer to another project for similar construction details, i.e. collars, cuffs, pockets). I also note that the site seems to have become extremely slow and pages are taking forever to load. What have you done, Burda programmers?

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    • Beyonce_2_large

      May 16, 2014, 09.05 PMby NeiWatts

      I can’t help you but I agree with you on the instructions in the magazines.

  • Missing

    Mar 20, 2014, 07.07 PMby ooeygooey

    Yes, please put the PDF instructions back! I also printed them at home to keep with my tracings, but more important is the drawings of the pattern pieces! If I buy a blouse or dress, I want to know if it is a set in sleeve or not (which I can tell by the shape of the pattern piece), or other detail, the pattern drawing tells me that. PLEASE put the PDF back!

  • Missing

    Mar 29, 2014, 11.22 PMby conniecutcliff

    I totally agree. I love Burda patterns, they are my favorite. Stylish, with an edge; great. I have purchased three (3) online. I have yet to have one of the three patterns sewn to a wearable garment. I am so disappointed, I then put it away for months. The drawings are a must including the small picture of all of the pattern pieces laid out. Any details regarding the particular garment would be helpful in addition to the instructions. I print my instructions, downloaded pattern pieces and place them in a plastic folder. There are so many beautiful things I want to make but I’m kind of scared, if you know what I mean. If I am ever going to make anything successfully using Burda Patterns, you must return the PDF. I need all the help, I can get.


  • 2013-11-28_10_32_23_large

    Mar 30, 2014, 09.33 AMby PennyMac

    Yes please make the PDFs freely available again. I can’t see the downside for Burda and it’s a huge help when selecting which pattern to but.

  • 100_6542_large

    Apr 4, 2014, 06.56 PMby WilijA

    I really need those pdf’s! In my country it is possible to buy just the russian journal version, but I understand english much better. So now I just make guess when sewing with the Burda pattern

  • Missing

    Apr 7, 2014, 09.44 AMby Violeta Antonova

    Dear Burdastyle team,

    Please upload again PDF instructions. In Bulgaria I buy Burda style in German and as I know English I ususally printed out the instructions of PDF fle.

    Thank you !!! Violeta

  • Whiteb_large

    Apr 7, 2014, 03.00 PMby BurdaStyle Support

    English instructions for BurdaStyle patterns are now only available with purchase of the pattern PDFs. Instead of being available for download on the pattern’s store page, pattern instructions will appear in the user’s pattern library after purchase. All necessary information, such as fabric and notion requirements, is still available on the pattern store page. This includes multiple images (including technical drawings) and pattern difficulty ranking.

    This change took a variety of factors into account, including licensing agreements and the work put in by our BurdaStyle translators. If you have additional questions or concerns, please see http://www.burdastyle.com/faq/patterns or email us through our contact page.

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    • Missing

      May 3, 2014, 08.39 PMby ooeygooey

      Thank you for your response, Burda support. I am a subscriber to the magazine and do not need to purchase the patterns online. I come to Burda Style to see the garment photo (often the photo in the magazine does not show detail or style very well), to see the technical drawing of the garment, and also to look through the PDF instructions. I do this before I decide what to sew from any particular issue of the magazine. The PDF instructions are an integral part of my decision making process, for the pattern piece drawings, for the easier to read instructions, and for the ease of printing those instructions out to keep with my tracings. To remove the PDF instructions is to ignore all of the magazine subscribers who use your site. It was a poor decision that needs to be re-thought. Until the PDF’s come back, I will be using other websites to find the information I need.

  • Image_large

    Apr 12, 2014, 09.16 PMby Tzai

    I buy the Greek burda magazine and the problem I always face is that the instructions in Greek don,t make sense. The translation seams to be automatic.I have only been sewing for 8 months so I can not sew without instructions. Please let me know what do you suggest in such situation .

  • Dsc08840_large

    Apr 13, 2014, 11.32 AMby Sabrina Wharton-Brown

    I’ve found that if you go to www.burdastyle.co.uk you can download the instructions. I don’t think they have them for all the patterns, but you might be lucky and find the one you want. : )

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    • Purplefan_large

      Apr 18, 2014, 07.42 PMby purplefan

      Thanks for posting that idea!

  • Missing

    Apr 17, 2014, 08.52 PMby tess1120insd

    Yes!! Please put them back! For tired eyes like mine, a PDF of the magazine instructions is so much easier on them. It allows me to increase the size so they are actually readable vs the 8 pt font used in the mag.

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2014, 12.22 PMby hussain

    Could we have the regular Burdastyle english instructions in the “Projects” section, for those of us who are sewing from the magazine. I understand the idea behind not keeping the more detailed instructions free, those could stay in the “Pattern” section for people who pay for the downloadable patterns. Or maybe make the detailed instructions available for a small price.

  • Photo_on_2-7-13_at_10_36_pm_3_large

    May 15, 2014, 03.55 PMby BeeZee

    I stopped sewing for a couple of months and was very disappointed today (my first visit back in quite awhile) to find I could no longer check the PDF instructions before I chose a garment to sew. This is very disappointing as I used them along with the printed patterns from my Burdastyle magazine. I find it very hard to read and follow the small print in the magazine. This is a major decider for me and I’m thinking perhaps I will not renew my subscription and just return to the commercial patterns Vogue, Simplicity, Butterick etc where I can easily read the instructions. Although Burda says they “took a variety of factors into account” it appears they are not taking “us” into account as I see there are quite a few comments here all in the same vein but alas, to no avail. Come on Burda – rethink this, do the right thing and stand with your loyal customers.

  • Img_2020_large

    May 16, 2014, 02.08 PMby Deanna31

    I think the Burdastyle website is a different company to the Burda magazine. The website doesn’t make any profit from people buying the magazine. They won’t have any loss if you stop buying the magazine. But it does stand to reason that they would want to refrain from sharing the information until you have purchased their product. It is only fair.

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    • Photo_on_2-7-13_at_10_36_pm_3_large

      May 22, 2014, 06.33 PMby BeeZee

      i certainly don’t expect the patterns for free, merely a look at the sewing instructions so I can make an intelligent decision.

    • Me1_large

      Jun 2, 2014, 03.45 PMby mbuchanan1

      The problem is, an experience seamstress can look at the sewing instructions, with pictures of the shapes of different pattern pieces, can duplicate the garment without buying the actual pattern.

  • Ak-logo_grey_large

    Jun 14, 2014, 11.58 AMby Angela Kane

    I agree with mbuchanan1, construction and technique of putting a design together is, in many ways, more important to the design than the actual pieces. It is part of the pattern.

    If you are charging for the pattern, it is fair enough not to publish the technique for free.

  • Image_large

    Jun 22, 2014, 03.28 AMby Ashley Thornton

    Are all of the patterns only available for download? Is there anyway to get an actual physical pattern? I didn’t think of it until I noticed the available as a pdf download. I think it’d be a headache to print several pieces and then tape them together. Or am I missing something that everyone else has or knows?

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    • Ak-logo_grey_large

      Jun 29, 2014, 07.42 PMby Angela Kane

      Hi Ashley, I don’t have experience of BurdaStyle PDF Patterns because I produce my own.

      Don’t be put off by the thought of taping up patterns. I believe I have the best format. It’s very quick and easy. The very best thing about downloading patterns is that you can print them over and over again and chop them up to make changes and experiment.

      Please take a look at my PDF Pattern Guide page -


    • Me1_large

      Jul 2, 2014, 04.32 PMby mbuchanan1

      All the patterns here are only available for download. You can buy the Burda Style magazine that have all the current patterns. However, printing and taping the pattern pieces together is really not a big deal. Give it a try, it’s pretty straightforward. Just remember that these patterns do NOT include seam allowances, unless otherwise indicated.

  • P7150239_large

    Jun 24, 2014, 05.28 PMby Monchitas

    Instructions should be available!!!!!!!

  • P7150239_large

    Jun 24, 2014, 05.41 PMby Monchitas

    Ok, here is the thing… I live in Quebec and I get my Burda in French. I don’t have enough french knowledge to understand the instructions. I confidently bought my Burda knowing the instructions would be online, this way, I knew how to look for the pattern I needed in the pattern sheets and a few details on how to prepare my fabric for the sewing. Would you mind uploading the simple version of the instructions again??? They are pretty useful and essential for people like me! Thanks!

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