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Why can’t we pay with paypal? It would be so very usefull to me and many others. Not everyone ownes a creditcard. Could you please add it?


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    Apr 5, 2013, 01.20 PMby Victoria Turner

    I prefer PayPal as it is a safer way to make payments using my credit card

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    Apr 14, 2013, 08.54 AMby Sarah Hendy

    I like pay pal too

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    Apr 15, 2013, 10.41 PMby aserandi

    I would like to use PayPal too, I was really surprised when PayPal was not an option, and actually hesitated before giving my credit card info when paying.

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    Jul 24, 2013, 10.10 PMby Rubi Rico

    I like pay pal too!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 23, 2013, 12.50 PMby looneysanja

    I wanted to buy few patterns… but then I saw I can’t shop with paypal, so I gave up…

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    Aug 28, 2013, 03.33 PMby Nereid Blue

    PayPal, please! I don’t have a credit card (never have), but I have bought a Burda pattern online before… how did I do that if Burda didn’t accept PayPal then? I don’t remember. But I’m not buying a pattern today, because Burda doesn’t accept my payment method.

  • User_9697999_1238456472431_box_large

    Nov 11, 2013, 02.04 PMby Timea Schmidt

    Yes please! PayPal would be such a good idea, and lot faster checkout.

  • Dala_hest_large

    Dec 3, 2013, 04.33 PMby kaitiek

    I ended up paying through burdastyle.co.uk because they accept paypal and the prices are essentially the same.

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      Jan 12, 2014, 02.47 PMby elizperrin

      Did you have to set up a new user a/c on the UK site?

    • Dala_hest_large

      Jan 13, 2014, 03.14 PMby kaitiek

      I did have to set up a new account on the UK site, but it was really no big deal, since I already had another email account. The new email I used was different than my paypal email and i had no issues.

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      Jan 14, 2016, 09.58 AMby Maroulaki

      Thank you sooo much, I will try it too!

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    Jan 11, 2014, 04.18 AMby 8dove8

    PAYPAL please… I agree with the posts above…safety is an issue… I have just started using BurdaStyle downloadable patterns… And since there are other frustrating issues we all seem to have with these patterns, I may stop using them… Losing one persons business isn’t a big thing…but there is much discontent here… Frankly I am surprised…I expected so much better…j

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    Jan 14, 2014, 04.58 AMby thomja

    this was definitely a drawback for me, I went ahead and used my credit card but was not happy about it.

  • Image_large

    Jan 17, 2014, 10.23 AMby mrsoneill

    I was so incredibly disappointed today when I discovered that I couldn’t use paypal to purchase the pattern I wanted. Ive been a member of Burdastyle for some years but had never purchased a downloadable pattern until today. I wasn’t able to use a credit card so no pattern for me, and no new dress for the bridal shower I’m attending tomorrow :( Please add this feature! I’ve seen forum posts about the paypal having issues, was this an option at one time and hasn’t been retained?

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    Mar 31, 2014, 04.43 AMby Belinda Shreeve

    I bought a copy of the magazine last week from Interweave and used paypal. I decided to come and subscribe to it only to find that you do not offer paypal. No subscription for me then. :-(

  • Img_20130716_160236-681012937_large

    Nov 14, 2015, 08.47 AMby nkaiy

    paypal is much safer for transactions. Pls incorporate paypal.

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    Nov 30, 2015, 12.04 PMby AniriBCN

    Yes, PayPal please! I do have cards, but I keep getting the message “Your card was declined”. My cards are OK and do not give me any problems e-shopping normally, but there might be a safety issue in your payment procedure. Accepting PayPal would bring you more satisfied clients. Look at all these posts above and multiply by 100, because not all people will care to sign up and write a post, most of us will just give up. I am sure that you will recover the costs that PayPal may charge you with all of us. Thanks!!

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    Dec 5, 2015, 06.21 PMby Chris Lynch

    I’m a huge paypal fan! Please ad the option.

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    Dec 13, 2015, 04.04 PMby sobird

    As exciting as your classes sound, I choose not to enroll until you have a Paypal option for payment. My security systems do not see your sites as secure enough yet. Please consider allowing Paypal so you can have more happy learners. Thanks Sobird

  • Ps_20140911201530_large

    Dec 14, 2015, 12.51 PMby kathndave

    PayPal is also my favorite way to pay. Please let us know if you have this coming in the near future. Looking forward to your response. Kathy

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    Jan 14, 2016, 09.58 AMby Maroulaki

    I am really sorry to see that there is no PAYPAL option. I am form Greece and due to capital controls we cannot use credit cards…

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    Jun 15, 2016, 03.49 PMby nanatsus

    really, paypal please!! I found a wonderful pattern that I want to download and I can’t because I don’t own a credit card and I doubt billing is a good idea as I live 3000km away from the US – in Europe. I don’t wanna risk any fuss as I haven’t done international purchases with billing in my life.

  • Purplefan_large

    Jul 3, 2016, 07.35 PMby purplefan

    Have either of you, Maroulaki or nanatsus, looked into prepaid cards? Visa has them and I understand that they work for online purchases.

  • Missing

    Jul 4, 2016, 02.10 PMby gunks

    I cancelled my order because I could not pay with paypal. I’m not in the us and do not want to continuously have to pay for conversion when I have US currency in paypal.

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Nov 25, 2016, 11.18 AMby ghainskom

    Had 4 patterns in my cart, but if paypal is not accepted, no buy for me today. Happy Thanksgiving! :(

  • Missing

    Nov 30, 2016, 12.15 AMby emcooke

    I would also like to pay with paypal! Please make it happen :)

  • Chase_large

    Jan 22, 2017, 04.39 AMby burda-user-282124

    PayPal!!!! With all the security/identity theft issues I won’t purchase without PAYPAL!

  • Missing

    Jan 22, 2017, 12.36 PMby ute-hagar

    I much prefer checking out with PayPal too, and would love to have that option. I am surprised it is not offered.

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    Jun 9, 2017, 05.20 PMby Deoné Caroto

    PayPal please :D :D :D :D

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    Jun 25, 2017, 07.11 PMby Sewnja

    PayPal and paper patterns Please

  • Purplefan_large

    Jun 29, 2017, 01.03 PMby purplefan

    It is very possible that to make PayPal a payment format accepted, the website would likely need a certain amount of sales with that payment program each and every month to support whatever merchant fees or terminal charges are required for PayPal. Debit and credit card sales come with sales fees plus monthly terminal rental costs.

    Are there any members using PayPal in their own businesses in the US that can comment on what using PayPal for business sales costs upfront and monthly to the merchant?

  • Missing

    Jul 13, 2017, 07.32 AMby Alice Jarvis

    Pay pal please and a better pattern search system with key words. I dont know if anyone who runs burda actually looks at the forum because it looks like people have been requesting paypal for quite some time.

  • Burda-style-wf-sq_large

    Sep 26, 2017, 02.01 PMby JillSeams

    We have a wish list for our website, I’ll be sure this request gets on there! Thanks for the input. I know using this site can be a, um…an experience. Thank you for being patient, good things coming.

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