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You have the option of reporting comments/replies as inappropriate. Just click the lightning bolt symbol where it says “Report as Inappropriate” at the bottom left of the screen.


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  • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

    Jun 23, 2009, 07.31 PMby safemme

    I noticed that the “report as inapproriate” button is missing in the Techniques section – is this normal?

  • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

    Jun 24, 2009, 09.24 AMby safemme

    I will have to look harder maybe! (: thanks!

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    • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

      Jun 24, 2009, 09.25 AMby safemme

      Why is there no “delete” button to remove multiple posts provoqued by uncontrolled clicking? (:

    • Picture_2_large

      Jun 24, 2009, 04.22 PMby alden

      :) we will keep this suggestion in mind! thanks!

  • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

    Jun 24, 2009, 09.24 AMby safemme

    I will have to look harder maybe! (: thanks!

  • 990745-073_large

    Jun 25, 2009, 03.47 PMby nehmah

    I want to test the “Inappropriate” feature. This post is for that purpose. If you wonder, “Does it work?” then strike it with the lightning bolt> :) Nehmah

  • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

    Jun 26, 2009, 08.24 PMby safemme

    I looked again, but I still can’t find the lightning bolt for the techniques. The technique I would like to “mark” is by Darium, I think, and is called “So-so”.

  • 990745-073_large

    Jun 26, 2009, 09.55 PMby nehmah

    SaFemme, the bolt is under the posting on the left. You will or should see the word “Reply”, underlined, to the right of “Reply” is a lightening bolt. I use Firefox browser (for the webmaster’s information)

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    • Rose1_large

      Jun 26, 2009, 10.04 PMby ralarkins

      Mouse over the bolt and it say “Report as Inappropriate”

  • 5_large

    Aug 7, 2009, 07.36 PMby susanne2011

    What would be regarded as inappropriate?

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    • Picture_2_large

      Aug 17, 2009, 09.42 PMby alden

      Nehmah has it right, there is no post about what is to be considered inappropriate but we will deffinatly put one up. As for now I think Nehmah hit the nail on the head!

  • 990745-073_large

    Aug 10, 2009, 08.15 PMby nehmah

    Hello Susanne20, I just noticed that there is no posting in reply to your question. Inappropriate posts/photos would consist of: use of children in sexually-implied situations, words considered obscene by the majority of the public; insulting and/or defamatory language, especially if used to a fellow-member. This also would be inappropriate: posting ads for goods and services in non-business areas (spam from false members) or ranting about behavior of employees/owners of businesses whether directly connected here, or not. That falls under the term “flaming” I think. Cordially, Nehmah

  • 45811c6523cf387bf5dc4d6ad3a61949336038df_large

    Aug 15, 2009, 10.09 AMby judeb

    How do we know if the button has worked, I have just tried on http://www.burdastyle.com/discussions/skill-tank/topics/part-time-jobs-online-jobs-home-jobs# and nothing happens. what am I doing wrong?

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    • Sewionista_logo_neu_large

      Aug 17, 2009, 01.41 PMby julietta

      I tried the same and nothing happens. I was so looking forward to that button and now it does not seem to work :-(

    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Aug 31, 2009, 05.23 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      Me too, I clicked to strike them down with the lightening bolt and it appears nothing happened…perhaps it should change to “This has been reported”? Come on guys, we were so excited by this feature, is it working? Can we have some sort of indication after we click?

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Aug 17, 2009, 07.24 AMby victors

    If the online part time jobs spam rubbish ,appears in the classifieds can it stay or be marked as inappropriate? The line seems a bit blurry there.

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    • Sewionista_logo_neu_large

      Aug 17, 2009, 01.41 PMby julietta

      I still think that it is spam as it is a promotion from a business and not from one of the members. Howevers, the lines are certainly blurry and more concrete guidelines would be helpful.

  • Strickliesl_large

    Aug 17, 2009, 02.28 PMby buzzybee

    I think the idea is that a site administrator goes through a list of posts that have been reported as inappropriate and decides whether they should be deleted. Users should only be able to do the reporting. I am not sure though, that the anyone from site admin is monitoring this issue currently.

    I managed to report a post as inappropriate accidentally (when I wanted to reply). The comment that I reported was absolutely appropriate and the “this item has been marked as inappropriate” has not been undone yet.

    I also wonder why it isn’t possible to reply to a reply – this is how I hit the lightening bolt accidentally. I thought the reply button was in that place. I was a little too quick!

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    • Picture_2_large

      Aug 17, 2009, 09.44 PMby alden

      Hey BuzzyBee,
      you can reply to a reply in a sense by clicking “reply” on the original post.

      We will be e going through the “report as inappropriate” posts and determining whether they should be removed or if it was clicked by accident.

      I hope that answers your question!

  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 18, 2009, 02.08 AMby gedwoods

    There needs to be some visual feedback to a user that the “Report as Inappropriate” button has an effect – maybe turn the text red or something so it is clear that someone has already reported the message. Otherwise we have no idea if the button is working and doing its job…

  • Vatten_large

    Aug 20, 2009, 01.55 PMby ichigogirl

    Hi! It’d be good if there was an option to report projects, patterns and/or members as inappropriate. I’m thinking of spamming members and projects that are purely commercial. Patterns can be inappropriate of they break the copyright-laws (posted by someone who hasn’t got the right to post them) or if there is no pattern but instead a commercial, as I wrote about yesterday under another topic.

    I quote:

    “The member ebikini seems to be a company trying to promote their website through Burdastyle. Members promoting their own webshops or etsy-accounts are fine by me, but not big companies.

    They’ve also added instructions and a “pattern” that are nothing but commercial messages, not instructions and no pattern.


    Please remove it, at least the pattern and the instructions… it’s quite disturbing."

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    • 45811c6523cf387bf5dc4d6ad3a61949336038df_large

      Aug 21, 2009, 09.47 AMby judeb

      I agree IchiGoGirl, I posted under request a feature for a report as inappropriate for projects/patterns for exactly this entry, I note that they have just posted the same “project” again but just as “for sale” ebikini advertising! fairly blatent advertising for a commercial company as are their added comments on their original post!

    • Vatten_large

      Aug 21, 2009, 09.51 AMby ichigogirl

      Yes, I know, isn’t it annoying, spam! I find it particularily annoying that they tipped me off about buying their bikini when I complained about the advertisement/lack of pattern… are they stupid or what’s wrong? Hm.
      Great that you post too, then someone from BS might see it and remove it, fingers crossed.

    • 7fc4fbb99ffb6bbbc0eed1bd5b58bb563c3815a5_large

      Aug 21, 2009, 11.54 AMby miss-g

      I also agree. We need the lightening bolt on projects and patterns to report inappropriate advertising and spamming. Otherwise, where do you go to report it? – what discussion category does it belong under?

    • Vatten_large

      Aug 31, 2009, 12.40 PMby ichigogirl

      e-bikini is gone now, so it seems to work :-).

  • Mobil_pics_102_large

    Sep 9, 2009, 07.24 AMby michelleiswell

    i just posted something as inappropriate and i didn’t mean it!! how do i get it to go away???

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    • 990745-073_large

      Sep 10, 2009, 12.11 AMby nehmah

      Hello Michelle, welcome to my nightmare;>) I do hit the wrong button every once in a while. (While I’m on the site) We apparently cannot do anything to remove our own errors. Might I suggest that you immediately contact the party and/or post a “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that…” message, under the zapped message? Cordially, Nehmah

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Sep 9, 2009, 09.23 PMby wzrdreams

    When I try to mark an original post that is actually spam as innapropriate, no message appears to indicate that the OP has been zapped. Is this a glitch or can only replies be marked inappropriate?

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  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 02.55 PMby ghainskom

    I had the same problem as wzrdreams…

  • Dscn0903_large

    Jan 26, 2010, 12.59 PMby racadoo

    I want to report a members project upload as inappropriate but as it isnt a comment or reply I cant find a button to do so.

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    • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

      Jan 26, 2010, 10.47 PMby sew4my3

      Please send me the link to the project.
      If you are not comfortable placing it here go to my wall and on the right hand side “About me” section send me a message by clicking the “contact” link and report it there.
      Thanks for reporting any issues.

  • Hk_sewing_machine_large

    Jul 28, 2010, 10.12 AMby madscouser

    I want to report this member’s project as spam. I may well be wrong but the member only joined today & the ‘project’ is a story with a link to websites selling jumpers etc – mass produced – not someone’s Etsy site. Can’t see any other way of reporting this, so thought i’d put it here:


    2 Replies
    • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

      Jul 28, 2010, 10.30 AMby katexxxxxx

      Definitely spam… And the writing is pretty awful as well. (Damn – I’ll never stop being a teacher of English! It’s a curse, I tell you! A curse!)

    • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

      Jul 28, 2010, 12.01 PMby sew4my3



  • Dsc00321_large

    Oct 9, 2010, 07.32 AMby sokkenmonster

    I noticed on the projects page that one new member is posting all her creative activities, including drawings (not technical ones for showing a design, but ‘creative’ ones) and candle arrangements. I think she did do so with the best intentions but I find it rather annoying: I come here to see sewing projects, not candle arrangements, and at the time 13(!) of her projects are on the first ‘project’ page.


    1 Reply
    • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

      Oct 10, 2010, 10.22 PMby sew4my3

      Thanks sokkenmonster!
      I have removed the projects from this members studio that are not sewing related. Which I believe they posted with the best intentions as well. They are only 10 years old and I have sent an email with what is appropriate to post on our site.
      Thanks for catching this! Happy sewing!

  • Dscn0826_large

    Jan 28, 2011, 04.04 PMby ruthw

    1 Reply
    • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

      Jan 29, 2011, 06.00 AMby sew4my3

      Removed, and thanks for the extra set of eyes!

  • Missing

    Aug 25, 2011, 06.45 PMby teresa5562

    http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/omg-romper-statement-2?all_images=1#project-shot-all Am I the only person who feels this is in poor taste. This is a sewing website and I feel that the photos of guns and violence in any manner belong elsewhere. Will love to hear from everyone about this. P.S. I am an over 45 female with a teenage daughter, I am not denouncing the wording just the actions in photos, they do not have anything to do with the clothing. Thank you

  • File0012_10_large

    Dec 23, 2011, 11.55 AMby jennyrecorder

    Hi, the Cambridge satchels are being sold by a commercial business, methinks this is not what Burdastyle is all about, does it constitute spam…I think so!

  • File0012_10_large

    Feb 20, 2012, 07.35 AMby jennyrecorder

    Those cambridge satchels are back, hmmm, not homemade methingks!!!http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/green-body-black-buckles-cambridge-satchel1

    1 Reply
    • David_headshot_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 11.46 PMby mynameisdavid

      Thank you, Jenny. I have sent an e-mail to this member.

      - David

  • Bu_large

    Mar 21, 2012, 12.32 PMby tyui2

    niutycun is posting cars?

  • Burda_profile_picture_large

    Mar 11, 2013, 11.36 PMby Couture Academic

    Hi there! I marked a reply to one of my comments as inappropriate accidentally! A link to the project where I did this is here http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/valentine-roses. Hopefully someone can undo this for me! Got mixed up with the Reply button. Maybe putting an “undo” button would be helpful? Thanks very much :)

  • Missing

    Mar 12, 2013, 05.00 PMby perilsp

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Apr 16, 2013, 06.42 PMby anajan

    A member with username erikajaroslaw is contacting other members with spam lettets, with some scam proposal. If needed I can forward you the letter I received, so you could see it yourself.http://www.burdastyle.com/profiles/erikajaroslaw/my_activity

  • 20596winter_20fairy_large

    Apr 17, 2013, 07.08 PMby sewingfan1

    I got one too. Forwarded it to the contact email for this site the other day

  • Missing

    Aug 27, 2013, 04.40 PMby Raven Pen-Orthyn

    Can someone finally answer my question.

    Why is the fashion industry so sexist? When most western countries are so against sexism, the fashion industry, be it clothing, and or patterns, are all woman based.

    Please dont get me wrong. I’m all for equality, as long as that is what it is… Equal

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Oct 7, 2013, 04.13 PMby sew4my3

    • This is a question
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