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I’ve still got that really annoying advertiser “ClickSor” mucking up my BurdaStyle pages. Not sure if I can upload an example image directly here… I will try:


If you can see the image, you’ll note that the advertisement selects words from the text, underlines them and turns them into hot links that raise the advertiser’s window when you mouse over the word, and bring up their web-page when you click on the word. Note these are our words, not theirs – the advertisement essentially hijacks text on the page for its own purposes. I consider this “inappropriate” advertising, “toxic” even! A serious menace, as it interferes with the normal functions of the webpage!


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  • 82e436f09f95d6b34061fbcd243f74d03691be01_large

    Aug 8, 2009, 03.56 AMby Luis Lavena

    Hey gedwoods.

    To me sounds like a toolbar or plugin that got installed in your browser.

    Can you tell me which browser and version are you using?

  • 7e6e2de189bd2cc90a24a2f141ca499486a35542_large

    Aug 8, 2009, 07.54 AMby geid

    Hey gedwoods,

    I fixed your embedded image. Basically you have to take the source image from flickr (eg. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2650/3798683528_e29ec6b74b.jpg) and put a ! in front and a ! at the end with no spaces. Hope that helps.

    Best, george

  • 990745-073_large

    Aug 8, 2009, 03.22 PMby nehmah

    Thank you geid, for this valuable how-to this sort of ad is distracting to me. I have neuropathy-related damage and any sudden movement on a screen will throw me off-track. I now have another way to block ads that get past “NoScript” Cordially, Nehmah

  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 8, 2009, 07.34 PMby gedwoods

    Hello luislavena, I’m using Firefox 3.0.11, under Mac OS 10.5.8 … I have suspected something of the sort, but have tried eliminating Firefox from my system and rebooting from a fresh download of Firefox without this making any difference whatsoever. Any other help getting rid of the thing would be really appreciated!

    Thanks geid for the fix… I must have miscoded.

  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 8, 2009, 07.45 PMby gedwoods

    I’ve disabled all the plug-ins and removed all the cookies, but the problem persists – something wicked has clearly attached itself to my system. I should add that I also tried Safarir and Navigator with the same problem, which is why I assumed it was the website and not my system. But I suppose it might be my OS that has some kind of thing screwing things up!

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    • 82e436f09f95d6b34061fbcd243f74d03691be01_large

      Aug 8, 2009, 11.06 PMby Luis Lavena

      Well, seems to be is an advertising bad practice.

      Most advertisers display banners based on your geographical location (IP stuff).

      So I’m not seening that particular banner, but instead a persisting click here animation, which is also distracting and annoying.

      Please use the contact form and select Report a Problem pointing them to this thread for more details.

      Perhaps there is something that could be changed in the advertising, but dunno.

      Sorry for not being more helpful.


  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 9, 2009, 07.25 AMby gedwoods

    I’ve downloaded the latest Apple recommended anti-virus and anti-spyware software, but again, this gives me a clean bill of health. So it’s neither a plug-in or a virus. It doesn’t appear to be a toolbar extension either. So I’m stumped.

  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 9, 2009, 09.27 PMby gedwoods

    I’ve finally tracked it down. When I turned off JavaScript, the annoying behaviour went away. So I will keep JavaScript off now, unless there are specific reasons to turn it on. So it IS the advertiser, and not my operating system, that is at fault.

  • Photoge01_large

    Aug 9, 2009, 09.32 PMby gedwoods

    Actually, turning off JavaScript turns off ALL the ads! Yippee! The only thing is, it also turns off some of the screen updating functions of the BurdaStyle site – but I think I can live with a few quirks if I get to do without the ads!

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