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I just wanted to share a little experience I had with my sewing. After I finished fashion design school, where I learned very much about pattern construction and sewing, my pattern construction skills almost became too much for me. I know it sounds weird, but I was at that point when I felt I could do anything, almost any shape I wanted. And I started the most complicated projects just because of that. But the thing is, I got bored and started new projects all the time, without finishing anything. And the result of that is that I almost got bored of sewing, because I never saw any finished results of my work. So I started to sew less and less, and during a period nothing at all. What I’d forgotten is that the most important thing with sewing is that it should be fun.

But about two weeks ago, I started to make a couple of simple garments with the easiest pattern construction. Just because I wanted to have fun when sewing again, like I always had before. And now, I’m soon finished with a little collection with simple and cute garments that took not much time at all to make. All the fabrics are from my fabric stash (originally bought in thrift stores) = no new fabrics, and that was my challenge with this collection, not the sewing and construction.

So my tips to you is that if you’re fed up with complicated constructions and hard sewing, it can be good to take a break from that and just make something simple, just for fun. (Of course it’s good to challenge yourself, but it’s not neccessary to do it all the time)

Well, that was a long post, but I felt I had to share this! Can’t wait to share my collection here at BS when it’s ready!

Happy sewing guys!


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  • 2mfm0bp_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 03.03 AMby n45

    This was a great post. Thanks for the important reminder!

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    • Jagg_large

      Oct 27, 2011, 05.16 PMby lizah

      Oh, I’m glad I could help :)

  • 20596winter_20fairy_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 01.09 PMby sewingfan1

    Was just about ready for a reminder like this! I think I fancy a long run of simple projects – and there are so many easy patterns out there to choose from which actually look great on, and as there’s less that can actually go wrong when you’re putting them together, they often end up looking more professional than the more complicated ones. Win win situation!!

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    • Jagg_large

      Oct 27, 2011, 05.15 PMby lizah

      Exactly! I think you should do that :)

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Nov 4, 2011, 10.52 PMby katexxxxxx

    I like to have several projects on the go at once: something spectacular and complex to stretch me, something small and simple to finish quickly for that DONE! feeling, and something that I can just pick up and put down as and when… This last may be a quilt or a piece of embroidery.

  • Missing

    Nov 5, 2011, 12.59 PMby mickeygirl

    It is different when you are sewing because you NEED a garment. You will finish a project when you have a deadline for wearing it.

    Sometimes the hard part do slow everything down because you need to figure out how to fix something or what order everything needs to be sewn. Often I will collect old patterns from charity shops just for the sewing instructions.

    What is difficult to me is sewing bras. I found instructions for drafting and sewing panties, leggings and I have success with that – only I find it difficult to get good instructions on how to draft bras. What else I would like to learn is those old fashioned panty girdles — they are like bike shorts with a crotch piece like a panty and panels. I just can’t seem to figure it out from just a short/legging pattern.

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    • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

      Nov 5, 2011, 06.51 PMby katexxxxxx

      You might find it easier to start with an old one that you cut up for the pattern. And read this website for info on using stretch fabrics: http://www.patternschool.com/

  • Missing

    Nov 18, 2011, 09.15 PMby mickeygirl

    I love patternschool.com.

    I miss vintagesewing.com soooooo much!!! I found an archived version.

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