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Previously, you were able to view download pattern instructions without having to buy the pattern. Many times I’ve used this feature previous to starting a project because I happen to live in Italy and buy the Italian version of the magazine. Since English is my first language I found it helpful to also look at the instructions in English and confirm understanding of the processes. Is this something that has permanently changed?


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    Feb 3, 2014, 06.45 AMby obandmm

    I know what you mean. I haven’t figured out the answer to your question either. Maybe they don’t want to tell you why. Being that the BurdaStyle company won’t even answer your question, it’s probably happened so they can up their sales by taking away the convenience in being able to read the instructions w/out buying the pattern so you know how easy it is & if you can even do it, which is forcing you to buy the pattern based on looks alone. Them calling the patterns beginning, novice or intermediate is only their perspective. It’s a shame they would take this inconvenience away if they think they will make more money this year by doing so. But that’s what happens. Companies try every year to make more money than the previous by skimping on things they think will up their overall earnings that year & then eventually they have skimped so much that quality is no longer what it used to be. Some companies even lay-off numerous employees to make their goal, leaving many out of work and struggling to survive. That’s how it is in the U.S. so hopefully they’re not taking tips from us.

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    Feb 4, 2014, 04.45 AMby Jolly Project

    I have also searched for the instructions that were available in English until not long ago. Sadly I am disappointed we can no longer get them for some guidance before we buy the pattern. I thought this was great and made Burda different to really help those who love to sew and understand what we are sewing first. It may be for financial reasons but this actually makes me unsure to buy the pattern because I am not convinced I can even work with it first. I really hope they bring them back to help the more novice at least?

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    Feb 5, 2014, 07.19 AMby peppit

    I totally agree with the inconvience the disappearance of instructions brought. They helped me decide on the amount of fabric needed, on usage and combination of scrap fabric, on possible alterations and how they might work on the pattern, on pattern degree of difficulty, etc…Actually this feature added extra points to my appreciation of burda company compared to the other ‘big’ pattern companies. If this all is not a technical mistake, I’m sure burdastyle will take into account our considerations and definitely bring the PDF instructions back.

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    Feb 6, 2014, 01.56 AMby burdastyle

    Hey Everyone!

    Yes, a decision was made to move all the pattern instructions to the user’s pattern library instead of having them available to download on the pattern’s store page. All necessary information such as fabric and notion requirements are available on the pattern store page, along with multiple images (including technicals) and pattern difficulty ranking. If you have any additional concerns on this issue please email us through our contact page.


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    Feb 6, 2014, 01.35 PMby Skuggispike

    ??? Therefore it is essential to buy the pattern in order to view the details? Thanks in advance for a reply.

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    Feb 11, 2014, 07.10 PMby kadrikaur

    I have to say that I really don’t like this change. It was so much better to see the pattern pieces and different information about a certain project. This was actually one of the reasons why I started visiting this page – to get more information about a certain project. Guess I’m gonna have to stick to Russian Burdas now and hope that my skill level is high enough to make garments without instructions (which I know it isn’t). Sorry, but this change is not agreeing with me.

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    Mar 27, 2014, 08.48 PMby nevenski

    Guys, I think you should reconsider you decision regarding the PDF instructions. In Bulgaria there are several sewing pattern magazines in different languages. Burda is the most expensive one and it comes only in German. Still, I used to buy it because I could get the instructions from the website. Now, you lost me as a magazine buyer and I think you will lose customers in other countries too.

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