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I bought this pattern from the burdastyle but didn’t realise that it is in German only. I need it translated to english if someone can help me. The pattern is of high waisted tapered leg trousers


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    Jun 22, 2013, 02.34 PMby rsharma

    This is what the google translation looks like, any help will be appreciated: Short sizes 17, 18, 19, 20, 21von page 217/8-Hose, side length 88 cm (= neck collar waist) Hem width approx 35 cmSie need: elastic satin cotton, cross stretch, 150 cm wide, 1.35 m for all sizes . Grosgrain ribbon, 2.5 cm wide: 1.50 – 1.60 to 1.70 – 1.75 to 1.85 m. Vilene G 785 1 zip, 16 cm long. 2 small flat buttons. Note: For pants and shirt 123 122 you need from 150 cm wide fabric 2.15 m. Suggested Fabrics: Light Tree woolen fabrics with a little stand are ideal fabrics with elastane content. Paper cut: cut-out section in the required size. In the fenced part 22. Pocket-bag to kick-off line breaks. The quilting on the zip-line slot is for size. 17th For size. 18-21 the quilting line equidistant from the vord. Center draw, as in the Gr. 17th Seam and hem allowances: Seams and edges 1.5 cm, 4 cm hem (hem allowances side issue). Crop: 21 Vord. Pants 2×22 Lateral part. With hip yoke with bleed. Bag bag bag bag 2x 2×23 Rev. Pants 2×24 part Vord. Collar 4×25 Rev. Collar 17 cm long on fold 2xa) left slot plinth, 7 cm wide, finished width 3.5 cm. See insert cutting layout. Sewing: n seam edges stretch: REV. Ho senteile right sides successive derlegen. The inner leg edges above the cross stroke of the steam iron or a damp cloth to stretch until they are as long as the vord. Trouser part. Seam edges stretch: REV. Ho senteile right sides successive derlegen. The inner leg edges above the cross stroke of the steam iron or a damp cloth to stretch until they are as long as the vord. Trouser part. n At the vord. and pants, rear-sharing iron and sew the darts to the center. n Hüftpassentaschen: tel-pocket bag, right on the engaging edges of the vord. Trousers parts step groups. Pocket bag inside Repairer. Pocket openings Anstoßli the lines aptly on the lateral. Hüftpas-sen stuck. Sew the pocket inside another bag. Pocket bag to the vord. Trousers parts unterhef th. Prior to the addition on the right pocket bag along the vord. Center cut. s side seams and inner Beinnäh th quilting. Seam allowances apart-derbügeln. Vord. Stitch center seam from slit mark to the inner leg seam. n zipper slot: Angeschnit Schlitzbesätze inside bu-tene rules, right along the vord. Center, left 5 mm before the vord. Middle. Narrow under quilt on the left slot edge (Untertrittden zipper next to the teeth. Align the slot center pin together on center. The loose zipper tape to the right stocking stitch, not mitfassen the pants part. Stocking FESTHEF th. Align the slot from above to 3 cm from the end of the slot as marked.. starting-sew slot gutter along fal th, lower narrow side before closing. turning. underlay under the left slot edge set, stuck on vents. the vents close to the zipper attachment seam on the plinth to stitch. Align the slot down again and to Topstitch slot end, it mitfassen the gutter n Rev sew center seam, the seam allowance from the top to the beginning apart-derbügeln step rounding n covenant…. sideseams quilting to the federal government share-exterior stitch trim on the upper pants edge, right collar end. from vord. middle protru-ing leave, quilting left collar end of the gutter. Press allowances of joining seam to the hem. inside the waistline umbügeln the addition of the lower edge. interior collar insert, right on the con-quilted outer collar. At the contact vord. bundle ends stitch (right at the vord. middle) and along the top edge of the waistband. Trim seam allowances. covenant. Sew collar inner edge. n on the right collar end of the button holes as marked. sew., the grosgrain ribbon into two parts of equal length cut. each Ripsbandende a narrow hem. A grosgrain insert 2.5 cm below the upper edge of the Bund, the hemmed end is on the right vord. Bundkan th, strike the other end to the left edge of the waistband. tape along the top edge and on the left-hand sewing on narrow end. sew the second strip 5 mm below the upper edge as described in the federal government. ironing n hem allowance inwards and sew by hand.

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