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My friend wants to get married in her grandmother’s wedding dress. I am doing the repairs – it’s not in particularly good shape – and doing the fitting. It is a very simple gown made of a stretchy synthetic fabric which itself looks quite sturdy and not particularly sensitive.

The issue is, the dress has some stains – make-up and a rust stain from the now gone collar wire. Not very visible. The dress was washed, but they didn’t come out. My friend said she isn’t terribly bothered by this, but she’d prefer them gone. I’d personally say the rust stain is on a pretty visible spot.

Most dry-cleaners over here have a policy not to accept clothes without care instructions on a label and signing it off as “on our own risk” lead to some pretty disappointing experience in the past.

Any tips on how to clear the stains?


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    Sep 24, 2017, 08.42 AMby Nefertiiri

    what is it made out of? if it’s synthetic, I have gotten some pretty amazing results using OxyClean stain remover. Suggest washing by hand, rinsing well, and hanging to dry from the waist, or along the midline of the dress (to prevent stretching, especially if there is a heavy skirt). Detergent based dish soap also does pretty well with oil based stains like make-up.

    Alternatively, hydrogen peroxide (from the first aid section of the drug store) will take out many stains. Mist it onto the stain, and then go over it with a low-temp steam iron (using a press cloth since you have a poly fabric). I’d say that’s a last resort and you need to be * super careful* with that as it can weaken the fabric so maybe only try this if you’re desperate… and test on an inside seam allowance or something first.

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