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I had to register under a new id to post this – have used the contact form several times over the past few weeks but had no response.

Basically I cannot login to the new beta site at all with my original id as the login page informs me my password is not recognised. I can assure you I am entering the correct password – it still works on the old site.

As a work around I thought I would try the beta site’s send me my details/reset password link. The new site does indeed email me my username, but the reset password link contained within only directs to the login page, not to a password reset form. So, basically it just sends you around in circles.

It matters to me because I have several paid for patterns connected to my original id on the old site that I am now unable to access on the beta site, plus numerous non paid for saved stuff that I would very much like to keep.I also think by probabiltities this must be affecting other folk.

So…. i dont mind waiting as I can get to the old site for now…but I would feel a bit better if I had some kind of recognition that the issue will be dealt with before you pull the plug. I understand updating a site is a big job and you will be busy, but I cant help butI feel that a short reply to one of the contact form emails I sent over the past 3 weeks might have been polite.



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    Aug 18, 2009, 10.21 AMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    ….was wondering if just fixing the password reset link issue might be possible? Maybe you could at least pass the issue to the development team for that?

    You know I guess in the transfer you messed up my account, scrambled the details…whatever, these things happen. Maybe I am the only one it happened to, maybe not, but at least if the password reset link actually worked I could get around that problem for myself.

    When you pull the plug on the old site I will lose all the paid for patterns there, and that doesn’t seem right. I am not planning on paying for them all again on a new ID!

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    Aug 19, 2009, 04.22 PMby Luis Lavena


    I’ve used the password recovery without issues.

    Would you mind let us know your old username? you referenced it several times but never quoted or mentioned it.

    Without that information, as developers, we cannot check if there is a particular detail that only affect your account.

    Thank you.

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    Aug 20, 2009, 10.07 AMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    Hello the username is tilicho-lama – that detail was in both the contact emails I sent?

    The issue I have had with using the password recovery is that the link send me an email with my username. It also send a link for password reset. When I clicked that link in the email it rediected me to the login page – the normal login page that is, to which I couldnt login in as the password was unrecognised!

    I tried that twice a few days apart, same result. I will go back and try the link again now and report back. Thanks.

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    Aug 20, 2009, 10.12 AMby hot-scotch-bonnet


    Yes the password reset link in the emails directs to www.burdastyle.com/login

    If I am already logged in on the new site to my new/temporay ID (Hot-Scotch-Bonnet) it links to http://www.burdastyle.com/profiles/hot-scotch-bonnet

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    Aug 20, 2009, 10.17 AMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    It seems to me that the issue does not only affect my account, otherwise the two separate times I have hit the ‘send me my details’ button to reset the password…well, the emails the system send me should contain the correct link?

  • 82e436f09f95d6b34061fbcd243f74d03691be01_large

    Aug 20, 2009, 06.31 PMby Luis Lavena

    Hello tilicho-lama,

    To be able to recover your password, you need to be logged out, not logged in as hot-scotch-bonnet

    Please, proceed with the following:

    1. Logout 2. Go to the login page 3. Instead of trying your username and password, scroll down and enter your email and hit Email me my info 4. Check your email for the password reset email 5. Open it and click the link, it will open your browser in the password reset page. 6. Enter the password and it’s confirmation (twice). It should be greater than 4 characters. 7. Click Update my password and log me in button

    If you’re stuck in one of those steps, please let us know which step and under which web browser and operating system did you tried. (eg: Firefox 3.5 Mac)

    Let’s figure out what is the issue here.


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    Aug 21, 2009, 02.06 PMby hot-scotch-bonnet


    I have already done that!

    Whilst logged out, (before hot-scotch-bonnet existed even, though I have done this since also)

    1). Went to the login page 2) Instead of trying your username and password, scroll down and enter your email and hit Email me my info 3). Checked my email for the password reset email 4). Opened it and clicked the link.

    This is where the porblem occurs. I dont know how to state it any clearer to be honest, as I already said this above and in my contact emails. The link directs to burdastyle.com/login.html I have never got to a password reset page as the link is incorrect.

    I also want to be clear that I can login to the old site as tilicho-lama just fine.

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    Aug 21, 2009, 02.13 PMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    I have tried this on two different machines, one running MS vista, one MS XP. Both cases browser is Firefox, and currently version 3.5, but also tried with previous version of Firefox.

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    Aug 21, 2009, 02.19 PMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    Also, cookies and cache have been cleared before hitting the link.

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    Aug 21, 2009, 02.22 PMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    the link given in the email is:http://www.burdastyle.com/password_resets/qMYWFzd4CsWZ_W64kCh8/edit

    Makes no odds if clicked direct or put straight into browwer – it reverts to www.burdastyle/login.html and there is no passwrod reset option on that page

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    Aug 21, 2009, 02.35 PMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    OK, just to remove any further doubt I redid stept 1 to 4 again just now, as I havent tried this for a few days.

    I can report that the results were the same – well obviously the script passed on a different identifier in the url, but as with all the other times the link reverts to the burdastyle/login not to the passwrod reset form.

    Hope that helps.

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    Aug 22, 2009, 11.14 AMby hot-scotch-bonnet

    I get the impression I have been misunderstood, so I will rephrase:

    1) There is the issue that the new site will not recognise my password. I do not need to ‘recover’ my password as I know it, and it works on the old site just fine. Logically a password reset may get around this glitch, however.

    2) The password reset function on the new site is broken. The system does not pass on a working link to the password reset page. It is for this reason, as much as for any minor irritation over my personal account issue, that I posted here as such an error is clearly one that affects the entire site. So, i guess I thought it might be useful to point that out.


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    • 82e436f09f95d6b34061fbcd243f74d03691be01_large

      Aug 22, 2009, 02.11 PMby Luis Lavena

      Hello hot-scotch-bonnet,

      Again, the password reset functionality works perfectly for all the other accounts I have tested, but seems not for you.

      This indicates something funny with the data of your account.

      What I can do is reset enter a random password in the CMS for you and contact over email so you can try logging in.

      You’re been understood clearly, but is hard to replicate your situation when you’re the only one experiencing it.

      Will reach you over email after reset your password to let you log in.


    • 82e436f09f95d6b34061fbcd243f74d03691be01_large

      Aug 22, 2009, 02.14 PMby Luis Lavena

      A follow up.

      I just tried to run validations over your account tilicho-lama and it seems to confirm my doubts:

      Password is too short (less than 4 characters)

      That’s why the account is invalid.

      The issue you’re seen with reseting the password is hard to reproduce, will reset it for you and contact over email with the info for you to log in.


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    Aug 22, 2009, 04.25 PMby tilicho-lama

    OK! Well it all works now. The original password was 8 characters and still owrked fine on the old site, i think it was just a transfer glitch, which I know happens.

    Anyhows, I am happy to say that all my patterns etc transferred just fine.

    I guess it is good that it was just some weird glitch affecting my account – I honestly thought it must be a script problem with the reset link generator.

    Thanks for your help. I will now be free to fully concentrate on all the positive things about the new site, of which there are many. :-) Thank you.

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