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Here is a ordinary question and some not so ordinary ones. Do not include your sewing machine in your answers.

1. What is in your sewing bag/box/tote?

2. What tools are in your sewing room/studio/space?

3. Which tool do you use most often?

4. Which tools could you live without?

5. Which ones can you not part with?

6. Have you ever used one of your sewing implements for something other than sewing? Why?

7. Have you ever used an item around the home as a sewing tool? Why?

I can’t wait to hear how creative you have been! Start answering.


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    Sep 20, 2011, 10.24 AMby sew4my3

    I will share my answers after I go take inventory today.

    Happy sewing fellow creative spirits!

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    Sep 20, 2011, 11.57 AMby katexxxxxx

    1. What is in your sewing bag/box/tote?

    Depends which one!

    The quilting one has small scissors, basting thread, quilting thread, and the piece I’m hand quilting…

    The embroidery one has small scissors, embroidery threads and needles, the embroidery frame, and, currently, the linen pockets I’m working on…

    The general hand sewing box contains small scissors, a selection of threads, quick-unpick, thread snips, a tape measure, pins and the Dead Flower needle case…

    2. What tools are in your sewing room/studio/space?

    How long is a bit of string?

    About a dozen pairs of scissors, plus several thread snips and quick-unpicks. Several rotary cutters and their blades, in different sizes 4 large cutting mats 1 small cutting mat An embroidery blocking board… Various boxes of different types of pins A large collection of hand and machine needles About a dozen tape measures! Loop turners, tracing wheels, hem gauges… A collection of tapes and bias bindings… Boxes of sewing machine feet and spare parts A large collection of beading and bejeweling supplies and equipment Pattern drafting paper, rulers, and other kit… Several hundred bobbins… Several hundred reels and cones of thread… A bed 3000 books several irons Ironing boards, sleeve board and roll, pressing hams, pressing cloths, etc… Tin snips Tweezers A hammer A pop rivier Vise Pliers in several sizes… Point turners Pencils, pens Rulers, set squaRes, and French Curves in several sizes Fabric markers of various types 4 large G clamps…

    That just scratches the surface…

    3. Which tool do you use most often? Scissors.

    4. Which tools could you live without? Possibly one or two of the sewing machine feet… The rest are all necessary, even if only occasionally.

    5. Which ones can you not part with? Scissors.

    6. Have you ever used one of your sewing implements for something other than sewing? Why? No, but I have co-opted non-sewing stuff for sewing/constructing purposes…

    7. Have you ever used an item around the home as a sewing tool? Why? I use cans of cat food as fabric weights occasionally.

    The thing is that I make historic costumes, wedding dresses, and tailored items, including hats and corsets and other underpinnings, I occasionally embroider, and I quilt both by hand and machine. You need specialist equipment for all of these types of sewing, plus more for the beading and embellishing with crystals that also go on things… And I teach, so I need multiples of things for that. Hence the dozens of pairs of scissors, tape measures, etc… Some folk manage to contain all their sewing needs in a nice sewing box and a Horn cabinet (or similar). I have trouble keeping mine all in the house!

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      Sep 23, 2011, 01.59 AMby sew4my3

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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    Sep 23, 2011, 02.20 AMby sew4my3

    My answers, better late than never.

    1. I keep a “to go” bag with all of the basics, scissors, hand sewing supplies, marking tools, pins, thread etc.. I started doing this when my daughters were competing in dance and you never knew when you would need to make a repair, adjustment or sew on pointe shoe ribbons. Now I keep it for when we travel to weddings or other events. You wouldn’t believe how many weddings I’ve been to that they come grab me from my seat to make a quick repair.

    2. The tools that are in my sewing room are pretty much the same as KateXXXXXX’s. I may have a few more scissors but overall all the basics, plus a laminator for making things like bookmarks etc..

    3. The tool I use the most is probably my cutting table. I use it for more than just cutting.

    4. Tools I could live without would probably be these hem clip thingys. I’ve used them in the past but usually a hot iron and measuring tool works the best.

    5. Tools I could Not live without would be scissors like Katexxxxxx, but truly my iron is my best friend in the sewing studio.

    6. Have I ever used a sewing tool for something other than sewing? Well, I haven’t but I came home one time to find that my husband was using a pair of my $50 scissors to cut wire.

    7. Have I ever used something around the home as a sewing tool? Once I used a picture frame as a square to make sure I had perfect right angles. I’ve also used the dremel tool to dull the edges of boning.

    I make a variety of items and prefer costuming but I do craft shows so a lot of my sewing lately has been crafty small items like tissue covers, fabric bookmarks and aprons. Also, I sew quite a bit for my daughters as they are really tiny and wear children sizes but are high school teachers and need clothes that look more mature for class. I love the vintage patterns for them, as a lot of women from years gone by were smaller so these patterns fit them well. I also teach my son(nathanL) and his girlfriend on sewing so I’m not always spending all of my time sewing for them. LOL


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