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I have been using Burda Magazines for over 15 years and in fact teach my students from them.
All the patterns are now on 2 sheets rather than the 4 we use to get – it is almost impossible to find the pattern pieces and see clearly the different lines. I would and many of my students would gladly pay an extra $2 to $5 to get back the 4 sheets. Please consider!


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  • Jlsunset206722_4470656425_5471_n_large

    Sep 23, 2013, 05.41 AMby seafleure

    I agree! It makes it much easier to use a pattern if you can cut it out without first having to trace it on both sides! More pages means that it’s usually much easier to find the pattern pieces you need.

  • Missing

    Sep 27, 2013, 12.24 AMby sewbling

    I have been introduced to Burda patterns and am considering a subscription as I love the designs. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the pattern sheets and the amount of lines on them. Bring back 4 sheets! The 2 sheets are too confusing and difficult to see. Nothing worse than having to redo a pattern or realise your garment isnt quite right, because the pattern was traced wrong due to confusing pattern sheets! Please listen to the feebdack and at least trial !!

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2013, 03.46 PMby Donna Meyer

    I agree! The 2-page format makes the process so much more difficult. Don’t think I’m renewing my subscription next month.

  • Purplefan_large

    Oct 6, 2013, 05.57 AMby purplefan

    When did this change take place-Sept 2013 issue? Sorry, I have not handled a paper copy in some months.

  • Missing

    Oct 24, 2013, 06.06 PMby tigerlounge

    It’s older than that – think it’s been at least two or three years.

  • Missing

    Nov 6, 2013, 12.09 AMby Nomadstitcher

    I am a new subscriber and am currently working on a Burda coat, my first project. Working with the pattern sheets has given me a Huge Headache. Having 4 sheets instead of 2 sounds wonderful! I would gladly pay extra

  • Missing

    Nov 8, 2013, 09.03 PMby Emilyseesu

    I concur with all postings. It is hard on the eyes too.
  • Makeupgirls_318_large

    Dec 26, 2013, 07.58 PMby jlewisladyb

    Yes, I’m right with you. I have early cateracks and it is a struggle to figger out the pattern parts.

  • Image_large

    Dec 31, 2013, 08.23 AMby flowercat

    I used to trace the patterns onto baking paper (which if I saw cheap would buy loads!) but I have now resorted to putting paper under the sheets and using my spike wheel over the lines. I can see the lines easier that way. But I do confess to a couple of mistakes due to too many lines. 4 sheets were much easier. Please listen Burda.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2013, 01.59 PMby grandrivergirl

    I agree. I cancelled my subscription for just this reason. I think they are trying to get us to download the designs instead. Maybe someday, they’ll phase out the magazine all together. Hope not!

  • Missing

    Jan 1, 2014, 12.48 AMby Gerhild

    I grew up with the Burda magazine in Germany. I love the fit of Burda patterns. Then I came across the Winter issue of Burdastyle. Why are not all patterns included? Downloading for free? I just checked on the dress on page 112, 36 pages!!!! No way, my ink cartridge is going to be spent in no time. Burda ALWAYS included all patterns in their magazine. If I spend $15.00 on a magazine, I want ALL patterns, not just a few. I had considered subscribing to the magazine but now I am reconsidering. Maybe if sufficient people complain, they’ll change the format.

  • Purplefan_large

    Jan 4, 2014, 02.36 AMby purplefan

    Someone gave me a copy of January 2014’s issue today (yes, stunned surprise here) and I see what members are concerned about-seemingly too many lines on what pattern pages are provided. That could be an issue for those of us inspired to trace pattern pieces after the rest of the day’s activities are out of the way-my eyes might fuss too. For the love of Burda, I’ll make the effort for the chosen 2-3 garments and ditto for crafts (love some of the New Year’s ideas and that peacock pincushion). Noticed that the fabric sources for each pattern in photos seem to be more suggestive i.e Buweck but in some cases the source is direct not suggested. Hmm, return of the motorcycle styled jacket for January-seems to be a biennial occurence so I have to make the non-zipper version just to have something new. Organza is not warm for winter-have to see if there is a blend fabric that will suit. I’m pleased there are two jackets in Plus sizing that might see themselves made for Mum’s wardrobe! Retail stores are just not providing jackets in fabrics that will last and the price points…!

  • Ellen1_large

    May 20, 2014, 07.38 AMby Ellen Hatteland

    Funny – This morning I was thinking about the same issue when I was tracing out a top from Burda 05/2005 and it was much easier than the latest Burda magazine! So I hope BurdaStyle really will consider of doing this!

  • Img_0007_large

    May 20, 2014, 09.10 PMby maggieg5

    I agree with Ellen, without a doubt the patterns should be on 4 sheets and not 2. This may even encourage more people to take up sewing using the BURDA magazines as it wont be so daunting trying to trace of the patterns.!!. I have patten books pre 1990, Burda used to also provided a full separate pattern as well as the sheets in the magazine back then. Would be wonderful if they re-introduced this as well !

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