Crepe Skirt 2|Burda Easy 2/21

  • Crepe Skirt 2|Burda Easy 2/21
A: Short and fresh! The polka-dot skirt with side pockets is the perfect length for everyone who likes to show their legs and have fun. Completely up to date: the narrow, waist-high A silhouette and a short slit. B: What a nice look! The wide cut (with an elastic casing at the waist, a slit at the front and side pockets) is casual yet feminine. ‘Illuminating’ yellow, one of the Pantone trend colours in 2021, makes it a piece for picking up everyone's mood. C: This ankle-length skirt with a long slit looks just as good with sandals and ballerinas as it does with chunky boots, Chucks, or thick-soled trainers. Depending on the styling, it is romantic, grungy, sporty or ultra-modern.
Skirt Length; A: 45 cm (36 5/8 in), B: 65 cm (36 5/8 in), C: 93 cm (36 5/8 in)
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Original Fabric
A: Polyester print, B: Polyester crepe, C: Viscose crepe
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