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Tuesday Icon

This week, BurdaStyle goes L.A. native. ICON SARAH SILVERMAN

Bring up the subject of L.A. beauty, and the same few keywords come up again and again: Plastic, blond, tits, Botox, “Baywatch,” fake. And indeed, there’s plenty of that Porno Barbie look flying around Los Angeles; the stereotype exists for a reason. My first few trips to L.A., however, it wasn’t the armies of Pam Anderson-lookalikes that brought me up short, inasmuch as I’d prepared myself for them. No, it was the more generalized self-consciousness of L.A. women that got to me: Everywhere I went, I had the sensation that they were looking over their shoulders at themselves, less to make sure they could see what the spectators saw than to make sure there were spectators, period. Los Angeles is a town where even the people who aren’t actors are, in a way, actors.



About five years ago I attended the wedding of a friend of mine from college. Among those at the reception was a guy who’d graduated a few classes ahead of me, someone I’d always found a little churlish. Talk turned to politics, and inevitably, to 9/11. The only New Yorker at our table, I found myself repeating, for the umpteenth time, the story of my 9/11, waking up to find that the screen of the TV I’d left on had turned blue, trying and failing to dial out on my cell phone; climbing up to my roof just in time to see the first tower fall. There’s more to it than that, but Mr. Churlish, as I’ll call him, interrupted me.

Saturday Trend

This week, BurdaStyle takes off, goes off and gets off track. TREND THE MIRTH OF WOOL

There are big trends to note from the Paris shows – abstractions of mood; news about volume and proportion. And then there are the micro-trends, asterisks on the edge of the major stories. If one of the large Parisian trends this season was, in essence, “fashion goes to the Winter Olympics,”

Friday Playlist

This week, BurdaStyle takes off, goes off and gets off track. PLAYLIST BLADES OF GLORY

As long as we’re on the subject of winter sports, I’m going to admit to an obsession with Blades of Glory. Coming from a girl who’s seen Foreign Film winner The Lives of Others twice, once to watch and once to take notes, this is an odd confession. I usually take a pass on the big comedies. Moreover, I’m a Will Ferrell skeptic. Playing George W. on SNL: Awesome.

Thursday Fashion

This week, BurdaStyle takes off, goes off and gets off track. FASHION SPEED RACER

It’s vastly in the interest of the big fashion houses for me to say this, but Fall 2007 really is a major season for accessories. I say it’s in their interest because accessories are where the money in fashion gets made these days; whether that was a motivating factor for designers or not, much of the shows’ collective energy derived from fresh ideas about how to finish an outfit. It was a busy season for stylists.

Wednesday Beauty

This week, BurdaStyle takes off, goes off and gets off track. BEAUTY AFTERBATH

Here’s the thing about winter: It’s cold. Newsflash, yeah, but for some reason I always find myself surprised and dismayed when the frigid weather rolls into town. I’m freezing, I’m cranky, I need a vacation, and so, in an act of perfect illogic,

Tuesday Icon

This week, BurdaStyle takes off, goes off and gets off track. ICON CLAUDINE LONGET

When I think about skiing, I think about Claudine Longet. It’s too bad that I do; if things had worked out better for the gamine Parisienne, if all she’d done was marry Andy Williams and croon basically anodyne love songs, I might never think of her at all. But apparently Longet meant what she said when she titled her best-known album “Love is Blue,” and after three kids and a few passable hits, she left Williams and took up with Olympic skier “Spider” Sabich. Then, one night in Aspen, she shot him.



Like pretty much everyone else on earth, I watched the Academy Awards last month. I watched the show, and I watched the red carpet pre-show, and the after-party post-shows, and frankly I found the experience exhausting. It’s not so much that the year’s marquee nominees were kind of meh, or that the ceremony itself was so typically boring. No, it’s the clothes that did me in.

Saturday Trend


This week, BurdaStyle gets serious.


I really wanted glasses when I was a kid. Some character in a book I loved probably had specs; maybe Harriet, in “Harriet the Spy.” Around the same time I made my mind up that I wanted glasses, I also decided to change my name to Clarissa, indeed, would answer to nothing else all of first grade. My judgment as a child was dubious.

Friday Playlist


This week, BurdaStyle gets serious.


London should be nervous. Milan, too, for that matter. One city or the other is likely to topple as a fashion capital in the next decade or so, London because the new talent keeps leaving, Milan because they can’t seem to find any new talent at all. The fashion week that will emerge in place of one or the other, or possibly both, is Sao Paulo’s. Latin America is desperately seeking a style hub,

Thursday Fashion


This week, BurdaStyle gets serious.


In a season of grown-up clothes, it’s only fitting that several young designers would do some growing up, too. Fall 2007 vaulted no newcomers to celebrity status?there were no Zac Posens or Proenza Schoulers or Thakoons out dazzling the crowd, but this season was adamantly not about dazzle. Instead, several winning young designers set about soberly finding themselves, translating the individual idioms of their respective styles into collections that were focused and mature.

Wednesday Beauty


This week, BurdaStyle gets serious.


Whereas the clothes for Fall were a polyglot bunch, runway beauty you could whittle down to two major themes: Maximal and minimal. In keeping with the show’s homage to the 1940s, Pat McGrath at Gucci gave the models a polished look: Porcelain face, immaculate brow, a wide almond eye with a feline stroke of liner across the top and, most prominent, a scarlet lip. The red lip was a highlight at Proenza, too?though makeup artist Gucci Westman’s interpretation was a glossy maraschino cherry, created for the show and available for a limited time through Lancome. Westman alternated the red lipstick with another that matched the models’ nearly naked eyes and face, and Tom Pecheux at Derek Lam echoed the nude theme, adding only a bit more smoke along the lids.

Tuesday Icon

This week, BurdaStyle gets serious. ICON HEADY LAMARR

Choosing this week’s icon wasn’t easy. Along with their panoply of runway looks, designers named a multitude of inspirations: Daryl Kerrigan reverenced Klute, “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale was the guiding spirit behind Philip Lim’s show, Behnaz Serafpour name-checked Vanessa Redgrave, in Camelot. Relative newbies Jason Wu, Bruno Pieters and Jose Ramon Reyes cited Jane Birkin, Tina Chow and heretofore unacknowledged fashion icon Elle Macpherson, respectively; new Anne Klein designer Isabel Toledo cited, well, Anne Klein. And I haven’t even the scratched the surface of influence.

After the Flood


My little brother came to visit last week. “Little,” because even though he’s got six inches and easily 50 lbs. on me, he’s also eight years younger. Our age gap includes a generation gap: I’m last gasp Gen X, my brother squarely Gen Y, and though you’d think having the same parents would erase some of the differences, well, it does and it doesn’t.

Home Collection: Table Set


In Germany we say that the eye always eats along. Meaning, your food should look as delicious as it tastes. We believe that the secret of a successful dinner invitation lies in your stylish table accessories. And that’s where we come in: We teach you how to sew pretty cool napkins, place mats, and a table cloth, so you can host fashionable dinner parties.

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