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How To: Bind the French Way!


It’s a week until Valentine’s Day, and love is certainly in the air! Every other commercial on television reminds men how much women like diamonds (not us though, we prefer something handmade, right!) and restaurants are clamoring for your attendance at their special Valentine’s day fea

Featured Member: Ctee


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I live in Sydney, Australia

Nikkishell: Finished night gown and wardrobe planning


I finished off my Desira night gown this week. It was very easy; I made it shorter and added sleeves. For the sleeves I used the Lydia pattern that I have already cut out (but have not yet used) and shortened them to just above my elbows. So now I have a night dress and a nightgown ready for my hospital bag and nothing else! Yep, I still haven’t put together my hospital bag and to be honest I’ve not done much else to prepare for this baby arriving. I mean, why would I want to do something as necessary as that when I can be sewing up a storm!? But really I could get onto it this week since I only have about 5 weeks left to go but feel I could POP any time.

Nayantara mentioned that it is Fashion week in New York. Personally I don’t really follow the fashion trends. I never buy fashion magazines, preferring to come up with my own style (if you can call it that), and at the moment I have no style at all or if I do it’s called ‘pregnant frump’. In a bid to have some kind of style once baby has arrived I am planning and making my autumn/winter wardrobe although there’s more planning than making going on. I thought I’d take a peek at what is on show at the fashion week online to see if I could find some inspiration. There are of course many, many beautiful outfits most of which would be great if I had no kids and went to lots of parties but of course I do have kids and never go to parties, sniff. What I need are comfortable, stylish clothes that are practical at the same time. I need to have boob access for feeding time so most dresses are out of the question. I need tops that can be pulled up or down. Collections that are inspiring me are those by Donna Karan, Alexander Wang and Diane Von Furstenburg in particular the bubble skirts and Greta Garbo style high waist trousers.

I’m starting off my new wardrobe by joining in the Sew along and will be making the JJ blouse with the silk/cotton voile you see pictured above. I purchased it from my new favourite dress fabric shop Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney. Colette has been wonderful by sending me heaps of fabric samples for me to paw and drool over. This could be very dangerous indeed! I want to make trousers, skirts, a jacket, a coat (maybe the new version of Talia), tops, cardigans…..the list goes on. I have no idea where I will find the time to make all these things; I may just have to settle with thinking about most of them. Another idea I had came to me when I was looking at my Desira night gown. I was thinking I could make a dress from this pattern with a jersey top half and a skirt attached, maybe using a different fabric? Do you think it could work?

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you have in mind for your wardrobe for next season. Leave me a comment to let me know.

Letter From the Editors: Fashion Week


It’s Fashion Week here in New York, and BurdaStyle is feeling the rush! We’ve not only got a few exciting fashion shows to attend (we’ll be sure to share the trends we see with you. . .) but also an exciting BUST Magazine Issue launch party to attend. We hooked our friends up at BUST with some awesome goodie bags containing the Charlie Grocery Bag along with some fun BurdaStyle pins and stickers to give to their readers, and in exchange, we get to go party with them!

Nikkishell: Pajama's for baby


I’ve been working on making some of my own patterns recently. Quick and easy stuff to start with and what better to start with than some baby clothes! This week I made up a pair of baby pajamas or they could even pass for day wear. I used a thrifted cotton sheet and a spare piece of fabric from my stash which I made into binding to trim the kimono style top.

I used Nayantara’s wonderful tutorial for making and uploading your own pattern to the site. The only difference being that I don’t have Photoshop, hmm a slight problem. Instead I used the GIMP program to scan my tiles and the PDFCreator program I have on my computer. It was a learning curve let me tell you and on many occasions my language was not for my children’s ears. I spent most of the day trying to figure out these programs and finally I have something to show for it. It is by no means perfect and I have heaps more learning to do but I am pleased to have finally taken the plunge and uploaded a pattern of my own. Maybe my next one will be much better and a little more adventurous

Please check it out and let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome but be kind, remember I have a heap of hormones raging through my pregnant body! Anything that will help me improve will be greatly accepted. I’m so excited to be doing this that I’ve been searching out pattern making books and found some on Ebay today that I was almost prepared to purchase at full price in the bookstore. Learning pattern making is one of my goals for this year and since I won’t be able to get to a class on a regular basis teaching myself by reading books, websites and just ‘having a go’ as I usually do with most things I want to learn.

I take my hat off to those of you that have successfully uploaded your own patterns and I hope to see many more in the future from other members too.

How To: Hem Jeans for Your Loved Ones


Not-so-long-ago, I learned a valuable lesson. As a student living on the largest college dorm floor East of the Mississippi River, it is not a good idea to advertise the fact that you can sew, unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. (Or, a laundry list of favors you could ask for in return- perhaps, even, getting someone to do your laundry.) I say this because you will inevitably be asked a dozen times a week to hem a pair of jeans for Cute-Boy-in-Room-Across-from-the Elevator or Girl-Who Always-Looks-Great-No-Matter-How-Windy-and-Cold-It-is-Outside down the hall, not including the requests you’ll get from your friends and classmates!

Featured Member: ClaireLovesToSew


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I grew up with my parents who live just outside London and I came to Plymouth to study,and have been living here by the sea ever since.

Nikkishell: Night gown in the making


Ah, I had all the good intentions of having a weekend of sewing but my body decided otherwise. I seem to be forgetting that I’m heavily pregnant, less than 7 weeks to go, and that I can’t do as much as I usually can or as fast. So rather than sitting at my sewing machine all weekend making the Desira night gown I spent my time that wasn’t spent napping with my feet up watching movies and getting some hand sewing done instead. I managed to whip up a bag using the Carolina pattern but instead of using it as it is intended, a wash bag, I made it into a regular bag. I used a thrifted table cloth I’ve had lingering in my sewing room for far too long; I lined it, used Timtex to stiffen it and added a flap to the front leaving off the zip. I had planned to embellish it a little more using ribbon, yarn and lace but I felt it looked better plain. I also finally finished sewing the binding onto my little girl’s quilt which I had intended to give her at Christmas, better late than never I say!

I got to work on my night gown today. I decided to leave off the neck band and instead I have curved the front pieces down towards the hem rather than have them form into points at the waist like I did with my Maternity Desira tops. I will shorten the gown a little more, I was going to have it knee length but I think I like it longer. The sleeves I have still not yet decided on, but considering the limited amount of fabric I have left I know they’re going to be shorter than elbow length. You will also notice I have used the white linen I had intended to use for another night dress. I didn’t manage to get to the fabric store so used what I had, I now realize that maybe a white night gown is probably not the best choice for wearing with a newborn baby! Duh….I blame my decision on the many hormones raging around my tired body. So I should have this finished by next week and ready to put in my (non existent at the moment) hospital bag, hmm….I should really get onto that soon.

The Anita sewalong has now come to an end but there seems that many of you are still working on your versions. I did notice that Olar has finished hers and they look fabulous!!! You can take a peek at them here, and you can read all about the alterations she made to get them to fit her perfectly in the sewalong thread. The next sew along is of course JJ’s cute ruffle blouse, there was no competition! It will run throughout the month of February so if you want to take part head on over to the new thread. Let us all know what plans you have for your version, your fabric choice and any alterations you may make etc. I will be taking part in this sew along (if baby allows!) and plan to use some fabulous fabric from a new to me fabric store here in Australia that I would dearly love to get lost in, it’s probably a good thing (for my bank balance) that it’s in Sydney and I’m in Melbourne!

Letter from the Editors: Cupid's Shot BurdaStyle!


Your heart’s a flutter! You’re singing in the rain! You’ve got a special Valentine to spend the 14th of February with! And to show him or her just how loved they are, you want to make a special something!

How To: Make your mark, without leaving a mark!


Oh no!

For all of my pattern reading and pattern grading how tos, I seem to have forgot one of the most important tutorials! What to do once you have cut out your pattern, read the markings, and threaded your machine?!. Well, of course, you need to transfer the marks! Grab a pair of snippers, or at least very pointy scissors, and perhaps a needle and contrasting thread. Then click on this quick and easy How To illustrating the basic way of transferring the darts, buttonholes, notches, center fronts, center backs, fold lines, and pocket placements you see all over your pattern.

Now, you are really ready to start sewing!

Take BurdaStyle Shopping with You!


We’re happy to introduce a one-size-fits-all pattern to the BurdaStyle Pattern Database, because not only will it fit you- it will fit in your bag as well! The Charlie Reusable Grocery Bag Pattern is BurdaStyle’s contribution to the movement to reduce the consumption of plastic bags- which is especially high in the United States! Do your part to help by making this bag for you, your friends, your family, your neighbors. . . anyone you know who could stand to say Bye Bye to the boring and bad plastic shopping bag! Best thing about it?!- It has a pouch inside so the bag can tuck into itself! Now you can carry it with you everywhere!

Download the pattern here! Learn how to make it by following the simple instructions in this How To and be sure to post pictures in the Creations section.

P.S. Check out this version of Charlie, specially embroidered by our friends Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching!

Featured Member: Lilo


1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I was born in Romania in a city (Oradea) only 20 km from the Hungarian border; many people who live there are hungarian, my family as well, so my mother tongue is hungarian. I learnt romanian later at the childrengarden and basic school.

I moved to Sweden when I was 20 years old, so my passport and my university degree are swedish. Much later, when the idiot at Scania told me I didn’t have the right education when solicitating for a job as engineer in scientific computing (I am a MSc in guess what? Scientific Computing!!) I gave up on both trying to find a job in Sweden and my precious education.

I took a job in the pharmaceutical industry as modeling & simulation scientist (pharmacokinetics) in Germany in 2004. It didn’t klick though with my (actually dutch!) boss, so I started working and living in the Netherlands, Nijmegen in 2005 and do that ever since.

NikkiShell Night Wear


Amongst my list of jobs as wide as my belly this week was the task of adding straps to my Jane night dress. It was quick and easy, just two straps made by sewing tubes of fabric and turning them right sides out. I made them pretty wide and added snaps to the front which I hid underneath the facing. I tried it on so I could pin the straps in the right place and it actually fit (just) over my bump so I’m thinking I could get away with making the others I have planned not so wide around the tummy.

Next up is the Desira night gown. You can see above how I plan to alter the pattern, I will lengthen it to just below the knee to match the length of my night dresses. I also plan to add sleeves, something short or to the elbow, any suggestions? I still haven’t decided which fabric to use; I think a kid free trip to the fabric store is in order so I can choose at my own leisure. Of course it needs to go well with my linen night dresses, maybe some patterned cotton?

There is another week left for the Anita sewalong so make sure you upload a photo of your finished skinny jeans in the creations section here on BurdaStyle. Remember to also let us know in the forum what you thought about making these jeans, did you come across any problems? Did you make any changes? Did you enjoy making them? Any tips for those (me) that plan to make them? I have started a new thread in the forum for votes for the next sew along project so head on over there to cast your vote. I personally would love to make Jj’s ruffle blouse ready for my autumn/winter wardrobe I’m planning in my head at the moment. I’m so looking forward to having my figure back and the cooler weather, I’m definitely more of a layers girl than a floaty summer girl. I need to get cracking now on the clothes I plan to make since I’m sure the newest member of the family will limit my sewing time once she arrives.

Letter from the Editors: It's Our Birthday!


It’s BurdaStyle’s 1st Birthday! We launched last year at the DLD 2007 conference, and Benedikta and Nora are celebrating big with friends at DLD 2008! We thank all of the members who have been with us since the beginning and as well as all our new friends who keep joining us as we continue to grow!



We all have our addictions, and while some can be detrimental, you’d be hard pressed to find something wrong with an addiction to vintage sewing patterns. Sarai at Sweet Sassafrass has started a compilation of resources for finding vintage sewing patterns. Check it out, and she’s included a contact link if you have more to add.


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