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We know that everyone isn’t between sizes 34 and 42! For the next collection, we want to let you, our members, vote on turning one of our patterns into a Plus pattern. Choose between two awesome styles: the Paola dress and the JJ blouse. When we posted the Paola in January, so many of you begged us to extend the size run! And the JJ blouse is such a fun perennial favorite…

You decide: vote here, in our slideshow, for which should we turn into a Plus pattern? You have until Wednesday the 18th of March to let us know!


  • Missing

    Nov 5, 2009, 01.49 PMby kiajones

    Is it impossible to make both?

  • 730d638158c26447c24930a5e398b4110fc0d510_large

    Mar 18, 2009, 01.40 PMby ememtee

    I wouldn’t wear either of these. The dress reminds me more of what used to be called a coat-dress rather than a wrap dress. Why can’t we just have a simple wrap dress/top designed to fit all sizes from extra small to extra large? Perhaps then everyone would be happy.

  • Missing

    Mar 18, 2009, 09.03 AMby tadkins

    I love the wrap dress. I could do so much with this pattern. My vote: the Paola dress. T

  • C7bec96006bd1219d883a088cd1ca5fe3a40591c_large

    Mar 18, 2009, 07.43 AMby loviedovieann

    Neither pattern is really all-around good for plus-size women, unfortunately. We need sleek lines and smart cuts. A trench dress and a ruffled shirt have neither. I’m sadly disappointed in the selection of plus sized patterns by Burda and would love to see the company hire someone specifically to design for big women. Remember, there are more big women (especially that make their own clothes) than smaller women. It’s a huge market that’s just not being tapped.

  • 8e728198612150cb3edb0374ba91a1826e36f8f2_large

    Mar 18, 2009, 01.23 AMby lastregatta

    I agree with teresaschwarz: Paola dress will be great on a plus size woman!

  • 0d429a50e35534100407e1b565f3c5280cd4f76b_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 11.10 PMby mahssa

    The pattern on the right side I guess!

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 10.36 PMby ladyolene


    A Zoftig lady usually doesn’t wear short sleeves, form fitting, or short dresses or blouses. Nor ruffles on the bust. Thanks

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 09.43 PMby ufpcreater

    I would not wear the blouse. The ruffles would just add bulk to my bust area and I don’t need it! The gathered sleeves are too short. I am not pleased with my upper arms since my weight gain. I am looking forward to making the dress if it wins the vote.

    Judy (AZ)

  • P1020027_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 04.18 PMby colerose76

    i don’t think either would be good. the frills on blouse would just make a busty plus look bigger and well, i have no waist. what about the new jacket u just posted.

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 04.01 PMby judiann

    hmm, not sure that either one would be very flattering. Between just the two choices, I’d go with the blouse. I’m not skinny like those models, and honestly would just not look good in either of them. Seems the majority like the dress the best….

  • 03f03cec456ae55f491ab461479a278aeae30374_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 03.42 PMby folaafua

    I’m not a plus size individual, but if I were I don’t think I’d want to be in something so ruffley on my chest. Most of my friends that are big and beautiful want something beautiful and feminine. I’m voting for th Paola pattern. In this time when we must accept what we have and love ourselves…no one should be hiding behind those ruffles.

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 01.14 PMby tessafrost

    Paola paola Paola! Please :)

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 01.08 PMby kellebelle

    Paola dress, definitely! The wrap style is better suited to the curvier figure, creating the effect of a waist if you’re thicker in the middle, simulating that hourglass shape. Ruffles are a detriment to a plus-size gal, drawing negative attention through extra fabric in a place you don’t want it, giving the impression of greater size.

    At least, so say Stacy & Clinton ;)

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 12.47 PMby karen608

    Ruffles on my large chest? BUTTONS on a dress on my chest? Um, what were they thinking? glad they want to make plus sizes for me but think about an actual 50 inch chested lady! Please!

  • 929ab40978f50fc1f249c30523587b80cb19d3dd_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 12.13 PMby lisa143

    I vote for the blouse… I recently watched a show called “Ruby” she was so upset that designers do not make clothing for people her size (3oo+ilbs).

    Ruby recently went to a design school and had clothing made to fit her, she was so happy to have modern styles to wear like everyone else.

    I dont understand why designers can’t make clothing or choose not to make them for plus size Gals. I was over 220 lbs myself as a teen. All I could wear was mens cords and ugly tops. I would go home and cry for hours. Even when I got older the styles didn’t improve much, elastic waist and frumpy tops.

    I hear so many plus size Gals say they want smaller prints and the styles that are modern like in the lower sizes. Not the huge prints that make them appear bigger.

    Designers listen to them please…. If I could mass produce for you Gals I would but I am only one seamstress….

    Sorry to take up so much space but this is so dear to my heart. It’s just my honest opinion. Thanks for letting me be heard. :-)

  • 5be8818d45547c8e7f55a448ad17e33531d36fce_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 12.06 PMby angelajiniel

    As much as I would love to see the shirt, I would have to agree that the ruffles and puffiness would be not-the-most-flattering. I’ve always wanted a shirt like that, but every time I try one on I know it’s not gonna happen. I have to vote for the wrap dress, much more flattering!

  • F6344d4043066cad0948a2d6793f1d63e6391cb4_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 11.59 AMby goldengryphon

    As a plus-sized person, the Paola dress is the way to go. Blouses are a dime a dozen, ones with ruffles are awful on plus-sized girls. And those sleeves? Come on! If I wanted to look chestier and like I had linebacker shoulder pads, well…

  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 11.55 AMby krishnam

    I would think Paola dress would look beautiful on any woman!

  • 46aa35b6d684f58cc33935b84529e2939e864a96_large

    Mar 17, 2009, 11.40 AMby solemnraven


  • Missing

    Mar 17, 2009, 11.21 AMby aradhana

    i would say the wrap dress! it would be more flattering on curves!

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2009, 05.32 AMby sweet-saboo

    I still think the paola dress looks very much like the waitress uniforms seen in the coffee shop on the reruns of the Seinfeld show, they’re even the same color as the one in the photo. This dress also has many design elements that add visual bulk to the waist & tummy area, such as multiple layers of fabric necessary for a wrap front, double breasted button placement, sash tied at waist, inverted pleats in front of skirt, which all add visual bulk, that is not flattering to anyone with a round tummy, or plus-sized waistline. Also the cuff detail on the sleeve adds visual bulk to the plus-size upper arm, which is not flattering to anyone above a single-digit dress size.

    So I would probably vote for the jj shirt, minus the puffy sleeves, with the ruffles modified to look more like a tuxedo shirt (as in, more subtle), and a longer shirt length so it does not end at the widest part of the hip area (hem length at the top of the thigh, or a handspan below the crotch would be more flattering). What I’d really like to see, is the Larissa jacket, modified to an A-line tunic-length anorak, with a drawstring at the hem, another drawstring at the waist (to create a subtle bloused effect), asymetrical zipper placement, and the front pockets moved from

    the high waist and placed instead just below the hip at the side seams/or about 3" from each side seam, on the same type of angle as the original placement. I think that could be done as a spring raincoat, or a lightweight jacket for spring, and would also look great as a winter jacket. I think that would look really fresh and different.

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2009, 02.18 AMby whoozqueen

    UGH, caps sleeves and ruffles on a plus size top?

    tock tock tock Hello in there, Burda? How about getting some designers who know how to work with plus sized bodies instead of making something ‘bigger’.

    We’re desperate for stylish gear, and this is a second best approach. Put some effort into this underresourced market, take us seriously and we’ll spend like hell on your products.

    Do things like this – displaying your ignorance of plus size fitting issues – and the message is reinforced that you just. don’t. get. this market.

  • Missing

    Mar 12, 2009, 05.26 PMby ta2djewess

    I agree with so many other comments. The ruffles are way too much for us busty ladies. Wasn’t it Diane Von Furstenberg who developed the wrap dress because it was soooo incredibly wearable for almost every woman? Shouldn’t we honor her ingenuity and incredible fashion sense?

  • 3893b1491472c3725c22affb596a4939d3400620_large

    Mar 11, 2009, 07.35 PMby simplysewing

    I like the shape of the Paola dress, however, I agree with the others about the bust area… I would definitely be hanging out!! lol. but I’m also concerned about the bulk and volume in the hip and tummy area with the pleats. I wouldn’t go with that style for my body. My shoulders would also be too wide for how structured it is.

    I like the JJ, even with the ruffles… I can wear a spaghetti strap underneath and leave the buttons open to lessen the ‘bulk’. Or make it without the ruffles.
  • Snow_2010_harris_tweedpredo_rachportrait_aproncontest_032_large

    Mar 11, 2009, 05.49 PMby agladewe

    I agree with the others’ evaluation of the ruffles. And I love the classic lines of the Paola dress. At first, I was concerned about the low neckline; but, then I thought that it would be beautiful with an embellished tank top under it! Rachel T

  • Pink_sweater_large

    Mar 11, 2009, 01.17 PMby allygally

    Paola, please… The wrap style is so incredibly flattering on curvy women.

  • A9cb5909e4e93a15d7f12343df4fc87e703cf10c_large

    Mar 11, 2009, 01.13 PMby carlatv

    I would so love to see the JJ in a plus-size! My mid-section is fuller than most and the belt on the Paola would not be very flattering on me. I would look like a tied up roast. One should always flatter their best feature and mine are the “girls”. I know, just make both in a plus size and problem solved!

  • Missing

    Mar 11, 2009, 08.40 AMby papertigerknits

    I would wear the Paola dress in a heartbeat!

  • A7b1923d5054a7de8f8501b7f12d9f947fd78a9f_large

    Mar 11, 2009, 02.49 AMby calexanderlivecomau

    Definately the wrap dress. I wear a UK size 18 and I would wear a wrap as it looks great on anyone.

  • Missing

    Mar 10, 2009, 05.35 PMby sdmaple

    I love paola dress and would love to make in my size.

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