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These new plus size sewing pattern are from burda style magazine’s April 2013 issue. Whisk yourself away on a romantic weekend in these lovely feminine dresses, tops and jackets. They are flowy, floral and great for springtime.

This Maxi-Dress goes right to the ankle and is made in slightly transparent fabric, so it makes a perfect cover for an under-slip or bathing suit.

This tunic Top looks great with all your summer bottoms. It has a high empire waist seam and a beautiful neckline. We especially love it paired with these great Floral Pants.

This Satin Jacket has a wide rounded collar panel which is pleated at the shoulders. Makes a great over coat for those cool spring nights.

This flowery Tunic top consists of two layers. The over layer is shirred at the waist, and has slits on the shoulders and center front so the under layer can shine through.

This Dress has a lovely Carmen neckline and empire waist seam. It falls just above the knee with a loose fitting silhouette that is so care free!

This is a nice hip-length Satin Jacket with pouch pockets. It is the perfect transitional piece to wear over all your dresses.

Here we have a beautiful Maxi-Dress. It has a wide waist band that accentuates the hourglass figure, and the V-neckline frames the face beautifully.

This is a lovely Summer Dress with plunging neckline and gathered shoulder seams. A satin under-dress peeks out from underneath.

Happy Sewing!


  • Unknown_large

    Mar 30, 2015, 03.03 PMby CreationsbyAli

    I must be missing something here. Many others are saying that these patterns only go up to size 20. I’ve looked at many of them and reviewed their sizing chart and unless I’m reading the chart wrong the patterns go up to size 26. I love this entire line and plan on making many of these outfits.

  • Missing

    Jul 18, 2014, 09.30 PMby mitch1066

    I must admit this is the first plus selection ive liked but i do agree stopping at a size 20 is a bit short for most.I’ll take this page as inspiration and find matching patterns elsewhere.

  • Missing

    Apr 19, 2013, 01.08 AMby Cait Macanliss

    Man, I love these, but I really wish they went up to 24-26. The amount of alterations it woudl take for me to make those to an existing pattern mean it’s easier just to draft my own.

  • Ameraucana_large

    Apr 10, 2013, 10.32 PMby simpleadditions

    Wow….the upper range of your so-called “plus size” is a 20? How nice. I wear a 22 on top and a 24-26 on the bottom, partially due to a medical condition and partially due to medications I have to take to control chronic pain. Thank goodness Burda makes patterns in larger sizes, because I certainly can’t find a pattern here to fit me! I’d rather not have to alter every single pattern I make. Once in a while if I find a cute smaller one I don’t mind, but I don’t like to have to do it every time I want to make a new look. Shame shame….for neglecting a large (pun intended) section of the population — the woman who wears a size 22 and larger. We like to dress nicely, too, believe it or not.

  • Missing

    Apr 10, 2013, 04.50 AMby SandyBrine

    I absolutely love every piece in this collection. I am actually looking forward to making a spring/summer wardrobe for the Plus size body I currently am living in. The Burda PLUS patterns feel like the are designed to flatter the fuller/curvier woman’s figure instead of just a scaled up skinny girl’s body.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2013, 09.42 PMby bookworm38

    I love, love, love this collection I want to make it all, NOW

  • Iris_pix_2_169_large

    Apr 3, 2013, 03.34 PMby weare4

    I have kind of taken to reading the reviews whenever a new plus size collection is released. Its interesting to me to read how people feel. I often feel like sewing for plus size women allows us the creative control to dress how we view ourselves versus what the industry says. Yet many of the responses to the patterns that burda puts out seems the opposite. Like we are still left out of the picture even in pattern making. With that said. I like this collection overall. I personally am more of a boho kind of girl so kimono sleeves and light and summery fabrics with bright pops of color appeals to me. I am a pear shape and can get away with an empire waist. I love the cleavage on the model don’t have nearly as much as she does but I think it is pretty and feminine. My favorite is the last one. took my thinking about summer dresses in a new direction. The under slip has a very flirtatious and romantic vibe that I am excited to try for myself.

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2013, 12.36 AMby Lady Skorski

    What is the pattern number of this collection?

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2013, 10.27 PMby barebear

    Oh, very pretty! I like the lines on some of these. While most of them aren’t really my style and I suspect might not do nice things for my tummy (with a large bust and hips, I can easily look preggers in tops and dresses gathered just below the bust), but they’re gorgeous designs and I might have to try out one or two of them anyways. This line is much better than previous tent-like garments, thank you for listening Burda!

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2013, 05.21 PMby olyveoil

    I have to say that this collection is extremely attractive to me. Everything in it is very appealing to me and I plan on getting as many of these as possible. The styles are feminine, flattering, and for a plus sized person like myself, that’s very important.

    After reading the comment about satin, I had to go back and have a look at the satin jacket. That looks very flattering on the plus sized model. My opinion is that good patterns that are paired up poorly with some fabrics will cause a very unflattering appearance. That’s been my experience in the past. But, it looks like the fabric choices for these pieces are just fine to me.

    Awesome collection. Very feminine and flattering.

    Debbie…(O: ><>

  • Cotton_voile_smock_1__large

    Apr 2, 2013, 12.31 AMby avjames

    I love this collection, I wish I could make them all. And also that I was not going into a southern hemisphere winter.

  • 20140528_084630_resized_large

    Mar 31, 2013, 06.55 PMby tika1210

    Like many others I like the kimono dresses in this collection although I think in this case they are not shown at their best because of the fabric selection. I find kimono dresses very useful as they cover the upper arms which can be a problem for all women not just plus size. I don’t like the jacket or the tunic as both have detail which are not that flattering for the plus size figure particularly the shirred elastic waist on the tunic. Overall I really cannot understand the fabric choices from my perspective they are pretty dire looking more like something for an 8 year old rather than a grown women.

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Apr 2, 2013, 11.29 PMby loretedelpy

      I’m with you on the fabric selections. I’m hoping the choice to make the kimono maxi dress out of gradated pink polka dots and truly unfortunate tablecloth flower print was made during a night of heavy drinking or demon possession. Yuck. But a nice pattern which would be quite pretty in a fabric for adults.

  • Jj5a_large

    Mar 30, 2013, 10.42 PMby MicNanDec

    I actually like this collection. Most of the previous collections I’ve been “meh” on. I like the floaty fabrics and dresses, not so much the cardigan. As someone who is big-busted I like the kimono-style tops. A few of these are on my to make list. :)

  • Missing

    Mar 30, 2013, 07.02 AMby emilyericson

    She is unbelievably beautiful.

  • 201_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 11.42 PMby dat757deeva

    I really love the kimono style maxi dress in both colors!

  • Gma_puppet_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 05.24 PMby yelmore


  • 486043_10200326557759449_664517254_n_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 03.07 PMby heidilea

    Wow, so much hate! I thought they were great, and reminded me of some of the outfits I loved when I was heavier.

    I REALLY love the prints used in this collection.

  • A800bb10d74bc9a529f1455298c465d785b31abf_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 02.58 PMby samanthaapril

    I really like most of these patterns, they are flattering and pretty, not frumpy at all. The last dress is especially lovely.

  • Missing

    Mar 29, 2013, 02.51 PMby tlwarner

    These are beautiful patterns! They feel light, romantic and feminine. I would alter my version a little by bringing up the “V” on the maxi-dress so it hits about the same place as the satin underdress.

  • Missing

    Mar 29, 2013, 02.36 PMby kylabush

    As all sewers know patterns are just starting points, we are able to adjust the design and choose the fabric., that complements our own bodies. It’s always nice to get inspiration in fabric choices.

  • Arrow_sewing_cabinets_-_olivia_hobby_table_-_a822_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 11.33 AMby ruthiesews


    I must have clicked on the wrong button, your comment IS NOT INAPPROPRIATE ! In fact, I find this God-awful, frumpy-dumpy collection, an insult to all plus-size big gals !!!

    And, I am only going to say this once………….SATIN DOES NOT SLIM THE BODY !!!!!!!!

    That being said, can we get on with business at hand and select some real, tasteful and elegant RTW ( ready to wear – in our New York apparel code ) and NOT patronize us curvy girls ?? !!!

    2 Replies
    • Fallsw2_large

      Mar 30, 2013, 03.47 PMby sewsweetviolets

      :) no Problem I have done that as well, I always feel terrible. But I know it happens when you are trying to reply. I hope I did not upset “bettysparkles” It is just that stating plus size women do not want show cleavage is like saying women do not like short sleeve. Some do some do not, and really only on style has cleavage really showing. so there are many more. Beside if the curvy women are not going to show off their curves then it is such a waist. :)

    • Missing

      Apr 2, 2013, 10.45 PMby barebear

      I’m sorry that you don’t like the line. I actually (for once) quite like it, even if I probably won’t make much of it right now (mostly because I have so many other patterns on the ‘to sew’ list).

      I’ve gotten up in arms and upset about Burda plus patterns in the past because I’m sick to death of tents only being on offer, but a friend recently pointed out that the patterns I was railing against was the style she prefers. I think that we have to be very careful about implying that something is an insult to all plus-size gals because we’re all different shapes, and different styles work for different people. (And the fabric, of course, can make or break the design.)

      I hope that next month’s offering is more suited for your style! :)

  • 405a_large

    Mar 29, 2013, 05.45 AMby MojoHollz

    THese are really lovely patterns! Thye look very easy to wear , feminine but without a lot of effort, and perfect for the change in seasons.

  • Facebook_pic_large

    Mar 28, 2013, 10.33 PMby bettysparkles

    This comment was deleted by the author.

    1 Reply
    • Fallsw2_large

      Mar 29, 2013, 01.55 AMby sewsweetviolets

      Sorry, I cannot agree. That may be for some, but not all, and besides most the plus sized stuff annoys me simply because of the too high neck lines and I will not buy them, or use them. I have always shown cleavage. I would rather people look at my cleavage which is impossible to hide if I do not want to look frumpy and old fashion. Not all plus size women are embarrassed by their bodies as they are. I know many women of all ages who agree with me.

    • This is a question
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