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We’ve all had them in our sewing journey — the inevitable mistakes. A stitch on the wrong side, a stabbed finger by a sewing needle, a burnt piece of fabric — yep, been there, done that.

A few weeks ago we asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share their most embarrassing and/or biggest sewing accident, and while some of the results were a bit sad, many were hilarious and comforting. It helped us to see that no one, regardless of how perfect their final garment may end up, is exempt from a few sewing mishaps here and there.

Here are a few of the moments shared:

- Samantha H.: “Turns out the lining for the first swim suit I made wasn’t opaque when wet!”

- Gavi K.: “I was ironing a beautiful synthetic fabric and no one told me that the iron was not working and despite the low temperature I set it to be…it burned my fabric, so I ended up making a rouched dress”

- Tasia P.: “I burned my finger on my sewing machine – I bet you’re wondering how that’s even possible! I had it on all morning and then picked it up to move it – with my finger on the still-hot lightbulb! Ouch.”

- Ursual N.: “First time I ever made an outfit for someone else, I forgot to wash the fabric before cutting. But washed the beautifully finished suit! It shrunk and ended up being about two numbers to small!”

- Hayniva L.: “I sewed my pointer finger with a zip zag stitch with black thread. It went right [through] my finger…”

If you didn’t get a chance to share your mistake, please share: Describe your most embarrassing and/or biggest sewing “accident.” We’d love to hear!


  • Skull_large

    Jan 28, 2011, 08.00 PMby leonx

    making one of my t shirts shoulders wobbly terrible.

  • Dsc03662_large

    Jan 19, 2011, 04.26 PMby elinorina

    Years ago, I decided to sew myself a lounging robe; I found lovely blue velour-like fabric, and carefully laid the pattern out and sewed it up quickly, since I was sure I knew what I was doing. The sewing was technically excellent, the zipper went in without one problem, but when I put the robe on (the first time I had seen it all at once), I realized I had totally forgotten the issue of nap! One side of the robe was a lovely deep blue, and the other side had a lovely sheen which made it look like a light blue. Forever after, I called it my clown robe! From that day to this, I’ve never forgotten the issue of nap…

  • Dsci0410_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 06.15 PMby momsgotanewhobby

    I almost always forget to remove a pin (or four) and my daughter pulled on a pair of jeans without having me go over for pins. She went to school and after getting to class and sitting down she sat on a pin that had been inside a seam…ouch.

    I was working with a pirate jacket for her in October and managed to sew a godet panel into a side seam. Took me an hour to rip the seams. Never sew tired!

  • Missing

    Jan 18, 2011, 08.17 AMby cyanste

    I was getting frustrated with trying to cut my fabric, and the rotary cutter tried to eat my finger. :( I’ve learned my lesson.

  • Portait_4_large

    Jan 17, 2011, 06.56 PMby stuffit-1

    Although it’s no real sewing accident and it’s really embarassing… In this year’s first week I met again with friends I haven’t seen for half a year because they’re studying abroad. Like always, we all worked on something while talking, one was crafting, the other knitting and I was sewing a blouse…I was ironing the shawl collar at that moment. The steam iron smelled disgusting, so I put it up a little bit to see if it was dirty or something. Suddenly, one of the two (no-one wants to be the culprit) pushed me from behind…and my nosetip kissed the hot steam iron. It’s so embarassing…>_< For over one week my nosetip was fire-red. And now I have a red scar. and it’s most likely to stay, like my new nicknames ‘Rudolfine’ and ‘Saufnase’ (could be translated as boozer or soaker or something that kind, a mean word for alcoholic).

    I also had the pleasure to have a sewing machine needle right in the middle of my left index finger, through the nail too. To fit the theme ;)

  • Baldbookgeek_copy_large

    Jan 17, 2011, 09.07 AMby william james

    my last year of college i cut my hand open with sewing scissors at 3 am trying to finish my final major project lots of blood very painful had to have stitches stll have the scar :(

  • Img_7296_large

    Jan 17, 2011, 01.03 AMby tonierenee

    I made my 6th grade daughter a beautiful shirt to wear to school for a special award ceremony (since she had developed a large chest and couldn’t buy things off the rack). She loved it and told all her friends that I made it for her. At some point during the after-party, one of the seams had started to unravel where three pieces of fabric met. She noticed it early and to keep it from being noticed, she refrained from moving around for the rest of the party. I felt really bad about it. (she tells me no one else noticed)

  • Missing

    Jan 16, 2011, 05.40 PMby varenoea

    I sewed these party trousers out of blue, glittery disco fabric. Oh, I thought they were going to be so awesome.

    In the end, they looked like the ones Agneta wears in the Abba video for “Waterloo” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTQwZ7mULGU&amp;ob=av2nm).

    Anybody got a pair of silver-glittering platform boots?

  • 970316_10201865009255816_2084508514_n_large

    Jan 16, 2011, 01.24 PMby lclausewitz

    I usually sew and line sleeve and body pieces separately before joining them together (a holdover from my historical sewing habits), but when I made a Hogwarts robe for a friend over the New Year’s holiday I took an unusual tack and made up the body and the lining as two complete, separate garments that I joined together at the edges with a carefully-judged amount of basting on certain internal seams to keep the individual pieces from shifting too much relative to each other. One sleeve went just fine and came out right when I flipped it the right side out, but when I worked on the other sleeve I found that I had somehow ended up with a continuous tube that couldn’t be reversed into a proper sleeve shape. I ended up ripping out the seam there and redoing it entirely. Oh well. At least my topologically challenged moment did not happen on both sleeves….

  • Missing

    Jan 16, 2011, 02.55 AMby elaineren

    Thirty-six years ago I sewed my own wedding dress. It was of velvet, and I had never successfully sewn a dress before—but it turned out super! However as I changed after the ceremony I discovered I had forgotten to remove the multi-colored stickpins from the hem. Haha!

    2 Replies
    • Picmonkey_collage_large

      Jan 16, 2011, 10.35 PMby designerroya

      That’s funny! :D

    • Dscf3810_large

      Jan 18, 2011, 09.32 PMby jennylorna

      That is wonderful! You just made my day lol!

  • Me1_large

    Jan 16, 2011, 01.37 AMby fashionfreek

    I was trying to finish my garments due to meeting a deadline for my fashion course. I pricked my finger loads of times and stabbed myself on the top of my thigh with the sewing pins which were helping to keep my garment together while i hand stitched to tack. My thigh did draw a little blood and left me with a tiny bruise.I was soooo tired. I also had this nice satin material to make a pair of trousers and i just had one more piece to overlock that i ended up cutting it. I learnt that it doesnt pay to rush:-(

  • J_avatar_large

    Jan 15, 2011, 11.09 PMby jenyjenny

    Most aggravating: was making a baby blanket with a piping edge and thought I would save time and sew the top and bottom together; not realizing that once that was done, the piping was encased within the seam and did not show when turned inside out. Duh! Had to rip out about 12 yards worth of seams. And this was after I had made this same blanket a few times, so I should have known better! Just too tired to sew at the time, I guess. I’ve also burned myself on the iron a few times and sliced my hand with a rotary cutter while sewing in a too-tired state!

  • 1ab91b8296db0b2c30618662c3ac4c537637d08f_large

    Jan 15, 2011, 07.24 PMby harlekin

    I managed to catch my nail of the forefinger in the sewing needle and like elisana wasn’t able anymore to think smart, screamed for my boyfriend to get a scissor, he nearly faded while rescuing my, really stupid…none of us thougt of just lifting the needle…but, hey, lucky me, my mom sewed through her finger when she was 14 and my grandma thought she was joking, until she saw all the blood..yikes..

  • Alterknits-dress-form_large

    Jan 15, 2011, 05.21 PMby littlemisssew

    burning my hand on the old light bulb,twice in a row :P I’m extremely clumsy :P

    Oh,not to forget the cutting my finger skin with super sharp cutting scissors while cutting fabric :P

    1 Reply
    • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

      Jan 15, 2011, 09.03 PMby Kelsey Edwards

      i did the same thing at school when i was 14, i cut the side of my index finger and when i told the teacher she freaked out and started calling lots of people and telling me i needed to fill out an incident report… i just needed a bandaid (:

  • 100_2202_large

    Jan 15, 2011, 11.07 AMby kraftykatina

    Sewing my finger with my machine and then burning my arm on the hot old light.

  • Img_20160502_133039_large

    Jan 15, 2011, 05.35 AMby elisana

    I wanted to add a band of material to the bottom end of my son’s BundleMe, to extend it’s life, since he grew out of it waaaay before he was “supposed” to and we still had a couple of winter months ahead. Because of the way it was constructed, I couldn’t turn it inside out to sew, and had to attach the zipper in a very complicated way. I stitched my middle finger in the process, right in the middle of the nail, and instead of acting like a smart person and lifting the needle, I shook my hand (and the machine) while my finger was still pinned down, screaming all the while, and caused what was a hole in my finger to become a gash to my finger tip. Ouch! Got recognized in the emergency room as “the wild seamstress”. And as soon as I got home, went back to the darn BundleMe to finish the stupid zipper.

  • Avawa_large

    Jan 14, 2011, 07.56 PMby analogue

    I had this lovely dark grey wool blend fabric with white and grey climbing flowers embroidered on it. I decided to make it into a high collared winter dress for which I had just enough fabric, cut out all the pieces and then relised I’d put the pattern pieces upside down on the fabric so all the flowers where upside down. I felt like such an idiot. In the end I made a new pattern for a slightly shorter button down halter dress with a pencil skirt which could be cut out of the original pieces turned the right way round.

    1 Reply
    • C360_2013-07-09-19-57-47-392-1_large

      Jan 16, 2011, 08.44 PMby popbabe7

      This happened to me as well! It took me a while to notice…

  • Ducks_large

    Jan 14, 2011, 04.33 PMby brianac18

    I was working on my Halloween costume very late at night. I was a bit sleepy and not paying attention. I went to cut a piece of bias tape and my newly sharpened Ginghers sliced right through my finger and palm. If you’re going to bleed all over a project it might as well be a Halloween costume. I have to admit I wear that scar with a bit of pride.

    1 Reply
    • Picmonkey_collage_large

      Jan 16, 2011, 10.29 PMby designerroya

      Omg! I totally gasped when you got to the bleeding part! I freak out so badly with blood! It makes me sick!

  • 9ea300614a3421df473f4ee5d290dd398b9d967a_large

    Jan 14, 2011, 04.03 PMby bodicegoddess589

    I was working on a deadline trying to finish a Medieval-style dress with grommets in the back. My grommeter doesn’t do a great job on the larger eyelets, so I used the hammer and grommeting tool that came with them. After a few of them, I hammered, the hammer slipped, and I hit my thumb. HARD. The whole end of my thumb ended up falling off because it was so damaged. I ended up finishing the dress with my thumb wrapped up in duct tape, and sent my roommate to the pharmacy for bandages. My thumb grew back okay, but I’m leery of ever using grommets again.

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