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Stuck on what to get everyone for the holidays? Why not whip up several of these easy to make faux fur headbands to keep all your friends and family’s ears warm this winter. Read on to see the tutorial…


+ Shannon Faux Fur Snow Leopard White/Taupe
+ Shannon Fabrics Minky Cuddle Dimple Yard, White
+ 1" wide elastic
+ Ball point / stretch sewing machine needle
+ Hand sewing needle
+ Point turner
+ Thread
+ Craft knife
+ Pins

Cut all materials to the dimensions pictured above – for the faux fur ONLY cut the backing of the fur and not the hairs. The easiest way to do this is by using a knife on the wrong side of the fur.

Step 1

Step 1: Pin the elastic to one of the short sides of the faux fur piece in the middle.

Step 2

Step 2: Place the lining piece, right sides together and pin along the top edge. Make sure the fur hair are inside!

Step 3

Step 3: Continue to pin and stretch the lining down the short edge with elastic and start to shift fur hair upwards into the headband – this will also depend on the nap of your faux fur.

Step 4

Step 4: Pin the lower long seam, right sides together continuing to “push” the fur upwards.

Step 5

Step 5: Push and pin, push, and pin…

Step 6

Step 6: This seam will require more pins!

Step 8

Step 7: Make sure your sewing machine has a stretch / ball point needle installed and is set to a longer stitch length. I also find on my sewing machine that it helps to release the pressure of the my foot so it’s lighter. Start to sew one of the long edges together at the corner.

Step 9

Step 8: When you reach the end of the long seam pivot and stitch down the short seams with the elastic sandwiched in-between the faux fur and the lining. Backstitch several times over the elastic.

Step 10

Step 9: Pivot again at the corner and stitch down the other long edge keeping the pins in as you sew over the side with more pushed in fur hairs.

Step 11

Step 10: Stop stitching and backstitch about 2 1/5" from the edge. The bottom arrow represents where I started my seam, and the top arrow represent where I stopped stitching.

Step 12

Step 11: Remove all your pins.

Step 13

Step 12: Reach in the opening of your headband.

Step 14

Step 13: Push your hand through enough to grab the end of the elastic on the other sewn short side.

Step 15

Step 14: Bring the elastic to the other un-sewn short side with your hand pushing the headband into itself.

Step 16

Step 15: Pin the other end of the elastic to the middle of the faux fur – make sure that the elastic isn’t twisted!

Step 17

Step 16: Now place the open end of the lining, right sides together with the faux fur and pin in place.

Step 18

Step 17: Start stitching about 1" from the corner backstitching well.

Step 19

Step 18: Pivot at the corner and continue stitching down the end. The arrow represents where I started sewing.

Step 20

Step 19: Remove all pins and this is what your headband will look like now with the small opening for pulling through to the right side.

Step 21

Step 20: Insert your fingers into the small opening and start to pull out the headband.

Step 22

Step 21: Once you get it going it is easy to pull through.

Step 23

Step 22: When it is fully right side out, use a point turner or blunt scissor to poke the corners through the opening.

Step 24

Step 23: Locate the opening and thread your hand sewing needle and thread.

Step 26

Step 24: Using a whipstitch, close the opening.

Step 27

FINISHED! Make sure you use a complimentary elastic on the back, and you can even cover the elastic with fabric before you start step 1.


I love this headband so much, it keeps my ears so warm! Then as soon as I made this one for myself I cut out about 6 more for all my friends as holiday gifts.

Step 29

Then the best way to give a handmade gift is to attach a gift tag saying so! I created these ones last year, and all you have to do is download (for free!) and print in color on a cardstock and cut out.

Step 32

I’m sure everyone will be happy to receive theirs this month.

Happy Holiday DIYing!

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  • Burdalogo2_large

    Dec 6, 2018, 09.38 PMby Evmorales

    This is so cute! Another excuse to by more fabric hahaha Love the tags. Thanks fro sharing!

  • Burdacom_logo_90_clip_large

    Dec 6, 2018, 08.09 PMby Stacyco

    Wonderful headband! I sewed a similar cap made of faux fur. I love this hat and it is very warm.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2018, 02.54 AMby Beauutilovve

    Wow… Thank you I going to try this and post it soon. Thanks again Meg

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