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We’ve got a couple of ways for you to access the magazine:

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  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle’s US edition via mail or phone:

    Call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

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    PO Box 433289
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    Include your full name, postal address and email address.

    Get 4 issues for only $29.99, 50% off the cover price!
    Canada: Add $9 postage. Other countries: add $20 postage.

    Do you have questions or changes to be made to your subscription? Contact Subscriber Services:

    Call toll free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Email burdastyle@emailcustomerservice.com

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    Just log in at: https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/07644/apps/LOGINSSO

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    • Angie-1_large

      Sep 4, 2018, 11.14 AMby Angie J Styles

      I have had no such luck with the website to sign up for Burda Magazines. Do they still deliver magazines to your home? I’m in the US just trying to subscribe to the magazines but not sure they want to sell anymore

      1 Reply
      • Jin_lounge_7_25_2013__large

        Sep 11, 2018, 11.43 AMby dwhitaker

        They stopped publishing the American version. You can still subscribe to the UK Version thought..

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    • Profile15_large

      Oct 28, 2016, 09.26 AMby AbbiePhilpott1

      Nice to see so much activity in here

    • Image_large

      Mar 3, 2015, 01.30 PMby mebreezy

      I ordered my subscription 1/15/15 I have not received anything as of yet it would be March 2015 right I like that I can learn and buy the patterns when needed but this is really extra on your guys part I did sent an email inquiring I haven’t heard any thing I did pay for the subscription and it shows in my account paid when oh when will I receive what’s due me

    • Missing

      Jan 13, 2015, 11.37 AMby Hadar Aghion

      hello, can i buy a specific burda magazine (11/2013)?

    • Missing

      Dec 5, 2014, 04.58 PMby FoxroseFL

      Just received my first issue, Winter 2014. While it has quite a few ideas and design of interest to me, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to find that I have to pay for most of the patterns. Probably will keep the rest of the subscription, but don’t expect to renew. Too expensive for what you get.

    • Missing

      May 23, 2014, 03.07 PMby danad

      Equally disappointed. I have received two issues of US. First one was better that the one that just came out.. Summer 2014 is pretty bad. The wrap dress is a joke – but at least they don’t charge you for it!. The worst thing is the links don’t link to a FREE pattern download. Unless this drastically improves, I won’t renew either, but will look into a European version instead.

    • Missing

      May 18, 2014, 02.17 AMby igandmom

      BurdaStyle US Summer 2014 is the most disappointing issue yet. The patterns are totally uninspired with no sophistication. You cannot put together a holiday wardrobe with the patterns included. No shorts or summer trouser patterns included. The Victorian Romance collection is dreadful. Who wants to make long sleeved dresses or leather trousers and jackets for summer? I will not be renewing my subscription.

    • Missing

      May 15, 2014, 02.19 AMby Irina Kosenkov

      I am VERY DISAPPOINTMENT. Not only, as other mentioned, patterns are not inserted, you have to buy them online…. don’t I pay for it when I subscribe. but MORE disappointing was to find out that patterns ARE OUTDATED. Yes!!!! I was able to purchase few magazines in Russia(they actually sell them monthly) and I was SHOCKED TO FIND OUT THAT JULY 2013 Patterns were in American version of Summer 2014,,, ((((( not renewing it. I’d rather pay a bit more and buy them on Russian (I am bilingual)…

    • Thread_large

      Apr 15, 2014, 12.19 AMby lrldelrosso

      I just got my first issue of Burdastyle US edition, and I do have to say, I am VERY disappointed. Upon flipping through the pages, I found it strange that only some of the patterns featured in the magazine are actually in the pattern insert. I thought, “Wow, this is inconvenient, I have to go through the trouble of using up ink and paper, taping the sheets, then tracing, and blah blah blah.” Was I ever shocked to find that you still have to pay full price for the downloads! Really?!

      So if I did my math correctly, my Burdastyle English edition costs less than the US edition, and I get twice as many patterns. Huh. Strange.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the US patterns just re-do’s of old patterns? I think the cover is the same cover that was used last year at this time.

      Rest assured, I still love my Burdastyle magazine and I will remain a loyal customer, but I think I will stick with the European one. I understand that the US edition has to be catered toward the American sewist, but does it really cost you that much more to include seam allowances?

    • Missing

      Apr 3, 2014, 12.23 AMby agw

      I am also extremely disappointed to find out that the pattern downloads are not included in the purchase price of the US version of the magazine.

      I just bought my first, and now my last, issue of the US Burda Style magazine for one included and one downloadable pattern. To find out I have to pay again to get the other pattern I wanted is beyond reason. Nowhere in the magazine can I find where it says you must pay for the downloads. I had both the European and the American current issues in my hand and chose the American magazine instead for the one pattern I refuse to pay for again.

      I’ve used the European magazine off and on since 1998 and will continue to buy it. When you buy that magazine, everything you see is included and in the absence of a clear notification on the US version, I expected the same. I almost paid for a subscription for the US version and am so glad I didn’t. I will be warning my friends to make sure the pattern they want is included or be prepared to pay twice.

      I feel ripped off.

      And to top it off, the European version, even though imported to Canada, cost less.

      ETA April 3/14: I have now ordered a subscription the European magazine.

    • Test_large

      Mar 26, 2014, 07.42 AMby ginaminton


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