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You asked for them, and now they’re here!

Our new size charts are formatted as .PDFs, so that you can download them directly onto your computer. They also include women’s tall and petite sizes, as well as kids and baby sizes.

Click the links above to obtain all of the sizes chart available. We hope that they will further help you in your sewing-making journey. Enjoy!


  • Missing

    May 29, 2018, 11.43 AMby FeriFeri

    Please please answer me. Is there any difference in pattern size of 44 in regular and 44 in plus size? I have this feeling that 44 in plus is slightly bigger than in the regular. I was size 46 and I lost some weight and now I am 44. But I don’t know whether I can use 44 in regular or not.

  • Art_movement_large

    Apr 15, 2012, 03.52 AMby goldilox

    I really wish burdastyle would put the finished measurements of the garments or review your size categories because the range my measurements fall in is still too big. Based on your size charts i am a size 44, anything i make in 44 is WAY TOO BIG. I eventually found out that the 38 is what i should actually be cutting…. It is for this reason I refused to buy patterns. I really you guys need to look into this

  • Me_4_large

    Jan 22, 2012, 05.41 PMby FashionSewingBlog

    Hi David, It’s great that you have updated the size chart, but what would also prove to be a valuable tool would be to encompass diagrams of where about on the body these measurements are taken (i.e. from one point to another) and how to take the measurements correctly.

    1 Reply
    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 23, 2012, 05.07 PMby mynameisdavid

      Hi FashionSewingBlog,

      You can download our Personal Measurement Card here (on the right-hand side), which is a tool that shows you where to measure yourself.

      We have also created a tutorial that shows you how to measure yourself. Please see it here.

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Jan 22, 2012, 02.19 PMby wzrdreams

    I’m confused. The women’s chart is for petite only? Where is the regular chart? What about a men’s chart? What about “plus” sizes? I know there are some plus patterns on this site.

    Also, why are these charts only in centimeters? This is an english language site with a LOT if US members. It’s going to suck if I have to bust out my measurement converter every time I check a measurement.

    3 Replies
    • Art_movement_large

      Jan 23, 2012, 02.19 AMby goldilox

      they have both cm and inches and u have to scroll down for women’s regular sizes

    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 23, 2012, 04.55 PMby mynameisdavid

      The images above are just screen shots.

      The .pdf download for the Women’s size chart comes with petite, tall and regular sizes. The “plus” measurements are included with the regular sizes.

      The size charts are also available in both centimeters and inches. Both are provided on the size chart page.

      Once you click on the link above, you will also see a men’s size chart.

      - David @ BurdaStyle

    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Jan 23, 2012, 07.06 PMby wzrdreams

      Oh! I didn’t realize these were just screen shots and that there is more. Thank you for clarifying!

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Jan 21, 2012, 10.05 PMby thecuriouskiwi

    This is great guys, a long needed improvement, the old size charts were too hard to read and not enough information about petite and tall sizing. These new ones are a huge improvement and you get bonus points for making them downloadable pdfs.

    The next thing that would follow on from this would be to recreate the tutorial on how to change tall and petite sizes to regular sizing, it used to be on the old Burda site, sometimes it is within the BurdaStyle magazine instructions, so I would suggest you guys look at that

    :) xx

  • Letterbicon_large

    Jan 21, 2012, 05.01 PMby burdastyle

    Hello marlalalalere,

    Since we, unfortunately, at the moment do not have any patterns for maternity clothes for offer on the site, we have not included these sizes in our size charts. If we in the future should offer these patterns, we would of course offer a size chart for these sizes.


    the BurdaStyle team

  • P1020096_large

    Jan 21, 2012, 02.31 PMby nujoi1908

    Thank you! Would there happen to be a pdf of all of the Burda notions symbols in the works? A key would be so awesome.

    1 Reply
    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 23, 2012, 05.09 PMby mynameisdavid

      Yes, absolutely. We have put this on our list, and will be working on it. Thanks!

  • Photo-1_large

    Jan 21, 2012, 01.38 PMby marlalalalere

    thank you Do you have the same for maternity cloths?

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 21, 2012, 12.51 AMby carottesauvage

    Site update.!!?bold pink character=Excitement! was expecting something tiny wee bit more radical such as the amendment of the rating system !! Morality: it is important to measure up one’s expectations according to the size charts presented above! ;)

    1 Reply
    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 21, 2012, 03.24 AMby mynameisdavid

      We actually will be making a revision to the rating system very soon. That is the next improvement in the works ;)

      A lot of people have been requesting a revision to our size charts, so we wanted to make sure that people knew about the changes :)

      - David

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