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Each month Singer Sewing Company hosts a sewing class for the employees at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (aren’t they lucky!). For our third installment of SEWING MADE EASY™ how-to video series, one of those employees, Jamila Jordan, joins Martha to show off how to make a super cute reversible purse using the SINGER® Curvy™ sewing machine. The template and instructions for this adorable bag are available here so you can whip up your own version at home!

For your chance to win a SINGER® Home Essentials™ SteamWorks™ Pro Iron, let us know in the comments below: what was your first sewing project? And don’t forget to comment to win on videos from the last two weeks here and here! You have until 9am on Monday, January 31st to get those comments in!


SINGER is sewing made easy™. To learn more about SINGER sewing machines and SINGER retailers, click here!

Tune-in to The Martha Stewart Show, airing weekdays at 10 a.m. ET/9 a.m. CT on Hallmark Channel.

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  • Avuntitled_1_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 04.08 PMby crocka

    My first project was converting a pair of regular jeans into bell bottom jeans by inserting fabric!

  • 100_4401_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 03.40 PMby miaa1088

    My first sewing project were curtains for my room. I was about 10 years old.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 03.36 PMby tiffanita

    The first thing I sewed were pillows (I was 6). I made some pants when I was about 8.

  • Long_blue_skirt_headshot_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.50 PMby nyphertiti

    You go Martha! Always clip your curves~ So funny.

    My first project on a machine was a pot holder when I was four! But my first in-class project was a t shirt in home-ec class.

  • Laura-at-work-front-page-graphic_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.47 PMby lauracallaghan

    My first real sewing project was a draw-string school bag made of African sun and moon print fabric using my granny’s antique singer sewing machine. I was 8 years old and it was on one of our visits to her in Nigeria. The machine had no foot pedal and needed to be turned by hand and therefore the project took me my entire summer holiday! I loved every minute of it though, as felt I was sewing like the grown-ups now, on a big machine and following in my granny’s footsteps. She was my inspiration and had started her own sewing institute in the 1930s. I wanted to be just like her, a dress-maker, so although it was hard work I felt I was fulfilling my dream!

  • Dscn1021_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.32 PMby mprevitali

    it was a shirt…not easy for me!!

  • P1020096_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.23 PMby nujoi1908

    A Simplicity 1-hour project (it took me four years to complete it!). It was a very simple wrap.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.04 PMby kitvishnu

    I’m pretty sure I made Barbie doll bedding, including a pillow and mattress stuffed with scraps from my mom’s serger. The mattress fit into a hard plastic Barbie “bed” that I turned upside down.

  • Photo_306_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.03 PMby marthahaskins

    My first sewing project was a terribly trendy (and thus one season of wear) triangle, belly-baring top. What was I thinking?! It knotted at the back (uncomfortable for leaning back!) and had two thin straps with the point of the triangle just covering my belly button. I couldn’t wear it to school so I only wore it around my bedroom and I still have it…sentimental? Maybe a little too much…

    Good luck everyone!

    Sincerely, Alex

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.01 PMby pinkshears

    My very first sewing project was a tote bad. My mom sews and is not a patient teacher. I paid Hancock fabric for sewing lessons, and she took my bag and made it her work bag lol

  • Tkennedy7_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.56 PMby teethnsmiles

    My very first projects were done with my grandmother- I used to help her make quilts. By first grade, I had begun to make pillows by my self. I would go across the street to the supermarket and pack bags to earn money, then go next door to “Woolworth’s” and buy apple pie a la mode, fabric, and cotton for stuffing. These pillows were heart-shaped, and my teachers loved them- at first. I made them in all sizes and colors. I would even stitch names and messages into them. By the time I reached fourth grade, I had turned in these pillows for gifts, art projects, black history month projects, etc… The final draw was when I tried to pass off these heart shaped pillows for a science project. I wanted to include them in everything I did. When I was told not to make heart-shaped pillows for my projects- I tried another shape, to no avail. Too my surprise, it was my first ignition/ spark/ passion for fashion.

    Thank you

    Tonia K.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.55 PMby gellyk

    My first project was an apron for school. I can still remember wavy the stitches… :)

  • Websam_0860_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.48 PMby farahajh

    my first sewing project was a sock puppet (wearing a dress). My first grown up sewing pattern (I was 20) was a quilt for my cat.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.45 PMby caydenlaine

    My first sewing project was doll clothes when I was a little girl with my mother.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.44 PMby caydenlaine

    Love this bag, so easy & versatile!

  • Avatar_mic_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.43 PMby dexez

    My firts sewing project was a cute french beret which turned out ugly :)) A year later I discovered Martha Stewart’s video on french beret’s. I wasn’t off by much but my first one simply came out wrong.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.40 PMby enoch

    My Mon taught me to sew when I was about 9 years old. I had a reading problem which I coped with by reading part of something and then making up the rest of the sentence or paragraph. My Mom had done dress making and tailoring as part of her university degree knew that to follow a pattern you had to read every word so, she started teaching me. Because of the sewing and baking (same thing, you have to read the whole recipe or what you are baking won’t turn out right) I found my passions and improved my reading skills. I don’t remember just what my first project was but by the time I got the grade 7 where sewing was taught in school I was good enough that I spent my class time helping others with there projects and threading machines for others.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.37 PMby Alice Nelson

    the first thing I sewed was a dress for my doll – that was by hand. The first thing I sewed on a machine was a simple gathered skirt, guided by my Mother’s gentle words.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.29 PMby tarablesue

    My first project was a tote bag and since I didn’t know what I was doing it was really awful!

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.28 PMby enoch

    My Mom taught me to sew when I was about 9 years old because I had a reading problem. I would read part of a sentence or paragraph and then make up the rest because it was easier. My Mom who had done sewing as part of her degree at university knew that to follow a pattern you had to read all the words , so , she got me interested in sewing and through that and baking I not only found my passions but I also improved my reading skills. I don’t remember what my first project was but I do know that by the time I got to grade 7 where sewing was taught I spent most of my time helping others with there projects or threading their machines for them. I also got top marks for my projects.

  • 100_2748_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.14 PMby lazyfeline

    My first project was back around 1956 when I was 10 years old. I fell in love with my mother’s sewing machine and designed my first lined purse. From there I designed clothes, pillow cases and blankets for all of my dolls.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 01.10 PMby daisybrain

    I sew a lot of my own knitting project bags and am always looking for different ideas. This bag will be great for carrying my projects.

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 12.55 PMby Sandy Marcoux

    my first proper project was a skirt and vest (waistcoat) it was in a beige colour … when I went to the sewing store to buy the fabric they did not have any beige lining .. omg I used white … what was I thinking… still got good marks but thank goodness those day are gone… I did first start with barbie dolls clothes at a much younger age … later fashion design certicate … I am now well embedded into textiles :)

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 11.03 AMby magdamagda

    I don’t know precisely, I must have been 4-5 yrs old, but it must have been something for the dolls (they always need clothing, what better excuse to pick up the scissors and needle while getting grandma’s acceptance?)

  • Imgp7986_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 10.16 AMby lynneg-1

    I was a tomboy growing up and made myself a long slender bag to hold my bow and arrows.

  • Threadbanger_av_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 10.13 AMby blueshoegal

    My first sewing project was when I was about 14-15 and a friend’s dad gave us some of if old jeans so we could make skateboarder style jeans. Suffice to say – stitching denim is tough if you don’t know anything about needles! Having bleed on the denim and used the floor to push the needles though we had some wearable (ha!) trousers. Luckily our first outing was in the dark!

  • Pro-007_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 09.57 AMby leenute

    I think, my first project was a backpack for my school books. I’ve always wanted to have something different than others do :) As I remember I made it from some old jeans, sew some pockets and an application.

  • Betty_dress-5_large

    Jan 26, 2011, 09.51 AMby Chloe' Window

    My first sewing project was a Chinese traditional qi-pao dress with modern print cotten. I used to have them custom made by tailers in Shanghai but decided to give it a try myself. Prior to that my sewing experience were limited to trimming pants ;-) I followed the pattern from a Japanese sewing book and used sale bin fabric at $1.5 a yard. The result amazed myself and I had a new hobby since!

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 09.44 AMby conniereed

    I think we were supposed to make a skirt for our home ec class, which I did make and then I was hooked! To realize I could make my own clothes! amazing! and luckily we had a sewing machine at home!

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 09.22 AMby plemos

    My first sewing project was a set of placemats and coasters for my new home. They are far from perfect but I felt very proud that I had actually made them (I’m a self taught sewer)! Thanks for the chance!

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