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BurdaStyle and BERNINA have teamed up to bring you an awesome contest and a chance to win a brand new BERNINA activa 210 sewing machine.

How to Enter:

1. Head over to the Sewing Republic brought to you by BERNINA and download the instructions for the Scarf Dress. This project is super easy and great for all skill levels, so try your hand at it!

2. Sew up your very own version of the Scarf Dress. Feel free to embellish, change the length, whatever, and really make it your own!

3.Once you have sewn up your dress, upload it to BurdaStyle.com and put “Scarf Dress” in the title. If you don’t put “Scarf Dress” in the title we won’t be able to find your project and it won’t be entered into the contest.

4. All the entries will be uploaded to a slideshow and you, the community, will vote for your favorite. The entry with the most votes will win the BERNINA activa 210 sewing machine.

You have until September 23rd to upload your entry. Good luck and happy sewing!

This contest is open to US residents of any age. Employees and family members of BurdaStyle, BERNINA and Sterling Rice Group are not eligible.


  • Profile_pic_large

    Sep 24, 2009, 05.08 PMby coveredbydesign

    Anyone know when the slideshow will be posted for voting?

  • 468c16dd1938a2a390100be7f40db1388fd5baf2_large

    Sep 23, 2009, 04.23 PMby dmw

    I just heard about this contest yesterday. Hoping to get my dress done in time. I could definitly use a new sewing machine. As for the contest being US resients only. I agree that it sucks considering this is an international site.

  • 960030397c7f1ddfc0af45b00c45606dd0091d66_large

    Sep 22, 2009, 02.29 AMby javiertellez

    check out my dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Sep 20, 2009, 04.32 PMby wzrdreams

    Drrrr. I don’t have any elastic thread and the shops are closed!!!!!!

  • Cg_large

    Sep 19, 2009, 07.17 PMby deshale

    I publish my entry in the Project section of my profile correct? And what do I put under Credits? I’ll publish it now without credits because when I tried to add them I got an error trying to publish.

  • Sparrowavatar_large

    Sep 18, 2009, 01.28 PMby elishafaerie

    Anyone else having trouble actually downloading the instructions? I’m Australian so I can’t enter the comp, but I still want to try this! I bought my shirring elastic today! -

  • Profile_pic_large

    Sep 17, 2009, 03.46 PMby coveredbydesign

    Where do we post the finished product? This is my first challenge and I am very excited.

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Sep 18, 2009, 05.03 PMby alden

      Hey Coveredbydesign,
      Just upload it to the projects page with words “scarf dress” in the title

  • Shiela_profile_large

    Sep 17, 2009, 09.44 AMby shielaimbao

    Fellow members relax, I’m sure Burda Style will come out with another contest like this that will involve the global community, I just hope that the prize will be as great:)

  • Bethsprofilepic_large

    Sep 17, 2009, 03.47 AMby damianadesigns

    I am winging this and hope it all works out :). I am making my own scarves and then going to town with the dress once it’s all constructed. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I love incentives like this, challenges are great!

  • Dscf1691_large

    Sep 17, 2009, 01.00 AMby aimefemme

    Maybe next time could there be a contest open to all!!!

  • Hyc_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 04.06 PMby summerbreeze-1

    I’m really excited that this contest is applicable to new sewers! Most of the contests are WAY above mine and other new-ish sewers skill levels, and while I LOVE viewing all of the beautiful entries; I’m really looking forward to actually entering a contest. So thanks Burda and Bernina

  • 9dba50345f23121b47caa73ede1ec0d0545f7877_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 03.39 PMby pinupglamour

    I will attempt at this, but with the dead line…who am I kidding, I’ve done more with less!

  • Missing

    Sep 16, 2009, 08.56 AMby sherde10

    I have owned my Bernina Sport for 25 years (it was a pressie from my mum for my 21st) and it is still the machine I use! I would have loved to win a new Bernina and passed my workhorse onto my daughters. I’m down here in Aus :(

  • Missing

    Sep 16, 2009, 06.19 AMby oceanpeg

    At the ByrdaStyle.com website, I put in “Scarf Dress” in the lookup section and came up with several different ones posted there from earlier this year and some from last year. They’re completely different than the instructions for the Scarf Dress by Nicole Smith that is given for this contest. Up above, it says to “Sew up your very own version” and that you can “change the length” and change “whatever” so this should be a very, very interesting challenge. Most are made with two pieces of fabric, scarves, or sheets.

    NOW THE QUESTION: Can we do same or similar with making a scarf dress for this contest as the ones already posted on the site beforehand too? Do we have to sort of stick to the patern by Nicole Smith?

    Looks like all of those are already entered into the contest because they have a “Vote” square on each individual one, with some of them even being made by others outside the United States, too.

    2 Replies
    • Cg_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 02.36 PMby deshale

      I don’t think any of those already posted are contest entries.

      As I understand it we have to use the basic instructions for the scarf dress, (the shirring) but we can embellish to our hearts content with just about anything our imaginations can come up with.

    • Picture_2_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 03.39 PMby alden

      You should stick to the one that is on the Sewing Republic brought you by BERNINA site by Nicole smith. Only entries uploaded after yesterday will count in the contest, all pictures will eventually be put in a slideshow for everyone to vote on. I’m very excited to see what you come up with!

  • Logo-1_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 06.10 AMby JCM Collections

    I see that many people are disapointed by the contest . You should let everybody participate and give avoucher to the winner.

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 05.55 AMby thecuriouskiwi

    Boo! For US residents only? Well done on alienating 80% of your community BurdaStyle :(

    2 Replies
    • Hk_sewing_machine_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 08.14 PMby madscouser

      I agree – BurdaStyle claims to be a site for worldwide sewers, then offers great contents but only to US residents!

      the competition states that BurdaStyle has linked with Bernina – not a sewing machine suppler – Bernina sell worldwide, so why not do the competition worldwide???

      Wondering if this had even been looked into or if it’s just taken as a US only competition automatically! :-(

    • 234da2be1ba722bc26fa4322b927c0ba584dfb54_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 11.04 PMby kiraph

      I too was getting excited (not that a I really need a new sewing machine having purchased one only at the start of last year) until I read the US bit. :(

      At least it is the whole rest of the world that has been forgotten about and not just southern hemisphere people this time! ;)

  • Cf621b223f20bfbd66196a966ac7ba3470db7d2b_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 03.02 AMby artzydevah

    i think its only for the us because they dont want to pay for shipping outside of the us that would be more money for them its understandable im sure there would be more contests to win a sewing machine or better for residents outside the us

    2 Replies
    • Cc70b9fbdade3e83318a66551dbff7f825f48286_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 01.22 PMby sabine

      Bernina probably has EU and Asia offices or at least partners. The shipping isn’t the obstacle I think. Probably the differing laws all over the world are.
    • B2b97364fd3159f0ebb0eb2dd09030d342ae6121_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 09.12 PMby mystuff

      Bernina is a Swiss company actually and has offices all over the world. So shipping wouldn’t be a problem. So it probably is the differing laws.

  • Missing

    Sep 16, 2009, 01.50 AMby Jillian Lanier

    What exactly does “whatever” mean. What are the guidelines?? Must be….? Does it just have to be out of scarves in general? Do we have to use the pattern idea (2 pieces with elastic rows?) Etc.? I love the freedom of creativity but I would hate to make a dress for the contest just to find out it wasn’t eligible. Thanks!

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Sep 16, 2009, 03.40 PMby alden

      if you have scarfs that would be great, if not two pieces of fabric would work. Just follow the basic instructions by Nicole Smith, but feel free to put your own spin on it!

  • 407753_10150493468271234_1167683921_a_large

    Sep 16, 2009, 01.27 AMby imnotyrbabe

    TT too bad its open only to US residents only …..

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