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Attention plus size members! Burda style magazine would like your opinions and feedback on plus size patterns. Take this opportunity to request a pattern design or share your thoughts on the recent patterns.

Do you find the plus size patterns available are lacking in some way or do you feel the same styles are repeating? Perhaps you are missing a certain type of garment or you would like to share your thoughts in general. We here at burdastyle.com have recognized a need for some attention to the plus size community and burda style magazine wants to listen to you! They would like your help in improving the plus size patterns in the magazine and thus also here on the site.

Are you a fan of more tight fitting garments and would like to see more of these kind of patterns?

Perhaps your heart skips for more loose fitting garments like these, or do you in fact think there has been too many of these styles?

Maybe there is a certain style you have seen on the site that you would like to see made in a plus size as well?

Let us know all your thoughts on the topic in the comments below. If there is a particular pattern on the site, plus size or not, that you love or one that you think is not so great, please share a link in the comment as well.

If you would like to give more extensive feedback, you can also choose to e-mail us at answers@burdastyle.com.

Burda style magazine wants all your valuable feedback!


  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.21 PMby calathea

    As everyone else has said: fewer sacks, more looks that flatter curves. In general I think Burda do a terrible job of choosing a range of models in the magazines in terms of size and figure types, even in the regular sizes. Look at Ottobre Design for an example of a pattern magazine that uses models who span the range of sizes and body types — not just showing women who genuinely wear plus sizes, but also showing a range of body shapes among regular sized women. The models in Burda are always beautiful, of course, but they’re a fairly consistent body type, and that is the same exact body type used to sell RTW clothes — slim, tall, narrow hipped and small-busted. That’s fine, and I’m sure women who share that body type are happy to see themselves reflected in the pages of the magazine, but I would love to see more variety.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.04 PMby Rebecca Perez

    Just because I am plus size doesn’t mean that I want to wear a big baggy piece of fabric. More form fitting patterns. More of a size range; for example some of the patterns only go up to a 50 or 52.

  • Profile_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 06.21 PMby yttri

    Baggy sack dresses don’t flatter anyone, even if they’re baggy sack dresses made from silk! Tailored clothing is much better and gives the option to alter the pattern to fit. Plus-size bodies have a different range of proportions too so trying to “hide” every curve is an unflattering solution.

    One reason I enjoy sewing is that I can alter stylish patterns to fit my body better. Burda, help us show off what we’ve got!

    Please continue to style your photos. But it would be helpful to have photos from different angles of the model just standing up in addition to the line drawing. Models with different body types would be great to, to illustrate how one patterns looks on different people.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 06.18 PMby debi61

    what i would see is tailored patterns for plus sizes, espec jeans and t-shirts. most garments for plus sizes are baggy which is alright if you have nothing to do, but when i go out i like to look smart and trim which is what fitted styles do.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 05.33 PMby eeyoresmyfriend

    1. I need to wear a bra. A real one. With straps 2. I like sleeves, especially for autumn & winter styles. 3. How many patterns do I need for low-cut silk dresses?? 4. Please, offer more fashionable & fitted blouses, jackets, and pants!!! 5. Please, please show us the garments on real plus-size models. Thank you for listening!

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 05.19 PMby jewels31

    Agree with most of what’s been said earlier. Those loose clothes might be comfortable but they look like we’ve given up altogether. Would like some shaped patterns with larger models showing them off. Some of the patterns you have there look like the things my mother wants me to wear. She thinks I should not wear figure hugging clothes being my size (46), in fact I should be hiding what I have got. Have to say although I’m past 50 I don’t need to be buried in a sack yet. Some nice necklines. Not too low, please, would be quite an advantage.

  • Anne_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 05.05 PMby beenta

    Fitted patterns as illustrated in the first selection and the styles in the last few months of the magazine. I disagree that all styles should be available in the plus size range, as the recent designs in the missy section has been boxy, recttangular and poorly designed apart from some stellar dresses. Thank you BurdaStyle for been open to dialogue.

  • Img_0753_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.58 PMby wheeker

    I agree with the other comments. I would love to see normal necklines – my neck is not enormous. I don’t want necklines falling off of my shoulders! Also, shapeless and baggy is not a good look on most any plus sized woman. I don’t wear form fitting clothes but I do wear clothes with shape and style. Also strongly agree that your models are not big enough to show me what the clothes might look like. How about a model that is NOT an hourglass shape?

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.54 PMby sleepingwolf

    I agree with all the points made so far. Additionally, although many of us plus size women have bigger busts and impressive cleavage it is not always convenient or appropriate for us to wear low cut tops and dresses. I live in the north of england and it is generally too chilly to to have a lot of exposed upper chest. On the positive side when Burda does do tailored or form fitting garments for plus sizes the drafting is brilliant.

  • Recent_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.43 PMby craftanista

    More form fitting patterns, please. One of the most irritating things about being plus sized is how everyone just thinks you should give up and wear a sack.

    It would be great if we had the same choices as everyone else…

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.33 PMby Alfykins

    I agree with the comments re shapeless and baggy garments. I am 6 ft tall with a big bust and big hips but I have a smallish waist. Wearing some of the plus size garments you have on offer would make me look like a sack of potatoes. To be honest I would like to see a wider size range across all of your patterns and more information with regard to alterations such as full bust alterations. I really don’t see size 14/16 upwards as being ‘plus’ size particularly. And I second the comments re models. Whilst all the models pictured are undoubtedly lovely, I would also love to see some beautiful ‘plus size’ models showing off the clothes. If I can’t see what a garment is going to look like on someone who looks like me, I am definitely less likely to have a go at making the garment for myself. Good to see you opening this up for discussion. I’ll look forward to seeing what comes from it.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.31 PMby handyc

    Definitely more form-fitting patterns. We don’t need caftans and mumuus. Big girls want to wear the same fashionable clothes that thinner girls do.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.30 PMby mellen2002

    All patterns should come in plus sizes. Also offering patterns that feature tailoring details that will help the clothes flatter and fit curvier bodies is critical.

    1 Reply
    • Image_large

      Jul 9, 2012, 06.46 PMby hanolalaith

      That’s a magnificent idea!

  • Image_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.28 PMby hanolalaith

    What, technically, is the boundary between plus-sized and not? I tend to float in the grey area. I’d like to see all patterns offered in a variety of sizes. I’m with the rest: More form-fitting patterns!

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.19 PMby sickofitcindy

    I agree about the form fitting patterns! Large sacks just make us look bigger. Believe it or not but we do have parts of our body that we like and want to show off!

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.10 PMby sherrilm

    Please stop offering giant sacks for plus size. We have a body with shape, give us clothes with shape as well. And please, please, use plus size models for the clothes. Not size 36 pattern model, but how about a size 50 model wearing clothes that fit, not pinned back which throws off the shape of the garment. And stop posing the models sitting down or hiding behind something or someone or covered with a scarf or books or some other prop. I want to see the garment and dream of how it would look on me and if I can’t see the garment, I won’t try it. Really, I would love blouses and dresses, and pants like the smaller patterns, just in my size!

    1 Reply
    • 180207_1280971761046_4493472_n_1__large

      Jul 9, 2012, 04.37 PMby Xanthi Spyrou

      Well put could not agree more with sherrilm…
      Please keep in mind that plus sizes ….are for people that do have a bust or and hips…..

  • 168725_10150090255084255_4700991_n_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 04.09 PMby mimiskirt

    I agree with luxperdiem on all points and what it comes down to is: offer all of the patterns in plus size! I, too, am a fan of more fitted/tailored looks, as they tend to look better on me (size 22/24 and short) than the more baggy/oversized pieces which I get lost in. I think it is great that you’ve asked for feedback and I would love to see this as a continuing conversation.

  • Hy_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 03.52 PMby luxperdiem

    More of the form fitting patterns! The retro hollywood patterns are some of the only plus size ones I would consider buying. I think that overall though I’d just like all patterns to be available plus size.

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