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Attention plus size members! Burda style magazine would like your opinions and feedback on plus size patterns. Take this opportunity to request a pattern design or share your thoughts on the recent patterns.

Do you find the plus size patterns available are lacking in some way or do you feel the same styles are repeating? Perhaps you are missing a certain type of garment or you would like to share your thoughts in general. We here at burdastyle.com have recognized a need for some attention to the plus size community and burda style magazine wants to listen to you! They would like your help in improving the plus size patterns in the magazine and thus also here on the site.

Are you a fan of more tight fitting garments and would like to see more of these kind of patterns?

Perhaps your heart skips for more loose fitting garments like these, or do you in fact think there has been too many of these styles?

Maybe there is a certain style you have seen on the site that you would like to see made in a plus size as well?

Let us know all your thoughts on the topic in the comments below. If there is a particular pattern on the site, plus size or not, that you love or one that you think is not so great, please share a link in the comment as well.

If you would like to give more extensive feedback, you can also choose to e-mail us at answers@burdastyle.com.

Burda style magazine wants all your valuable feedback!


  • Missing

    Jul 11, 2012, 12.36 PMby oddduck

    I would like to see you take actual measurements from 1,000+ plus-sized women, and draft some patterns from that. Larger women tend to have a greater variety of shapes than thinner ones, but in general, larger armholes, larger busts, and more ability to adjust for a tummy would be a great start. Sometimes I have to buy the plus-size, sometimes not. It wouldn’t matter to me where you draw that line if you’d just extend all patterns’ size range a little higher.

    As for styles, I’d like to see more casual clothes too. I would look silly cleaning the house in a charmeuse dress.

    For the photography, I know that anyone over a US size 4 has to model plus-size clothes. This is a serious shortcoming on the part of the fashion industry. Overcome, BURDA. Show your clothes on a size 12-14 model alongside a size 26-28 model. This would give women a better idea of how the pattern would look on them. Maybe it will help the drafters realize as well what would and wouldn’t be flattering on your target market. Or you could just get rid of the label and extend all patterns into all size ranges, (with a range of model photos) and let women choose for themselves which patterns to buy ;)

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 11, 2012, 11.43 AMby 20beverly08

    I favorited a lot of Burda patterns, but many of them are not for plus size women, especially with a large cup size. I used to own a mannequin on a stand that had adjustments for sizes when I was smaller, but even then the bust was not adjustable to my liking. I also made a self mannequin and it scared my cat and my husband asked me as nicely as he could to get rid of it—so, back to putting/fitting patterns and muslins on myself and spending hours in front of the mirror with pins and markers. And, it’s all for the bodice/bust—nothing else!

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 11, 2012, 11.37 AMby 20beverly08

    The old series ‘The Fugitive’ from the 60s had great womens fashion, also.

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 11, 2012, 11.27 AMby 20beverly08

    I would like to see more patterns that match the old ‘chick flick’ movies and TV shows from the 40s to 60s. ‘How to marry a millionaire’ and ‘Pillow Talk’ had great fashion. The Mad Men TV series has some great dresses also. It would be nice to see some of these patterns in at least a size 52-54 in a Burda pattern. And, what is it about most patterns all being in a size B cup automatically?

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  • Missing

    Jul 11, 2012, 05.41 AMby mummycrafts

    As I am now a large lady ( from a UK size 10 to 20 iless than 1 year due to medication) I feel forgotten when it comes to stylish clothes both in the high street and patterns to the extent I have taken a sewing class and will next week make the block for top and bottom that will fit me. I want clothes that hang gracefully not cut me in half or hang like a tent. They need to be true fitting or its a waste of time and everyones effort. Hope this gives you some idea of my requirements, whichever site I use does this first is the one I will start to buy patterns from

  • 84736055a02dd7ea989775a99409d2c2ad07288d_large

    Jul 11, 2012, 03.00 AMby madlizzie

    I agree that I would like to see the regular sizes extended through plus size. Too many patterns that are made up of two squares. I do like Burda patterns, but they have gotten more shapeless recently. I would like to see more design details on them. Please show the clothes on larger women. I just can’t relate to an overly tall thin person trying to look like a plus size. Usually it’s impossible to see what the garment actually looks like because of the model’s pose.

  • Missing

    Jul 11, 2012, 02.25 AMby Angela Woodruff

    No more shapeless sack dresses! Plus size girls want normal clothes, too. I go to H&M and am sick of seeing giant tunics in the plus section. I am a 14/16 most of the time, so I don’t need to shop in plus all the way. As for here! I love this dress: Little black dress with lace inset #125. And from the above pictures, I really love the long sleeved fitted dress and the pink dress with the little v in the neckline. Hope this helps.

  • Missing

    Jul 11, 2012, 01.38 AMby ElisaDNS

    Please, I would like see these patterns on plus size:

    11/2010 Coat with mandarin collar #127

    5/2011 Dress with Peter Pan Collar #128

    5/2010 Dress with ruffle sleeve #110B



  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 11.10 PMby sewbonloot

    I love the Burda patterns (now on Simplicity site). The size range is up to Us size 34 and thatmgives me flexibility if I want to do something looser or more close fitting. The plus size patterns that are on this site are ones that generally I would not choose. I don’t wear dresses and would wear one that wasn’t fitting close in at the waist and short. Also for me, sleeveless is awful. I would need a jacket or shrug to feel comfortable. I think I would like to see more knits and more style in pants and tops. Stylish for plus size is NOT baggy, but not low cut or tight either. I could send you all some of my drawings! I butcher patterns and put in details I want – like the shirt and pants your editor is wearing in the interview – that’s nice!

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 08.42 PMby mraabe

    Please, please, PLEASE convert the Jenny skirt (http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/jenny-basic-skirt) and the Marie skirt (http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/marie) to plus sizes!

    To be honest, I think what we’re trying to tell you is that many of us, though plus-sized by your standards, do not consider ourselves fat and unattractive. We want to wear the same styles as the smaller girls and the only thing stopping us is that you don’t make the patterns in our sizes. I’m sure you’re well aware of which of the existing patterns are the most popular with the smaller sizes. I’d say converting those all-star patterns to plus sizes would be a great starting point to making the plus-sized sewists happier.

    And the models need work, of course. I swear I just looked at a plus sized pattern on your site with a size 6 model. That’s just downright insulting.

  • Christinewebsquare_large

    Jul 10, 2012, 08.22 PMby cloff

    Burda has some of the better patterns for plus size! That said, I would like more fitted patterns, but that take into account the body areas that many of us want to de-emphasize, such as tummy or waist. I do like the higher-waisted patterns that fit just under the bust, but I’d want to avoid too much fabric below that — if it is too volumous, it just makes you look bigger. So more fitted clothes with the higher waist.

    I’d also like to see more of the regular patterns in plus sizes. Thank you for the pencil skirt! It is nice to have patterns for “normal-type” clothes, instead of always being offered caftans and their variations. As I said, volumous fabric just makes you look bigger! Fitted clothes emphasize your figure. And us bigger gals still have figures.

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 06.14 PMby Ellie Gu

    I agree with everything everyone else is saying: extend the sizes of all patterns and show models of various sizes and shapes wearing the clothing. The repetitive pattern quality I see is the baby doll shape of many of the dresses, with a seam right underneath the bust area. For a plus sized girl with tummy issues this makes for a maternity-like dress look. I would like more drop waist patterns with a seam much lower on the waist, almost like a 1930’s flapper style or similar to the drape neck dress http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/drape-neck-top-and-dress-plus-size-042012. Also Thanks for asking for a plus size girls opinion.

  • 778a487ebb48da532243d4cd78b185b223d39625_large

    Jul 10, 2012, 04.14 PMby elaray

    First, let me say that 90% of the patterns I sew are from BurdaStyle magazine. I believe Burda has the most stylish plus size patterns out there.

    Here are changes would like to see:

    1. I wish the patterns went up to size 54 like they did years ago.

    2. Plus size models wearing the clothes. It would be easier to judge how a garment would look on my body if the models were more like me.

    3. How about having all, or most, garments show go up to size 54? Another popular pattern magazine usually offers 80% to 90% of the garment up to size 54.

    4. Higher necklines please.

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 03.12 PMby IreneQ

    In general, I LOVE the Burda plus patterns, in the magazines and envelopes. The drafting of the patterns fits my figure very well, and is consistent from pattern to pattern so I can usually get a successful garment on the first try. Also, Burda Style has the most up-to-date and interesting styles for larger ladies compared to the other pattern companies. Here’s what I would change:

    - Higher necklines! I almost always have to raise the neckline at least an inch. In the US we don’t usually show any cleavage except for dressy, sexy clothes and certainly not at work. And many plus size ladies are self-concious about their large busts anyway and would just as soon not draw attention to that area.

    - More fitted. In the last year or so, there have been a lot of baggy, shapeless styles. Others are asking for form fitting styles – to me, that means tight fitting which I don’t like either. Semi-fitted is what I like. Also, I like styles that are high waisted instead of with a fitted waist. I’m less flabby under the bust than around the waist :-) and they’re more flattering.

    - More casual styles! I wear very few dresses and skirts and even fewer jackets. I sew mostly tops, and would love more of them, especially knits. And I’ve never seen any shorts in plus sizes from Burda. I really like skorts (skirts with shorts underneath) in the summer – it would be awesome to have a pattern for one of those!

    Thanks for listening. I’ve been disappointed in the plus size patterns lately so I’m really looking forward to what’s coming up.

  • Elfka3_large

    Jul 10, 2012, 03.10 PMby elfka

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 09.34 AMby Kristen Kemp

    What I find ludicrous is that design blocks are all based off a B cup bra sand that size 14 is generally where “plus” size starts. Who can wear these designs out of the envelope? ! I want t see all patterns come with adjustments for cup sizes. And not just up to a D cup. 80-90% of women wear he wrong cup size to begin with and then when we go to make patterns, it’s like the pattern companies’ cruel joke that it’s all based on a B cup. I want to see cup sizing up to M cups. Just because we have big boobs doesn’t mean the bottom half of a shirt he to be a tent! I am a size 18 in rtw in the shoulders, back, sleeves and belly but have to buy size 20 to go over my G cup girls, then alter everything about the shirt. In patterns, I end up completely redrafting the front and it takes several hours. If things came with more cup options, that would take a lot of frustration out of sewing for a lot of people!

    1 Reply
    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Jul 10, 2012, 08.19 PMby wzrdreams

      AMEN! I for one have to do FBA on EVERYTHING. In my opinion the Plus sizes should be drafted with a minimum C cup.

      I would also like to see more fitted shapes for plus sizes. We’ve all seen the easy and unflattering tent shapes and I’m over it. I want to emphasis what I’ve got. I want to see fitted tailored jackets with lots of darts and princess seams to really show off the “girls”. Also, I think if styles have mroe seam details it would be easier to insert multi cup size peices into the patterns. McCalls already does this.

  • Dsc_0004_large

    Jul 10, 2012, 03.37 AMby prettysweet

    I just want the main patterns to have an extended size range, or even just a selection of them. I understand that the plus size garments should ideally be made from a larger size block, but I think it’s doable. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a great skirt or dress in the magazine and knowing that if I want it, I’ll have to draft it up myself. Most likely, I will not or buy the magazine. Also, sacks and caftans are bad.

    Specific patterns I would like to see in plus size:


  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 03.14 AMby Debbie Lim

    Thank you for creating this post! I am 152cm tall and wear UK size 16 so I’m pretty stout (pear shape, to be exact). I love some of the these plus size designs from Burda: Dart dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/dart-dress-plus-size-072012 | Long sleeve dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/122011-long-sleeved-plus-size-dress | V-neck dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/072011-v-neck-dress-plus-size | Halter dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/072011-halter-dress-plus-size

    The dresses are pretty on the models but I find it hard to visualise myself or any other plus size women in them. For example the plus size models on Burda might look good in empire dresses but heavier ladies tend to appear pregnant in them, myself included. It would be better if I get to see models with figures similar to Kirstie Alley, Nikki Blonsky, Queen Latifah, Monique, Camryn Manheim, etc.

    Oh and I’d love to see these patterns in plus size! : Alberta Ferretti dress (with sleeves) – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/alberta-ferretti-dress-042012 | V-neck dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/122011-v-neck-dress | Black gown with front placket – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/112011-long-black-gown-with-front-placket | Cap sleeve cocktail dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/112011-cap-sleeve-cocktail-dress-with-metallic-insets | Little black dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/102011-little-black-dress-with-lace-inset | Wrap dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/092011-wrap-dress | Dress & pelerine – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/072011-dress-and-pelerine | V-neck LBD – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/072011-v-neck-lbd | Shift dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/52010-shift-dress | Dress w/ ruffle sleeve – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/52010-dress-with-ruffle-sleeve | Pencil dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/52010-pencil-dress | Kimono dress – http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/burda-style-magazine-032010-kimono-dress

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2012, 02.27 AMby Mobycat2k

    I would like to see more v-neck styles rather than round for tops and dresses. I need jackets in my wardrobe and think Stella jacket #7930 in plus would be part of a nice suit. The Alberta Ferretti dress would be attractive, but not available in Plus size. Thanks for asking.

    1 Reply
    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Jul 10, 2012, 08.20 PMby wzrdreams

      Agree! I live V-necks because they are flattering to a larger bustline.

  • 2004_toni_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 11.49 PMby ndimi

    I’ve noticed that the “skinny” patterns are shown in flattering full view (front facing, standing, walking), while the plus sizes are shown sitting, crunched on a chair, arms tightly wrapped around waist/torso, etc., almost as if the model is embarrassed to be wearing the clothes. For example, look at this dress: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/empire-dress-plus-size-052011 It looks gorgeous, but it’s so distorted by her sitting position, I’m not sure about it. How about this dress: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/122011-oversized-dress Of course, there’s no way that Twiggy here would qualify as a plus-size model, but I’d like to see if the dress has shape, or it’s just a box and her odd stance is giving it some style. Put a real, curvy woman in the garment and give me a fun, walking or standing stance, and it could really make a difference! Again: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/102011-plus-size-v-neck-wrap-dress or http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/072011-sailors-neck-dress-plus-size or http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/052011-dress-with-neck-drawstring-plus-size.

    Another thing to note is how similar these dresses are. It seems that they are all sack-styled with interesting necklines. Well… that’s how it looks with them sitting down.

    For skinny sizes to be made in plus sizes, I’ve noted how the magazines just lately have commented on how a particular style would look great on curvy women. Example: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/ruched-sheath-dress-052012 I agree that it would work, in principle, but seeing as you do the same pattern three or four times in the magazine, in different colors and fabrics, would it hurt to create just one in a plus size with a curvaceous model, to show us?

    Last point: the “plus-sized” models you use look a lot more like the real women I see on the street. Did you know the average American woman weighs 155lbs? So, we’re ALL plus-sized? Yikes! I’ve seen a few genuinely gorgeous “goddess” models, I’d love for you to use them more often.

    Thanks for asking, it’s exciting to think we have a voice!

  • Avatar_1_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 10.07 PMby Anne Wagenhauser

    Tailored styles suit better, and I agree with the other comments, no tents!!! Also, consider more v-necklines, larger people really shouldn’t wear jewel necklines. There is a massive selection out there.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 09.34 PMby dgporter

    I am a size 28 or Burda woman size 60. There are not enough large large large size patterns for us big big big women. I would appreciate Burda so much more if more effort were put into creating fashionable large-size patterns for sizes 28 and up.

  • Small_mom_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.38 PMby rdejam

    I also want more form fitting patterns. I wear a lot of separates and usually pair a form fitting bottom with a loose top or vice versa, a loose bottom with a form fitting top. When I make dresses, I like the same effect. Baggy pieces make us look bigger but form fitting pieces let us accentuate the positive while looking shapely rather than slovenly.

    Thanks so much for asking us about this. It is so frustrating to sew for us plus size girls. I’ve gotten very good at altering so I can buy patterns for for the under size 18 set and adapt them for those of us in the 18 – 24 range. I look forward to being able to buy a pattern that’s smart and doesn’t need hours of alterations.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.35 PMby Cicilie70

    I would love to have some more tailored patterns for shirts/jackets/dresses with armhole princess seam, instead of the regular princess seam. Being a fullbusted woman this is the best option, when it comes to being different sizes top/bottom (You can have a look at www.pepperberry.com). I have been trying to figure out how to alter patterns, but I find it difficult to figure this out by myself :-)

    1 Reply
    • Bored_polar_bear_large

      Jul 11, 2012, 12.01 PMby 20beverly08

      I agree, the armhole princess seam allows more room under the arm so the garment does not bite under the arm. And, can usually be adjusted easily with a lilttle tapering in the seam when sewing it together for a nice fit in the bust/bodice.

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.31 PMby 20beverly08

    Last weekend I watched an old ‘I Love Lucy’ tv show that portrayed ‘the potato sack dress and flower pot hat’ designer look of the 50s. Lucy’s husband paid a local tailor to make a dress from a potato sack and a hat from a flower pot and Lucy believed it was a designer dress. Every time I see a potato sack dress look alike or a flower pot type hat, I think of this episode of ‘I Love Lucy.’

  • Bored_polar_bear_large

    Jul 9, 2012, 07.28 PMby 20beverly08

    Marilyn Monroe had a large bust and voluptuous figure—why not more patterns that flatter a large bust and voluptuous figure? Just because big girls cannot wear a size 0 dress or size 36 bust, does not mean we are fat—we are fluffy!

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