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This week, we present six sleek new patterns ranging from sizes 44 – 52. Make yourself a stylish suit, a form-fitting pencil skirt, or a luxurious georgette blouse.

The plus size patterns featured here are all from the April issue of Burda Style Magazine and we are happy to give you some clean modern designs for your spring wardrobe.

Imagine wearing a complete handmade suit with our Suit Jacket and Dress Pants

The Button-Down Blouse is a lovely piece made from silk georgette with a contrasting collar and cuffs.

The Drape Neck Top and Dress pattern is just what it sounds like, two styles in one pattern. Make a comfortable draped dress, top, or both!

The Pencil Skirt accentuates the figure and features pleated side inserts.

This cool Leather Vest is made from thin kid suede – easy to sew with a beautiful result.

Stay tuned for more styles soon!

Happy sewing!

- Emmy and Jamie


  • Missing

    Aug 12, 2014, 05.29 PMby Denise Toepel

    What,, you afraid of the truth,, we are plus sized and not ashamed of what we look like. Why are you so afraid to put a plus size model of the 20plus size on your ads? We appreciate truth in advertising,, when will you realize that? I cannot in good conscience buy from you.. you are still talking out the side of your mouth. Plus sizes love truth in marketing,, we see what we would look like and how it drapes, and if we would even consider the effort to purchase fabric and sew the article for our wardrobe. Instead you say,, plus sizes,, and put a size 8 or less in it. You want to grow your business, try truth.

  • Missing

    Sep 26, 2013, 11.57 AMby Bonnie Gautreaux

    The whole point of a good design is that it flatters the person who is wearing it. Obviously You don’t believe in Your plus size designs since You are hesitant to put a plus size person in them.

  • Securedownload_large

    Sep 12, 2012, 08.28 AMby conejitoasesino

    late to the party but… I can’t believe that’s a plus size model. If she’s plus size she’s then I’m the stay puff marshmellow lady! She can’t be more than an 8.

  • Missing

    Jun 21, 2012, 09.15 PMby Cheche Nwagbo

    What I don’t understand is why you do not hear the voice of your customers? I’m starting to think this is done on purpose. You use a skinny model and put clothes on her that would make a plus size woman look even bigger. If you would like to hire me on I can show you what style and what designs your customers are asking of. Here is some of my work http://www.etsy.com/listing/101542445/alter-ego-envelope-clutch?ref=v1_other_1

  • Missing

    May 22, 2012, 07.30 PMby suehisto

    Just joined and am looking for flattering plus size patterns. Not finding them… Come on, let’s kick it up a notch. I totally agree that large size does not have to mean no shape. So far, I am disappointed with what I am finding.

  • 38e568c5446e2b09ec581f15164c7ad458a421bb_large

    May 22, 2012, 05.31 AMby loveru

    burda this really is very dissapointing, it shows lack of creativity on your part and a bias for non-plus sized customer. just grade up the regular patterns, because this is what the plus size community want. we want to look cute and on trend in our me made stuff and not swimming in fabric with no interesting details…sizing wise i would need a plus size burda pattern but i look at them and think ‘oh dear am i supposed to feel bad about the way i look and cover up?’ no im not going to feel bad, because i know i have sweet style, you just need to pick up your game, (fashionable patterns, better stylists and hey some plus sizers do have a wait or at least want to create one with clothing), listen to the customers and we will give you our money. also when you do start getting it right, could add a filter to the project page so i can find patterns that will fit moi, that would be alot better.thank you in advance x

    1 Reply
    • 230734_128500950558653_100001962463926_194339_4330602_n_large

      May 23, 2012, 09.10 AMby mikica563

      I agree!!!!!!!! And I feel so bad looking at those ugly clothes!! Thank you

  • Missing

    May 20, 2012, 10.37 AMby Chequita Jubitana

    like this one

  • Missing

    May 17, 2012, 02.39 PMby Gem-of-Cali

    Being a size 18 I wish that they would also use plus size models.

  • 20120128154939_large

    May 15, 2012, 10.53 PMby Vanessa Leigh

    I am glad Burda is taking commentary to heart. Being a U.S. size 22/24 dress and 24 pants with a nice round belly that isn’t going anywhere overnight, I would like to see someone shaped more like me, or at least like a size 20 plus size model modelling plus size garments. It is important, clearly. Thanks for responding to our suggestions and acknowledging our frustrations as well. I love the detail on the pencil skirt, would love to see such details in a more body conscious dress or at the ankle of some smart straight leg pants. Luxury is in the details. I have yet to see a tuxedo jacket for plus sizes. Right now I do my best to size up patterns that go to size 22, I end up making lots of alterations. Drape is not a problem in the bodice of a ochiffon or jersey dress or in a deconstructed jacket, but proportions matter. Oversized just isn’t flattering to women with wide hips, large tummies or a big chest. P.S. Had any of these designs been fabricated in bright colors and styled in a color block fashion they May have been received better ;) As for me, I will be giving the pencil skirt and dress pants a try. And looking forward to your next set of Plus designs.

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    May 8, 2012, 04.35 AMby sew4my3

    Just a quick note to let our wonderful members know that Burdastyle is listening and taking all critiques to heart. The team is working on improvements and all of your comments are very helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Missing

    May 7, 2012, 02.11 PMby annyb

    Hey, great new looks on stuffthatdoesntfit.com! Oh, wait, wrong site …

    Snark aside, nothing on this model fits except the shirt and pencil skirt. The pants maybe – but a) pleated and b) rolled up? Really? On anyone <5’10" and >110lbs?

    And even if they did fit, I cannot conceive of what type of figure ANY of those tops would flatter. They’re all just baggy.

  • Image_large

    May 1, 2012, 05.20 AMby valentinau

    Burda, i am extremely disappointed with this issue! After last months issue i had high hopes about this one too and here it is….. nothing good to say. Burda designers, WHAT HAPPENED? You have to keep going back to Italian styles or Eastern Europe, they know what flatters our figures. Please wake up and give us more….

  • Missing

    Apr 30, 2012, 04.17 PMby ohsewbrixton

    I have to agree – these styles are not flattering for plus sizes. I know it’s tricky to get right, but using a plus sized model would be a good start.

  • Missing

    Apr 30, 2012, 01.08 PMby klutzy

    It’s very telling that the only time a Burda employee responded to all these messages was when someone asked where she could buy the patterns.

  • Avatar-blonde-4_large

    Apr 29, 2012, 07.53 PMby LéonaDy

    I did not realize this was plus size until I read the comments… Oh yeah, that’s what the title says… Wrong model.

  • Just_debbie_large

    Apr 29, 2012, 12.55 PMby Deborah Zimmerman

    Isn’t there a rule of fashion, which goes something like: If you were an adult during when it was in style the first time, it will only look old fashioned and foolish on you the second time it comes into style. I was an adult during the 80’s, and was glad to see the unflattering styles and colors go—-are we back to SHOULDER PADS again?? Ugh. The only saving grace…so far, is that they aren’t styled with gigantic plastic earrings and neon colors. I’ll stick to the classics. They look better to me, and they are easier to find in my size: 12-16 American. The styles in this lay out are just not for me.

  • Sm_madmen_icon_large

    Apr 29, 2012, 12.28 PMby semacnair

    Wow, this the second time on Burda Style that I see a normal sized woman as a plus size model. Granted in the US we have super sized ourselves, but christ, since I’m not anorexic and still have curves and I could count as plus sized after looking at these. When it was the 80’s I was a skinny kid, and frankly now I’m overweight by these visual standards / 5’2" at 112. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Pic38_large

    Apr 29, 2012, 12.17 AMby katanarose

    I agree with what most people are saying here. These clothes make the small model look very overweight, or like she’s wearing her mother’s clothes. Granted, she’s not a size 0, closer to an 8 or 10, or the “new 12” but still, hardly plus-sized. These clothes are frumpy and unflattering. The pencil skirt looks interesting but I mean come on, it’s a pencil skirt with the pin tuck panels on the side in the same fabric and it’s the belt that really makes it – good luck on being able to find the buckles and whatnot to make that belt. There are a ton of nice-looking drapey FITTED dresses out there for spring 2012 with clever contrasting fabrics cutouts that would look fabulous on plus-sized women, why can’t I find any patterns like that?! I am disappointed.

  • Missing

    Apr 26, 2012, 09.19 PMby lilimoy

    I’d like to know why things that would ACTUALLY be flattering on plus-sized women aren’t being sized for us. Like the wonderful caftan maxi-dress, which would look fabulous on me and would swallow a smaller woman. Why can’t I get THAT pattern in a plus size?

    Also, those colors? Bleh. And please, quit rolling up your trousers. Oh, and the eighties is not modern, or retro, or avante-garde, or flattering on most women, and certainly not on larger women. Sorry, it’s not. It didn’t look great the first time around, and I was skinny then.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when the only wearable thing in a plus-sized spread is yet another pencil skirt. Just saying. I feel like regular sized and plus sized women are being ignored, condescended to, and patronized everywhere, and pattern companies should really think about stepping it up a bit.

    2 Replies
    • Grflagge_large

      Apr 27, 2012, 01.32 PMby Douli Bee

      I TOTALY agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Missing

      Apr 29, 2012, 04.45 PMby fuzzyg

      First, it’s very easy in general to extend the size range from regular to plus and conversely. So don’t hesitate to tackle what you see in the other section that pleases you, just extrapolate how the sizes would extend in your direction.
      And as to the caftan dress, you can probably use it as is. Basically, it goes from wrist to wrist. So it’s truly one size fits all. Haven’t yet figured out how to make my arms and legs grow longer when I gain weight :-). Just be sure to use very drapey fabric so it looks good.

  • Vatten_large

    Apr 26, 2012, 04.24 PMby ichigogirl

    I must say I find these clothes very modern, nice, I was actually a bit disappointed that they are all plus-size (thus not for me). The 80’s ARE coming back, big time. At least here in Sweden. But is the model really a size 44? She looks very thin in my eyes, and most of the clothes look a bit too big for her to be honest. Spoken by someone who most often doesn’t understand the complaints that the plus size models are too skinny, this time I totally get it (but she’s pretty)! Off to get a copy of that issue of the magazine now though, yey!

    1 Reply
    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Apr 26, 2012, 06.40 PMby nouvellegamine

      i thought they were lovely too & i would wear them in a hot minute, but i can see the complaints of the plus sized sewers re: the baggy, drapey styles. Most of my plus sized friends prefer fitted styles & often all they can find in stores are very boxy cuts. As for the model, Burda Mag has definitely been using smaller plus sized models lately. i would venture they have been somewhere in the 38" to 42" hip range. I’m making this guess bc i have 38" hips & at 5’9", i look very similar from the waist down. I have the May issue already & i can tell you that the plus model is even thinner than this girl & probably a very close match to my measurements.

  • 20140528_084630_resized_large

    Apr 26, 2012, 01.01 AMby tika1210

    So I looked at these and while one of two of them looked like that could be made to be flattering on my figure (I am a size 18-20) with an hourglass and a large bust the fact of the matter is that they would have to be modified to work. While I can appreciate that in some circles (but certainly not all) minamilist and drapey are coming back where I come from I know that don’t suit me and that I am better off showing my shape since it makes me look more in proportion. I take it that the issue here is that there are some style rules that generally apply in accordance with your figure type no matter your actual size and that what a number of people are pointing to here is that Burda tends to go with an approach which looks much more like covering the body up rather than dispalying the body to best effect – they are not the same thing. On a final note it may one thing to note that something is coming back into style and another to note that it suits you and is thus stylish. in my view if it doesn’t suit you it is not stylish. For me Burda Plus Size Patterns have always come off as a bit old fashioned and fusty and this I am sad to say is more of the same.

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